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State Warden 2023 - 2024

Picture of State Warden

Dang H. Nguyen

June 2024

My Brother Knights,

We’re in the home stretch!

The convention is over and everyone is home. It was a great weekend had by all. For being the biggest convention this state has seen since we returned from virtual conventions during the 2019- 2020 fraternal years of COVID, I am happy to report that it was a blast!

We had well over 300 attendees, including members and their wives/guests. We executed a Eucharistic procession around St. Joseph’s church in Yakima complete with road closure to allow our procession to continue without hindrance. Many of the city workers that helped us close the lanes around the church seemed to be keenly interested in our procession. I saw more than a few of them taking videos and pictures from their perches inside their city trucks as they watched us go by. If these men weren’t Knights yet, I think Worthy District Deputy and convention host Federico Lopez will have them joining in no time at all. Many cars that passed us were also taking pictures and videos as they drove by. Most drivers were very respectful as they passed us.


If you were not able to join us this year, please consider becoming a delegate or an alternate for your council next year. The convention will be held at Saint Martin’s University in Lacey on May 2-4, 2025. Start making your plans now! Many folks missed out on important business during the first session on Friday, May 21st, this year. Please make a point to request time off or whatever you need to do to make it to the beginning of the convention next year.

There were several fundraisers going on simultaneously throughout the convention. I want to congratulate State ASAP Chairman Kavin Beedle on a successful Pass the Hat campaign. Our goal was to raise $12,500 during the convention to support the PREPARES programs of each Washington diocese. Councils came through big time! We far exceeded our goal and Supreme will match 25% of that returning to the State Council for disbursement to PREPARES, as well.

In addition, I proposed a motion on the floor at the beginning of the first business session. This was to institute a fundraiser for Pennies For Heaven toward Bishop White Seminary. I called this the State Warden’s Collection for Pennies For Heaven Fund. It was a fun and creative way to raise money for Bishop White, but I also wanted to emphasize the need for councils returning to protocol. You might have heard the state officers talking about this at the regional meetings last fall. Each individual, if caught by the State Warden or his committee, were duly issued “fines” for various infractions and given the option to buy a prepaid buy-out card, which would entitle them to having all future fines during the convention waived. Many opted for the “Get out of jail free” card. Of course, many of these fines were meant to be fun, and I think a lot of members did take it that way. Thank you to all for cooperating. By Sunday, we had raised $763 when I made the announcement on the floor of the convention. Following the closing of the weekend, a few members added more to the kitty, so we raised nearly $800 for Bishop White in infractions. Wow!

Now don’t forget to wear your officers’ medal of office and proper attire to all council meetings; especially the state meetings!

Can anyone spot the Easter egg that I placed into the State Warden’s Passes? The first person to spot my Easter egg and contacts me via email, I will donate $100 to your council for your Pennies for Heaven collection.