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Picture of State Deputy
Kim Washburn, State Deputy 2021 - 2022
"Through Him All Things Were Made”

My Dear Brothers,

(Please see my website posted fraternal year charge called “Shoes”)

I was going to talk about our State focused programs this month in Pro-Life, Tootsie Roll Program, KCHelp, Coats for Kids, Cor Christi, but there is a more urgent message I must express in this brief (Haa) Bulletin article. Our members/new members are faced with a deadline.

 The greatest asset we have as Knights of Columbus is our Insurance Company, the whole reason Blessed Fr. Michael Joseph McGivney started this Catholic Men’s organization. The insurance benefits have been kind of ignored for years.

How do I know this? Every membership recruitment pulpit announcement I have given, when I mention our $118 Billion Insurance Company, the congregation looks at each other in amazement and awe. They had no idea. Whose fault is that?

The State of Washington has delivered the Knights of Columbus the greatest gift by enacting an unfair, unvoted on, Long Term Care tax mandate starting January 1, 2022. If you are receiving a W-2, you will be taxed with increases in premiums possible over time. Not very many residents of Washington know this, but our insurance agents do.

Not many insurance companies/agents have proper licensing to sell Long Term Care policies in the State of Washington. We do. Read more...

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Messages From Your State Officers
Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire,
State Chaplain

September 2021

Dear Brother Knights,

Anyone who’s serious about living knows that it takes effort to do it well.

Getting along with other people is not always easy; we have to work at navigating the waters of conflict. Doing the right thing doesn’t always come naturally; we have to work at overcoming the tendency to make poor choices. Maintaining order and discipline in our life may seem impossible at times; we have to work at it in order to enjoy the benefits.

Our nature as human beings is imperfect, weak, and broken. At times, it can lead us into some pretty ugly places, not only in our relationships with other people but even in the privacy of our minds and hearts. Read more...

Greg Mahoney,
State Secretary

September 2021

My Brother Knights,

We are over 2/3 the way through the First 100 Days of the current Fraternal Year.  New members in the state have grown substantially compared to the last several years.  This is a welcome change and a momentum we must sustain.  Re-read the State Deputy Charge to District Deputies from the Organizational meeting in July and see where your council stands in relation to where State Deputy Kim Washburn wants us to be with programs and membership growth.  The State Deputy Charge is posted on the WSC Website. 

Keep focused on putting shoes on the correct feet and heading the right direction and attracting new shoes.  To quote one of our Bishops from a recent homily I heard, “we should always be on our way toward God, but never get in the way of God.” Read More...

Tom Williams,
State Treasurer

September 2021

My Brother Knights,

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at our upcoming Regional meetings, beginning on Saturday September 11th in Sedro Woolley. I strongly encourage you to attend a Regional meeting near you, this is a great way to spend some time with your brothers and hear the latest news from the state. You can see the whole schedule of Regional meetings at the later in the bulletin in the State Advocate article or on the state website at This is your chance for a small group meeting with the state officers, to ask questions and hear from others. Hey, the state is even going to buy you lunch - what a deal! 

On a serious note, there has been a lot of bad news of late - COVID seems to be surging, especially the Delta variant, and our erstwhile governor seems to be increasing the level of restrictions. Read more...

Dr. Scott Hulse,
State Advocate

September 2021

My Brother Knights,

Brother Kevin Fraley, our Washington State Safe Environment Program (SEP) Compliance Officer completed an exhaustive weekly review of our Washington State Council’s status with the State Environment Program requirements and has stated that as of today, “… over half our councils (82 of 158) are in compliance.” However, after 1 September, “…Supreme will begin removing all the July 1st appointees that have not become compliant by that date. This means that if nothing changes [in] two weeks [the Washington State Council] will have 60 [non-compliant] Councils rather than today’s 22 [non-compliant] Councils.”

Non-compliant Councils are not allowed to conduct any programs until they Read More...

Lawrence Devlin,
State Warden

September 2021

My Brother Knights,

Just when we thought we were getting out of the woods with Covid and presumably able to resume our more normal activities, delta hit us and tried to set us back. But I suggest that we should not be deterred! Knights of Columbus are always there when the going gets tough and challenging so let’s take on the challenge and do the work that needs to be done. From the first Covid go-round, we learned that there are many gaps that need to be filled in our Leave No Neighbor Behind initiative. Food Banks still need food, shelters still need people to prepare meals for them, the disabled and infirm still need durable medical equipment, our parishes still need our support in almost every way imaginable, and roadsides still need to be cleaned up. Read more...

Patrick Kelley,
Immediate Past State Deputy

September 2021

My Brother Knights, 

Believe it or not, we are just over 27% of the way to our annual membership goal already. Outstanding! This has not happened in the last 10+ years that I can remember. Congratulations to our Membership Director, Mike and, of course, our State Deputy Kim. Keep up the good work.

To the rest of us what does this mean? Well, most of these new members are online folks and that means that many still need to be brought into local councils and often, they need to take their Degrees. While this is easily accomplished through the use of the Supreme online Degree video there are also a few Councils and Districts forming, or have formed, Degree Teams for this purpose. Read more...