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Membership Programs 2023 - 2024
Picture of Church Chairman
Michael P. Rutland, FICF, LUTC
Membership Director
Phone: (206) 419-8120

March 2024

My brothers,

My brothers, it is now March, and in 3 months the end of the fraternal year will be upon us. You all have done an awesome job during February. A total of 65 new online members have been added to our ranks, beating all records for this fraternal year. As of March 1st, we are 10th in the order attaining 84.05% of our goal and climbing. Additionally, we are 3rd in our division, a direct reflection of your great work. While we can be and should be proud of our accomplishments, we cannot afford to rest. We need 93 new members to achieve our Circle of Honor goal by June 30th .

Congratulations to the following Councils that have achieved 100% of their membership goal.

Congratulations to the following District Deputies for achieving 100% of their District Goals.

Congratulations go out to the following councils for achieving State Council Membership incentives.

Currently we have 152 Councils in the state, of those 106 have recruited at least 1 new member this year. Unfortunately, that means we have 49 councils that have not recruited any new members. There are new online members that have yet to be transferred into councils. Does your council have members just sitting out there? Remember, councils do not receive credit until newly recruited members are transferred into a council. The process is simple.

Once a member is recruited, he will need to be exemplified. This can be done in person (preferred), or they can watch the Exemplification video online. Next, the council conducts an admissions committee to ascertain his interest and answer any questions he may have about his membership and the council. The council then votes on his transfer into the council. The final step in the process, the Financial Secretary transfers him into the council in Member Management. Once all this has been done the council will receive their credit. It’s that simple.

There is one more item that needs to be addressed, Fraternal Benefit Events (FBEs). To achieve the Founders Award (a requirement for Star Council) a council must host/conduct 2 FBEs additionally, there must be a total of either 10 or 14 members or membership eligible in attendance between the 2 events. GKs get with your Field Agent to help in scheduling an FBE for your council.

Brothers please remember I am committed to your success. As I’ve said many times, if everyone brings in just 1 new member this fraternal year, we become unstoppable and will become number one in the order. Together, we can achieve greatness.


Mike Rutland
State Membership Director
Washington State Council


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