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Picture of Mass for People with Special Needs Chairman
Gary W. Cloninger
Life Director
Email: LIFE
Phone: (360) 618-2099

 Mass For People
 With Special Needs

 Welcome individuals or families who might
 not normally feel comfortable participating
 in a regularly scheduled mass.

People with special needs resulting from physical, emotional, mental or cognitive conditions are all around us in society, at school, at work and in our families. It can be challenging for these important members of our society to participate in church due to physical and social barriers or even family member anxiety.

Councils will sponsor a distinct mass, conducted annually, for people with special needs. Celebrating a mass for People with special needs can be the first of many steps toward integrating them into regular weekly or even daily mass and more deeply into all of the sacraments and other aspects of parish life. Holding this mass sends the message that all of god’s children are welcome under the parish roof and that every person is an integral part of the parish family.

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