Knights of Columbus
Washington State Council
State Deputy 1995 - 1997

Thomas L. Weber

     Tom was born October 3, 1947 in Colfax. He graduated from Colton High School; Yakima Valley College with an A.A.Sc degree and Washington State University with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. He works as an Electrical Engineer at W.S.U.

     He joined the Order December 30, 1965; took his major degrees March 20, 1966 and joined the Fourth Degree February 7, 1981. He was elected Warden of Colton Council 1565 1973-75; DGK 1976-78; GK 1978-80 and was D.D.#8 1981-83. He belonged to Fr. Cataldo Assembly from 1981-87 being elected Captain 1982-83; FN 1983-85; FA 1985-87. He became a Charter Member of Palouse Assembly 2105 in Pullman being elected Purser 1987-93; FN 1993-95; FA 1995-97. He has been active in all 4 degrees of the Order's ceremonials since 1983. He was elected State Warden 1987-89; State Advocate 1989-91; State Treasurer 1991-93 and State Secretary 1993-95.

     He and his wife Diane enjoy bird watching. Tom also enjoys trapshooting, flyfishing or just plain fishing. He has written the 75 year council history of Colton Council as well as the 100 year history of St. Gall Parish in Colton.