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State Advocate 2023 - 2024

Picture of State Advocate

Dave Olwell

April 2024

My Brother Knights,

Christ is Risen! He is Risen, indeed!

My Worthy Brother Knights, I hope that you had a meaningful Lent and a Joyous Easter!

Preparations for the annual meeting of the state council (“Convention”) are well underway. We have ten resolutions in hand that will be sent out to the delegates by 15 April. Six are perennials (honoring the Pope, Bishop, Supreme Knight, 50-year members, etc.) and four are new topics. The new topics include the reconsecration of the state council to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Council 12583) , support of the National Eucharistic Revival (state officers) , amendments to the state bylaws concerning electronic banking (state officers) , and a proposal to merge the Columbus Charities and Pennies from Heaven corporations (Council 676).

Following the convention, on behalf of the state officers, I will look at revising our Bylaws to simplify them. We will likely bring to the 2025 convention a proposal, modeled on practices of the State Council of Virginia, to move many provisions from the current bylaws into Standing Rules. We will remove any verbatim language from the Charter, Constitution, and Laws of the order, and incorporate them by reference only. We will also create Special Rules to cover our procedures which supersede Robert’s Rules of Order. The purpose is to reduce the number of revisions necessary to the Bylaws each year, and to make it easier to amend the operating processes of the state council. This was motivated first by the discovery that we needed to amend our bylaws to use electronic banking, and second by examining a benchmark set recommended by Supreme – the Virginia State Council.

We have clarified the consequences of a council not being in compliance with the Safe Environment Program. A Noncompliant council is prohibited from holding any events, activities, or programs in which minors or other vulnerable persons are present (e.g., Columbian Squires, Coats For Kids, Basketball Free Throw, Pancake Breakfasts, Fish Fries, etc.) Any such scheduled events must be cancelled or postponed until the council is no longer Noncompliant. Councils may still hold meetings and conduct other events at which only members are present. Noncompliant councils are not “suspended.” Their activities are restricted.

The term “vulnerable person” includes a person of any age or sex who is in a position of material or emotional need, sick, or physically or mentally disabled; this includes the elderly, children, and minors (under 18 years of age) and the emotionally vulnerable such as the widowed. (Taken from

Finally, I am told that the new State Warden will continue the practice of checking for Rosaries at this year’s Convention. Be prepared!

Wishing you the Joy of Easter all year!

Vivat Jesus,

Dave Olwell

State Advocate

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