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Washington State Programs 2022 - 2023

Picture of Program Chairman
Dang H. Nguyen, FS
State Program Director
Phone: (425) 306-2464

December 2022


Brother Knights,


Advent is now upon us as we prepare ourselves for the coming of Christmas. This is a great time of year to look back on the past 6 months and take note of your council's accomplishments -- or lack thereof. I have talked to you in the past about setting up your COVID recovery plan ( Are you still following your plan? Is it still working for you? Should you revise your plan? The CRP is a valuable tool even as we are seeing COVID start to pull away in our rearview mirrors. It will continue to be a valuable tool for your council to emerge successfully out of the past 3 years and as you continue to move forward.


Star council award plaqueIf your goal on July 1 of this year was not Star Council, I ask you, "Why not?" Supreme has made membership recruitment goals so much easier for councils now. Your council will no longer be penalized for withdrawals, deaths, and transfers that prevented many councils from getting Star Council in the past. The qualifications in service programs are still there, and you must all host at least 2 fraternal benefits nights with a minimum of 7 member-eligible attendees at each FBN event. These requirements should be within reach of every single council unless you are not active.

If your programs are mediocre, that will affect the growth of your members. How are they to put their Faith In Action without programs? Without programs, how are you to respond to new members when they ask you, "What's in it for me?" If your council always hits Star Council year after year, why not set your sights on Double or Triple Star? There are already a few councils in our jurisdiction that are well poised for Double Star or higher by the end of this month. Do not sell yourself short. Do not sell your council members short.


Sometime within the next three months, your council should be looking at submitting for state awards. These award applications are due April 1 so that they can be judged and possibly submitted for international award consideration at the Supreme Council. All state awards will be presented in person at the State Convention in May. Grand Knights and Program Directors of every council should be looking at Grand Knight Resource page for a complete listing of all state awards.


Finally, I'd like to leave you with the warmest Christmas blessings from our Lord. I hope that you will have some time to reflect on and spend time with your families or those nearest to you that care the most for you. Reflect on your Brother Knights, of whom you are part of a 2 million strong fraternity. Keep Christ in Christmas, my Brothers! May God's blessing come upon you in these days of Advent and Christmas.


Vivat Jesus!


Dang Nguyen

State General Program Director

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