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Washington State Programs 2019 - 2020

Picture of Program Chairman
Dr Scott E. Hulse, FC
State Program Director
Phone: (360) 243-0745

April 2020

Brothers, we are experiencing a wakeup call unlike any that has occurred since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Some of you weren’t born when during October, 1962, the Soviet Union attempted to place missiles with nuclear warheads in Cuba. The United States established a blockade to prevent Soviet naval vessels transporting the warheads from reaching and unloading their cargo in Cuba. The response of our United States citizens then was much like the uncertainty, fear and self-interest that some of our citizens are experiencing today.

Fortunately, that event only lasted a few weeks although the impact has lasted for generations. The difference between today and 1962 is that our citizens were recovering from the effects of World War II and the Korean police action while today we are contemplating a public health emergency. The United States has not experienced a national emergency similar to the COVID19 virus pandemic the world is experiencing today since the Spanish flu pandemic that continued from 1918 until 1920. Our health professionals learned from Spanish flu pandemic and are responding accordingly unlike some politicians.

As Knights, we are in a unique position to serve our communities, our States and our Nation by providing leadership through disciplined example and by assisting those who have urgent needs. The duration of the current pandemic is unknown; however, we can start now by assisting the elderly, who may need to sequester themselves to avoid infection by helping them meet their daily needs and carefully controlled outside contact, providing comfort and help for families whose loved ones may be infected by the COVID19 virus, helping families within which both parents work and therefore need child care due to school closures, and in so many other ways through our Helping Hands programs. We just need to look for opportunities when and where we can serve.

We should use our experiences during the COVID19 virus pandemic to work with community first responders and emergency response personnel to identify and support their activities by preparing for future incidents. Emergencies occur with little or no warning but community needs are quite often the same regardless. Experience within our communities as we combat the COVID19 virus pandemic provides us with information about how well our communities are prepared to make sure people have essentials and critical services when cut off from normal supply sources.

Become involved with and support emergency preparedness activities within our communities whether it involves feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, comforting the sick or just visiting those who are isolated from others where ever they may be. We all should respond now to the existing emergency. However, we must use this experience to prepare for future emergencies, which may not have the global impact of the COVID19 virus pandemic, but may have a similar impact on our local communities.

In preparation for the current response, please join with your family and Pray a Novena for protection during the present pandemic as well as for those who are suffering from infection by the COVID19 virus as requested by Pope Francis and our Supreme Chaplain.


With Prayerful Hope and Will,


Vivat Jesus! 

Scott Hulse

State Program Director


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