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Washington State Programs 2017 - 2018

Picture of Program Chairman
Thomas C. Williams
State General Program Dir.
Phone: (206) 617-0600

September 2017

Coats for Kids! Coats for Kids! Coats for Kids!

Brother Knights, 

I have potentially good news about getting free cases of coats for the Coats for Kids distribution. You should have received this letter from your District Deputy but I want to use additional channels to get the message out due to the short time-line.

Funding is down this year and Supreme is reducing the number of states where they will provide free coats - - Washington is on the bubble. I was able to plead/cajole/threaten Fraternal Services at Supreme long and hard enough that they are allowing me submit a proposal for free coats for Washington. There is no guarentee that we will get the coats but we will try.

What I need from you:
I need each Council to communicate to me that whether or not they want to participate in Coats for Kids, and if they are participating I need the information below. All information from participating Councils must be sent to me no later than Saturday, October 14th, so we have 16 days to accomplish the work. No penalty for getting it to me early! I will submit to Supreme Sunday night 10/15 and we will get an answer back from Supreme on Tuesday 10/17.

Each Council who wishes to participate must provide me with the following:
  1. Commitment on how many cases they plan to purchase via at $220/case
  2. How many free cases of coats they want
  3. How they plan on distributing the coats and to whom (school, shelter, other, etc.). Please be as specific as possible so we can tell a compelling story.
If we get free coats, they will be shipped to six sites, the tentative locations are:

Eastern WA

Western WA

The reduced sites are required by Supreme to limit the administrative costs and maximize money spent on the coats. I will work out the details and get commitments from each of the locations, and then we can plan on how to distribute cases from those sites if we get free cases of coats.

It is vital that we move very quickly on this project. I am working on rolling demographics from the US Census data into the proposal to show income levels, school districts, and population, and then will present data graphically via mapping software. I want us to build such a compelling case that Supreme has no choice but to provide our state with free coats!

Thank you in advance for your quick replies. It will be tight but I know I can count on you to get the word out.

Vivat Jesus!



Tom Williams
General Program Director
Washington State Council  



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