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State Advocate 2024 - 2025

Picture of State Advocate

Dave Olwell

July 2024

My Brother Knights,

Welcome to the new fraternal year. It is important that we get off to a good start. Brother Kevin Fraley has sent very helpful messages about making sure we close out last fraternal years activities correctly. That includes that reports of a new officers elected and program personnel are correctly entered into member management. He has also sent out reminders about the Safe Environment Program. Please make sure that you have attended to those.

As we start the new fraternal year, please also pay close attention to the worthy state secretary’s six month letter that you will find elsewhere in the bulletin. It is full of reminders about what needs to be done in the near future to get the fraternal year off to a good start.

I would like also like to pass on a lesson learned from the end of this fraternal year. To earn star council, councils must win three awards: the McGivney award for membership, the Columbian award for program activities, and the Founders award for insurance related activities. We saw this year that we had dozens of councils that did an excellent job on membership and qualified for the McGivney award but who did not complete the requirements for the other awards accurately or in a timely manner.

As we go forward into the new fraternal year, watch for new emphasis from the state officers on the importance of the early submission of these forms. We will likely have incentives at the state convention to reward those councils which have turned in their SP-7s and have completed their fraternal benefit nights by the time of the state convention.

The last three weeks of June were a frantic effort to get these turned in to assist councils to earn star council. We would like in the future to get this all done earlier in the fraternal year and with less panic.

Two other points. I am a pen pal with a seminarian. I encourage other knights to adopt a seminarian and write to them often.

Last, look for an announcement this month on collecting use tax for items (wheel chairs and coats for kids, e.g.) that we donate through Columbus Charities. Thank you for all that you do for the order. I look forward to a good fraternal year and to the chance to engage with many of you in the regional meetings coming up in the next few months.

Vivat Jesus,

Dave Olwell

State Advocate

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