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Washington State Programs 2020 - 2021

Picture of Program Chairman
Dr Scott E. Hulse, FC
State Program Director
Phone: (360) 243-0745

October 2020

Schedule changes for submitting annual Family of the Year, Knight of the Year and Faith in Action award applications are being proposed for the 2020 – 2021 fraternal year. The proposed changes will make 15 March rather than 1 April the deadline for submitting Family of the Year and Knight of the Year award applications to the State Council. The deadline for submitting award applications to the Faith in Action Program Directors will change from 15 April to 15 March. The reason for recommending these changes is the time required to:

- Accumulate and evaluate award applications,

- Prepare an increasing number of certificates,

- Order and receive plaques and other award items, and

- Manage registration and plan annual State Convention activities.

Executive Director and Past State Deputy John Walker graciously assisted with some of these activities; however, that assistance is no longer available.

A proposal is also being made to resume listing Council Family of the Month and Knight of the Month names in the State Bulletin. The names of each Council’s Family of the Month and Knight of the Month were previously listed in the monthly State Bulletin; however, that practice was discontinued.

Inclusion of the names for the Family of the Month and Knight of the Month on the Monthly Service Report (MSR) is being proposed so that these names can be captured. Inclusion of the name for the Family of the Month on the MSR will not replace the need to send the Family of the Month report (Form 10668) to the Supreme Council.  Copies of a Councils Family of the Month report (Form 10668) that is submitted to the Supreme Council should still be sent to the State Deputy and the Faith in Action Family Director; however, this does not always happen so inclusion of the Family of the Month’s name in the Monthly Service Report will provide a backup to assure that all Families of the Month are listed.

Selection of a Knight of the Month is a State Program for which there is no formal report form unless the Council is a College Council, in which case the Council should submit Form 10764 to Inclusion of the Knight of the Month’s name in the Monthly Service Report will therefore capture this information so that the list of Knights of the Month can be included in the State Bulletin.

Please provide any comments relating to the proposed changes to State Warden Scott Hulse either in an email message ( or by snail mail at 6911 Holeman Avenue, Blaine, WA 98230. Feel free to give me a call at (360) 243-0745 if you would like to discuss the proposed changes. The changes will take place during November, 2020 unless there are reasonable objections.

Vivat Jesus! 

Scott Hulse

State Program Director


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