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Council Activities

St. Stephen the Martyr Council is located at 13055 SE 192nd St. in Renton.

The Worthy Grand Knight for 2011-2012 is Dennis Thueringer.


St. Stephen the Martyr Council was founded in 2003 through the efforts of our Grand Knight, Kenneth Robinson, the pastor of St. Stephens, Fr. John Madigan, and several charter members.  It is named after our parish, St. Stephen the Martyr, which has been in the Fairwood area of Renton since the 1970s.  The St. Stephen the Martyr Council works closely with the St. Anthony Parish and the Fairwood community in Renton, providing funds for various projects, members being active participants in their parish.  If you have a desire to serve the Catholic Church, we are always looking for more men to join our ranks.


Council Meetings
Council meetings take place the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month at 7:30 PM in the lower offices (rooms 125 and 126) at St. Stephens Church.  The General meeting is the 1st Tuesday of the month and the working meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  The Rosary is said before each meeting starting at 7:00 PM.


About Our Council
St. Stephen the Martyr Council 13374 was founded in 2003 through the efforts of then Grand Knight, Kenneth Robinson, the pastor of St. Stephens, Rev. John C. Madigan, and several charter members.  The first formation meeting was held on June 19, 2003 at the home of Ken Robinson. Those in attendance to begin the process were: State Deputy Wayne C. Hogan, District Deputies Monte E. Cromwell (Dist. 15) and Ben Workman (Dist. 27) Kenneth C. Robinson, Paul A. Feider, Joseph A. Capita, Israel (Roy) Vela and Patrick F. Coluccio.


The next meeting was held one week later on June 26, 2003 at St. Stephen the Martyr parish.  This meeting purpose was for the election of new officers for the charter council.  The officers that were elected for the fraternal year 2003-2004 were as follows: 


Grand Knight

Kenneth C. Robinson

Deputy Grand Knight

Joseph A. Capita


Randy A. Srnsky


Paul A. Feider

Inside Guard

Thomas F. Streeck

Outside Guard

John A. Swanson

1yr Trustee

Harry M. Gores

2yr Trustee

Dale Hollingsworth

3yr Trustee

Israel (Roy) Vela


James F. Hagen

Financial Secretary

David F. Buhr


After an extensive membership campaign, enough men were signed up to qualify for a charter by the Supreme Council.  Those Charter members were:


Rev. John C. Madigan

Paul A. Feider Jr.

Kenneth C. Robinson

Cyril L. Albers

Harry M. Gores

David H. Schollmeier

Millard T. Battles

Glen L. Gould

Randy A. Srnsky

Wallace J. Bucklen

James F. Hagen

Thomas F. Streeck

David F. Buhr

Herman A. Heye

John A. Swanson

James L. Campbell

James L. Hogan

William A. Swedberg

Joseph A. Capita

Joshua L. Hogan

Denis J. Taft

Carlo Caraccioli

Dale Hollingsworth

Dennis M. Tesch

David J. Coddington

Rick Hollingsworth

David W. Thompson Sr.

Pat F. Coluccio

Ed J. Iddings

Bernie M. Thueringer

Jeffery J. Cormier

Larry J. Kelly

Dennis R. Thueringer

Edward J. Cullivan

Nilo M. Maranan

Israel Vela

Paul Dabalos

Wendell T. Pang

Michael R. Warfel

Marshall E. Denby

Robert M. Paulsen

Gene R. Williamson

John A. Farler

Robert J. Pitt



Our Council is named after our parish, St. Stephen the Martyr, which has been in the Fairwood area of Renton since late ‘60s.  The St. Stephen the Martyr Council works closely with the St. Anthony Parish, Fr. Thomas Lane Council 3645 in Renton, providing manpower and funds for various projects.  Our members are proud to be active participants in their parish community.


During our first fraternal year, 2003-2004, Council 13374 earned the “Star Council” award for the highest percentage of membership in the State.  We were 765% over quota for membership and insurance sign-ups.  Additionally, we earned the 1st place award for the “Pennies for Heaven Program” in 2003.  That same year, Council 13374 won an award from the Boy Scouts of America for the highest dollar contribution for a 1st year council.  Our momentum rolled over into fraternal year 2004-2005 with our Council earning our 2nd “Star Council” award by coming in 1003% over goal for membership and insurance sign-ups and another 1st place “Pennies for Heaven Program” award.  The Council continued to grow and win awards in the ensuing years.


“You Will Know Them by Their Works”

Our Council helps the community by gathering from our parishioners donated sleeping bags, blankets, and coats for the homeless.  Brother Knights have marched for “men against domestic violence” in the Renton River Days parade.  Brother Knights have helped prepare and serve breakfast to the senior citizens of Renton at the community center.  In addition, Brother Knights of Council 13374 have assisted orphanages in the Ukraine and Uganda.  There are many brother knights who are active supporters of the day to day operation of St. Stephen the Martyr Parish.  We have supported seminarians, 3 currently, since 2003.

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