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Washington State Programs 2023 - 2024

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Danno A. Herrera Program Director
Program Director
Phone: (503) 703.7156

May 2024

My Brother Knights,

It was just like yesterday, the state officers, with several directors roamed around the state to meet you and your council in regional meetings. A few months from now, a new wave of regional meetings will be planned and implemented for the next fraternal year; new councils will host the meetings. Ok, not so fast! Let’s get over the biggest meeting before the fraternal year is over, the Washington State Council 121st Annual Convention, in Yakima, Washington.

Council delegates, alternate delegates and guests, Welcome!!!

For me, this is a very good time and opportunity to meet old acquaintances and also, meet new ones. Exchange new and young ideas for councils to grow or maintain. What works best for other councils may not work for other councils. I like the idea of: “The grand knight’s job is to bring out the right chemistry of each members to achieve a common goal”. Having the right mixture of members, produce the perfect pancake breakfast, a perfect blend of steak and spaghetti dinner, and don’t forget, the right spice for your fish-fry Wednesday. Oh, don’t look for this meaning elsewhere because you won’t find it anywhere. It’s my own meaning.

What goes with chemistry is metrics. Without measurement, you cannot control. For the State and Supreme Councils to know what each council is doing, a report needs to be submitted from each council. There is form # 10784 that needs to be submitted after each event and the FIA reports that can be submitted, before the annual convention. Oh by the way, on your next crab feed, do you know how many crabs you are going to purchase without measurement from your last crab feed? I’ll be at the convention so please look me up and say hi.

Thank you and Vivat Jesus!!!


Danno Herrera

State General Program Director

Washington State Council

Supreme Resources

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