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Council Retention 2023 - 2024
Picture of Council Retention Chairman
Andrew J. Kraemer
Council Retention Chairman
Phone: (253) 475-0602

August 2023

My Brothers, 

As I sat down to write an article on retention for the new fraternal year, I wondered what I could write that wouldn’t sound exaggerated or phony. I then realized my continued membership in the order was the result of the program that I am chairing again this year. 

I joined the Knights 49 years ago. Being a young man, I was overlooked and just taken for granted as my father was also a member. I began to feel out of place, and this was noticed by the District Deputy (who was a member of the council) and he asked me to be his District Warden. This led to my being on the 3rd degree team of which I am still a member. Like dominoes falling, the tasks began to come. I have held all elected offices in the 3rd and 4th degrees. Besides being a Past Grand Knight and Past Faithful Navigator, I have been a District Deputy, the State Retention Chairman and a Former State Warden. This same District Deputy was the Master when I joined the 4th Degree, and he knighted me with my grandfather’s sword. 

If my membership sounds like a story of retention, it is proof that keeping a member busy - not necessarily overworked or taken advantage of - will keep him in the order. 

As the State Membership Retention Chairman, I hope all council members will take the time and yes energy to give not only new members but those that seem a bit disinterested something to do; be it assist with a project, program, or activity, or even to chair an event. 


Andy Kramer 
Washington State Council 
Retention Chairman

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