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Washington State Programs 2020 - 2021

Picture of Program Chairman
Dr Scott E. Hulse, FC
State Program Director
Phone: (360) 243-0745

May 2021

Thirty-four Councils provided Monthly Service Reports (MSR) at least once throughout the 2020 – 2021 fraternal year. The reporting Councils participated in all aspects of our Knights of Columbus Faith in Action Program. These Councils made an extraordinary attempt to “Leave No Family Behind” within their parishes and communities. Yakima Council 894 and Bothell Fr Justin P Garvey Council 6686 have exceeded their goal of 1000 points as of March. Several other Councils may still reach that goal. Thank You All!! Please accept my heart-felt thanks for your efforts during the unpredictable and unprecedented time.

Scores for the Thousand Point Club estimated using activities described in the Monthly Service Report (MSR) are summarized in the following Table. Please review the reported scores and advise the State Warden, Scott E. Hulse of any discrepancies or omissions. However, please review the criteria for scoring listed with every category within the MSR to verify that your estimated scoring is correct before contacting the State Warden. For example, if the maximum score is 5 points and 10 members participated in an activity, the score is 5 points, not 50. Please also verify that you are only reporting scores for the current month.


Dr. Scott Hulse

State Program Director


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