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Washington State Ceremonials 2023 - 2024
Picture of State Ceremonials Chairman
Patrick L. Kelley
Ceremonials Director
Phone: (206) 375-8285

My Brothers,

As of recently all Ceremonial information is on the Supreme Website, The more things change, the more they stay the same, it seems.

While much has changed in recent years in Ceremonials a few things have not. After signing into Officers Online, go to the Publications Tab and open “Ceremonial Resources". There you will find all the Script books for the Council and Assembly Installation of Officers as well as the State Council Officers and District Deputies Installation Ceremonies. There are both the written scripts and the Virtual versions available. The Order’s Protocol Handbook is available there, and is something every member should read at least once, as well as the Color Corp Drill manual for the 4th Degree District Marshals and the Color Corps Members. Although we have seen the removal of Robes for everything, whoever is leading any ceremony should be in appropriate dress. A Black suit or at least Black or Dark Blue Sport Coat with Dress pants and wearing a tie. For the 4th Degree, the proper Uniform is recommended however the Supreme or Vice-Supreme Master, or the local District Master, can provide other direction if they so choose. All those who participate in any Ceremony should always follow proper decorum. That being of proper dress appropriate for the Ceremony at hand and display a solemn mindset and demeanor to promote the seriousness of the event. Scheduling any Ceremony immediately following Mass is always in good taste and is recommended whenever possible.

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