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State Treasurer 2023 - 2024

Picture of State Treasurer

Dr. Scott Hulse

June 2024

My Brother Knights,

The 121st Annual Meeting and Convention of the Washington State Council was gratifying in that many of our Councils are actively administratively engaged, to assure that we accomplish our mission of working together as brothers to charitably serve those who are in need within our Parishes, our communities and our nation. I thank all of my brothers for allowing me to have the opportunity to continue serving as Treasurer of your Washington State Council. I also thank Washington State Council Webmaster, Tim Philomeno, and our Bulletin Editor, Ken DeVos, for graciously providing assistance reinstituting a system for maintaining an accurate count of delegates throughout the Annual Meeting and Convention.

Brothers Tim Philomeno’s and Ken DeVos’ assistance made it possible to reinstitute timely partial compensation for delegates who participated in the Washington State Council Annual Meeting and Convention. My goal during 2024 was to provide compensation cheques to delegates immediately following closing of the Annual Meeting and Convention. I was unable to meet that goal because of unanticipated issues with a system that was last used about four years ago prior to disruptions in our Washington State Council activities that were related to politically motivated decisions during the incidence of Covid-19. Both Brothers Tim Philomeno and Ken Devos worked tirelessly and successfully to overcome the unanticipated issues so that cheques could be printed and mailed during the week after the Annual Meeting and Convention. THANK YOU Tim and Ken!

The Washington State Council is now using the Quick Books accounting system, which is significantly more robust than the Quicken system for maintaining financial records. Cheques can now be printed with Quick Books and no longer have to be hand-written. In addition, when it is necessary to create external files that can be used to print cheques, it is no longer necessary to enter the information for each cheque manually into Quick Books because information for batches of cheques created using an external system like that used to create delegate compensation cheques following the Annual Meeting and Convention can be imported into the Quick Books register. This capability significantly reduces time required to maintain an accurate record of Washington State Council expenditures.

My goal for our 122nd Washington State Council Annual Meeting and Convention during 2025 is to provide delegate compensation cheques for participating delegates directly to our District Deputies immediately following the close of the Annual Meeting and Convention as was done prior to the Covid19 event. This is an added task for our District Deputies; however, savings in both cost and time justify this change. I frequently was responsible for disbursing Annual Meeting and Convention compensation cheques while serving previously as District Deputy when delegate compensation cheques were distributed immediately following the close of the Annual Meeting and Convention because delegates often left before the closing.

Once again, I extend my heartfelt thanks to Tim Philomeno and Ken DeVos for their assistance during the 2024 Annual Meeting and Convention for the Washington State Council of the Knights of Columbus.


Dr Scott Hulse
State Treasurer



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