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Membership Programs 2023 - 2024
Picture of Church Chairman
Michael P. Rutland, FICF, LUTC
Membership Director
Phone: (206) 419-8120

August 2023

My brothers,

It was awesome connecting once again with the District Deputies and Financial Secretaries at the Summer Leadership Meeting at Gonzaga University in Spokane. The level of excitement and camaraderie was off the charts. We even held and Exemplification for Ethan Nguyen-Hopkins, nephew of Dang Nguyen our State Warden.

Last fraternal year, 2022-2023, your efforts recruited 696 new members achieving 123% of our established goal. Washington achieved Pinnacle, the top award for membership in the Order. What an awesome job by all. We currently have 154 councils in Washington. Just imagine, if every council member recruited just 1 new member this year, Washington would become the example for the rest of the order to follow. It’s always better to see our competition in the rearview mirror than to be eating their dust. So, my brothers, are you up for a good challenge? This is our time to be #1 in the order!! While some of the goals and requirements levied by Supreme have changed, #1 is doable. It’s time to leave the rest of the Jurisdictions in our dust. We deserve to be the leader and an example for the order to follow. Are you with me? Will each of you make the commitment to personally recruit one new member this fraternal year?

To again assist us in our efforts recruiting new members, Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly announced the promotion for free membership will be continued. The Promo Code for free membership is BLESSEDMCGIVNEY. Additionally, Field Agents will continue to use their unique Promo Code, their first initial and last name. How much simpler could recruiting be, offering FREE MEMBERSHIP for the first year. We have so much to offer our fellow Catholic brothers. We share the same faith, now it’s time we share the Knights with them. Brothers, it doesn’t get much better than this!!


Mike Rutland
State Membership Director
Washington State Council


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