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Washington State Programs 2020 - 2021

Picture of Program Chairman
Dr Scott E. Hulse, FC
State Program Director
Phone: (360) 243-0745

January 2021

Each Knight in Washington State is asked to complete an “Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity,” one piece of information that is used to assess each Council’s progress. The “Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity” is important because collected information supports our Order’s tax status. However, more important, the “Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity” provides us with a way to review how well our Councils performed based on a comparison of accomplishments with the goals that we set for our Councils during the last half of the previous fraternal year and the first half of the current fraternal year. We are half-way through the fraternal year and into the 2021 new calendar year. It is time to take inventory of each of our Council’s accomplishments by assessing our members efforts as these relate to our commitment as an Order to the principles of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. Assessment results provide Councils with a way to identify successes as well as short-falls and guidance for modifying operational goals taking current social, environmental and regulatory conditions into consideration. Councils are encouraged to seriously consider the level of member activity so that they can assure the safety of members and their families while meeting collective as well as individual commitments to our principles.

We may be able to resume group activities again during the 2021 calendar year providing we are able to minimize risk and protect our members. However, resumption of group activities is dependent on a number of factors, some of which we cannot control. Possibly the most important of these will be effectiveness of inoculation programs. However, continued compliance with regulatory requirements as well as common sense practices are still going to be necessary.

The Washington State Council is planning to resume the Pilgrimage of the Silver Rose during 2021. District Deputy Mike Taylor (DD16) will be assisting by shepherding the Silver Rose in Western Washington during this year’s Pilgrimage. We expect to receive the Silver Rose 3 May 2021 and will transfer custody of the Silver Rose to the Idaho State Council 13 June 2021. The Pilgrimage will begin at the Canadian border, proceed south to Monroe 9 May 2021 and then proceed on to the Washington State Council Convention for the opening Mass 14 May 2021. The Silver Rose will be in Aberdeen and District 30 during the week beginning Sunday, 16 May 2021. The Silver Rose will follow the Columbia River east to the Yakima Valley from Aberdeen and then to the Tri Cities and Walla Walla. The last week of the Pilgrimage is reserved for District 8 in the southeastern corner of Washington State.

The Marian Icon, St Michael the Archangel, was originally to have been released during January, 2021. That release has been rescheduled for 2022 because regulations related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic restricting group gatherings would limit access to the Icon.

All Councils are encouraged to continue submitting their Monthly Service Reports. In addition, please consider sending applications for the Faith in Action Service Awards as well as the Knight of the Year, Family of the Year, Harry J. Tucker Fraternalism Award, the George C. Turk Gift of Life Award and the Wade S. Walden Platelets Heros Award to the respective Faith in Action Directors or to me by 15 March rather than 1 April if at all possible to facilitate timely evaluation of these.

Please accept my wishes for a prosperous, healthy and good NEW YEAR. Stay safe, watch out for each other and Leave No Neighbor Behind.


Vivat Jesus! 

Scott Hulse

State Program Director


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