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Membership Programs 2021 - 2022
Picture of Church Chairman
Michael P. Rutland, FICF
State Membership Director
Phone: (206) 419-8120

October 2021

My Brother Knights, 

I want to thank all my brothers for the prayers you sent and a special thanks to State Warden Larry Devlin for his help. I’m here to let you know all your prayers worked. As you may know I was down for a while with COVID-19 but, now by the grace of God, have tested negative.

Congratulations are in order. As we come to the end of the 1st quarter of our fraternal year, you have successfully recruited 315 new members. I am excited to report all your efforts have propelled Washington to #1 in the Order for recruitment. To give you an idea of the Herculean effort you have done so far this year, Washington this same time last year had recruited only 65 new members and was ranked 56 out of 75 jurisdictions.

Remember, the promotion for free membership has been extended through December 31, 2021. The Promo Code for members remains MCGIVNEY2020. Additionally, Field Agents will continue to use their unique Promo Code.

Momentum is key as we move into the 2nd quarter. We must not let up. We need to show the rest of the Order, Washington is the recruitment giant and will dominate this year. This will happen only with all your help. My commitment to you, I will make myself available to your Districts and Councils to help you in your recruitment efforts. Together, we will finish #1.

Council Growth is Critical. Men join active councils, so if your council is struggling to find your footing coming out of COVID, the Order’s COVID Recovery Plan (CRP) can serve to increase overall activity and attract new members. The CRP is a straightforward, field-tested way to re-engage the members of your council.

Let me briefly discuss organizing your council’s membership committee. The first and perhaps most important step in setting up a successful membership program is organizing your membership committee. The key is to ensure that these important positions are filled, and appointees are dedicated and enthusiastic Knights. It starts with the Grand Knights appointing your membership director to oversee all membership programs and recruitment efforts. Councils organize your degree team and schedule at least one degree each month. If you do not have any new members, use that time for practice. Finally, get the ENTIRE council involved. Those who do not recruit directly can identify and suggest prospects. Remember, recruitment is the way to open up and share the experience you have been given with the men and families of your parish.

Mike Rutland

State Membership Director

Washington State Council



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