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Washington State Programs 2021 - 2022

Picture of Program Chairman
Dang H. Nguyen, DD, FS
State Program Director
Phone: (425) 306-2464

May 2022

My Brother Knights

We're in the home stretch! May means the annual convention/state meeting is wrapping up this month. State awards will be awarded. Councils should be voting on their new slate of officers for the next fraternal year. Are you up for Star Council this year? Many things are happening and it's not time to let up.

You should be reviewing your COVID recovery plan and seeing how successful your planning was this past year. Review it and make changes for the next fraternal year. The COVID recovery plan isn't just for recovering from the past two years. Use that annual planning and review process; especially for you upcoming new council officers. Regularly review and modify your plan to suit your parish and council's ongoing needs.

Have you met with your pastor??? I ask this, because I always hear from a council struggling with programs that they have not considered their pastor's needs. Having membership support for your programs is critical but having your pastor's support is even more critical.

Approach the finish line at full speed. Don't pull back just as you see the end is near. Keep going!

Vivat Jesus!

Dang H. Nguyen
WA State Council, Knights of Columbus
State General Programs Director


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