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State Deputy 2023 - 2024

Picture of State Deputy

Greg Mahoney

My Brother Knights,

December 3rd marks the beginning of Advent this year. I hope all of us will take time during this Holy Season to rekindle in our hearts and minds the significance of the gift of salvation given to us at Christmas – Our Lord Jesus Christ. A special time also to reflect on and pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary for her resounding Yes in being the brave and faithful mother through whom salvation came into the world. A special time to reflect on and pray to St. Joseph, for being the brave and faithful foster father who provided unwavering protection and care for the Holy Family. The birth of Christ is indeed the source of hope, light and peace in our world.

As Christ is our model, the work of our councils is also a source of hope and a light shining in the darkness to many in our communities. We have a mission of hope. It is Christ working through the Knights that enables us to bring thousands of new coats to children, enables us to provide opportunities for Special Olympians, enables us to support the formation of seminarians, enables us to bring countless pounds of food to the hungry, enables us to provide equipment so a mother can see her child through Ultrasound or a disabled person can be mobile through a wheelchair, enables us to support pregnancy resource centers, enables us to bring men closer to their faith through membership in the Knights of Columbus and much, much more. When we cooperate with God, Holy Moments like these are game changers in our world. Thank you all for the good work you are doing.

Membership growth continues in a positive direction. I am confident we will achieve 50% of our membership goal by the end of December. I challenge all fraternal leaders to recruit A Knight Before Christmas. Take a look at the challenge flyer in this bulletin. Let’s see who can recruit the most by 12/31/23. Your personal invitation that involves friendship is what will grow the order one man at a time. Offer men the opportunity to deepen their faith and enjoy a life of mission, meaning and service.

We kick off the month of December with the Mid-Year Meeting of District Deputies. I look forward to the discussions on how councils are doing and what we can do to help councils be successful in the second half of the fraternal year.

Each month I have been commenting on one of the five pillars in the Jurisdiction’s Strategic Plan. This month, I want to comment briefly on some efforts to improve our public relations and communications. I hope you have seen and read some of the communications that State Communications Director Tim Dunn has sent out on various topics to help keep you informed on important matters pertaining to our work as Knights. Tim is also working with Sacred Heart Radio to conduct some interviews and program regular spots during broadcasts to advertise the Knights here in Washington. In addition, I have been in discussions with the Executive Director of the Washington State Catholic Conference regarding ways we can better support Catholic advocacy efforts. Work is also underway to launch a new state council website within the next few months. These efforts will enable us to project our message on a wider scale.

In the weeks and months ahead, stay mission focused by empowering Catholic men to live their faith and serve their family, parish, community and country. We are entrusted with Mission to go and make disciples of all nations – to build up God’s Kingdom and to build up the Order. Continue to be a source of hope and a light shining in the darkness.

As we approach Christmas this month, take time to think on a deep level about the true meaning of who we celebrate. I hope all of you will have an opportunity to spend time with family and friends during this joyful time. Doreen and I extend our best wishes to you and your family, and we pray you have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Through Him, With Him and In Him –This is The Way;
Walk in It
Vivat Jesus!


Greg Gregory S. Mahoney
State Deputy
Washington State Council Knights of Columbus