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Picture of Bob Bammert
Bob Baemmert, State Deputy 2017 - 2018

HO HO HELLO Brothers,

Three months ago on August 10, three jurisdictions: Alberta, Maryland and New Mexico became part of an interesting pilot program for the Supreme Council. The program is called Online Membership and men in their jurisdictions can join the Order Online. Read more...

Of Interest
Knights on Bikes
The Knights on Bikes has a new web page.
Check it out here.
The link is also available on the State Family Menu above.

Worthy Brother Knights:

Great news!
The Order’s Ultrasound Initiative is expanding to include mobile ultrasound units. Go to the State Culture of Life Chairman's webpage for more information...

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Messages From Your State Officers
Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire,
State Chaplain

October 2017  

For the last few months, we have been doing some deep pondering on the mystery of the celebration of the Eucharist. Specifically, we have been considering how the Mass is an event at which we have the privilege of being present and in which we have the even greater privilege of participating. At each Mass, the event of Calvary (Jesus offering up His Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity to the Father in the Holy Spirit) is made present so that we are essentially standing at the foot of the Cross. Read more...
Patrick Kelley,
State Secretary

October 2017

My Brother Knights:  A few more notes from your State Secretary.

On Death Notices:

Please send all to ME, your State Secretary. You need not send to the other State Officers, Editor, Ex Director, Warden or necrology Chairman unless you feel it necessary as I do the same on a regular basis on your behalf. I maintain an ongoing necrology list that will be compared to that of the Chairman, John Williams and then used at the Annual Necrology Mass. Read More...

Kim Washburn,
State Treasurer

October 2017

Brothers all,

Here is the most current Exemplification Fund summary. If your council is listed here with an amount next to it, you owe this to the Exemplification Account to support our 3rd Degree State Exemplification efforts. Please get your account up to date and mail your check payable to Washington State Council with exemplification in the memo area to: Read more...

Greg Mahoney,
State Advocate

October 2017

Home Corporations-based Councils; Safe Environment Program

Brother Knights,

In September’s bulletin, I reviewed Parish-Based Councils vs. Home Corporations-based Councils.  The Supreme Knight requests each council using a home corporation facility to review the relationship between itself and the corporation.  District Deputies are to lead Grand Knights of councils using corporation facilities to conduct this review; complete and return all necessary documentation once each council has made its decision. Read More...

Tom Williams,
State Warden

October 2017

My Brothers,

I was nice to meet many of you in person at the Regional Meetings in September. The small groups allowed us to really discuss issues and make suggestions for your Councils, Programs and Membership. We will be meeting again in March, please take advantage of these meetings if you get a chance. Read more...

Eddie Parazoo,
Immediate Past State Deputy

August 2017

My Brothers All,


As we head into August, I am attending the Supreme Convention in St. Louis Missouri as a delegate on your behalf.  If you haven't had an opportunity to attend one of these, please consider attending one soon!  It is a great event with some pretty neat stuff. Read more...