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Faith Programs 2023 - 2024

Picture of Faith Director
Thomas A. Pursley
Faith Director
Email: FAITH
Phone: (360) 888-6833

August 27, 2023

My Brother Knight’s welcome to our Faith in Action platform. Rightly so, our Faith program category stands out as the preeminent Faith in Action program. Without Faith we are abandoned to reckless behavior. Our faith defines who we are and the Order to which we pledge our devotion too.

Webster defines Faith as “a belief and trust in and loyalty to God”. Today our faith calls us to resist subversion of Holy Mother Church, our families, and our children. How do we accomplish this? Through our Faith Program’s. These program’s enable us to draw on our sacred institutions. The truth manifested in our acceptance of who we truly are, children of God. 

Prayer has demonstrated to be the single most important gift that conquers all adversity. Our Faith programs allow for reflection on our obligation to Our Lord and His promise of eternal life. Therefore, prayer plays an essential role for us as individuals, as families, and as Catholics. Faith is the bedrock of our future, be strong!

As you examine each program area, determine what Faith Program and its resources fit your parish needs. You may find, like I did, that all or most of the program areas are already entrenched in your parish activities. Take the time to develop a connection with individuals that are now administering a program. Describe what we can offer as an enhancement and immerse yourself in that program. I sincerely believe your demonstrated actions will reflect well on our Order. Most importantly, be family oriented!  Develop a proposal with you pastor and his staff that supports our FAITH mission. Undertake your new mission with enthusiasm. Remember, Our Lord and His Holy Mother will aid you in the growth of your program goals.

The following link will allow you explore our Faith Program areas in detail. These program areas are subject to additions, changes, plus improvements.

Vivat Jesus

Tom Pursley

Washington State Faith Director

Supreme Resources

Spiritual Reflection New (Required)

Refund Vocation Support Program (Featured)

Building the Domestic Church Kiosk & Series

Marian Icon Prayer

Rosary Program

Holy Hour (New)

Sacramental Gifts (New)

Into the Breach

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