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Youth Programs 2017 - 2018
Picture of Youth Chairman
Kenneth G. DeVos, FC, FS
State Youth/Sports Chairman
Phone: (206) 248-2543

September 2017


District Deputies

I need to hear from you regarding the 2017 Soccer Challenge program. 

Please indicate the status of councils in your District:

 Yes -- I have councils participating  _____     

 No -- I do not have councils participating _____

I hope to receive 36 replies!!


If you have participating councils, do you need district medallions ________

It is your responsibility to hold a district competition.  Work with your councils to determine a date, time and location.

A council competition is 15 penalty kicks.  District is 25 kicks.  If you have one council participating, I will still need both the council and district kicks.

If you have multiple councils then a district competition will be required. The district winner will advance to the state final.  There will be no regional competitions

Entry forms must indicate the council and district.

The state soccer final is scheduled for Saturday October 28th at Holy Family in Auburn. 

This will be held only if there is a minimal number of participants, 2 per age group or 24 or more finalist.

This is a lot of work for the Auburn council and other volunteers, the reason for the minimum number of participants.

If there is no physical competition, then districts winning entry forms will be scanned or mailed to me and a virtual winner will be named

I have district winners certificates available and will send those out electronically to those that need them.

 Any questions, please contact me:




Ken DeVos

Knights of Columbus

State Youth Chairman


206-248-2543  or


Other Information
Coats for Kids
Coats for Kids
  • A Youth program promoted by Supreme where councils purchase boxes for coats from Supreme to be distributed in the local community.
  • Coats come 12 to a box with a cost $220 per box.
  • Order form can be found in Member Management or using the link
Freethrow Challenge
  • Council competitions January
  • District competitions February
  • Regional Competitions February - early March
Soccer Challenge
  • Councils should hold their competitions September - early October
SAA Poster Contest
  • Drug and Alcohol Sections
  • Age groups 8-11 & 12-14
  • 4 State winners advances to Supreme competition ( 1 - from each age group )
Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest
  • Five Age groups 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th graders
  • 5 state winners advance to Supreme competition ( 1 - from each grade)
KCIC Poster Contest
  • Three age groups 5-7 8-10 and 11-14
  • 3 state winners advance to Supreme competition (1 - from each age group)