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Membership Programs 2018 - 2019
Picture of Church Chairman
Gregory S. Mahoney
State Membership Director
Phone: (425) 441-8113

We need to be membership active 365 days of the year. 

As an organization that depends on its membership, it should be no surprise that we need to grow in membership to continue and to expand our work in building up the Kingdom of God through faith in action.

We need to have as much zeal in offering the gift of membership to eligible Catholic men as we do in suspending inactive and non-responsive members – growth must balance if not exceed our losses.

To date, Washington State Council membership growth results – Negative

As of June 13, 2018, membership growth in the Washington State Council is -67 Net/Net.  We are in negative territory right now – due to suspensions and deaths.  Not a very good position to be in.  We can control suspensions, and each council must have a vibrant growth plan to offset any necessary suspensions.  As of June 13, 2018, we are -71 Net for the month in membership.  We must do better.

We all recognize the unpleasant task of having to suspend members.  WSD Bob Baemmert has directed councils to get suspensions under control by the end of this fraternal year.  Suspensions must follow the Supreme Council’s procedures.  Questions regarding suspension procedures need to be addressed to Kevin Fraley, Administrative and Finance Chairman, at 

We must build the Kingdom of God – that is what membership growth is all about!  We have less than a month to turn growth into positive territory.  Let’s do this by asking eligible Catholic men to join.

WSC Membership Action Plan 2018/2019: Six Things to Tackle

1.       Aim younger (over 60% of our membership is age 50+)

2.       Be more family-centered

3.       Generate increased awareness of who Knights are and what we do

4.       Develop strong relationships with the clergy

5.       Make spirituality a key focus area

6.       Implement E-Membership as supplement to council recruitment efforts

We will address the Membership Action Plan at the Summer Leadership Meeting in July.  I encourage council leaders to attend the meeting and take part in establishing a framework to accomplish a deeper mission and purpose.

WSC Membership Action Plan - June key action items* state-wide:

(Intake goal per month = 78; Intake goal for the year = 930)


-          Every Council Active – every council to bring in two new knights this month

-          Every District Active – every district to host at least two Admission Ceremonials

-          GK’s implement Mentorship program to integrate new members during their first year

-          GK/DD Follow up with Proposers on State Prospect List developed at 2017 Summer Meeting

-          GK/Council Follow up with Prospects from Church Drives

-          Continue Strong Visible Programs

-          Bring in at least one new member for every member suspended

Membership & Program Training

**Register for the next Fraternal Mission Webinar** on Bridging Council Action!  Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 8:30 pm Eastern, 5:30 pm Pacific; Register on the KofC Website for open enrollment,

You can also register for an archived webinar at the link above.


Supreme Membership Incentives*


·         Earn Star Council at any level in 2017/2018: receive a credit of $4.50 ($3.50 per capita and $1 Catholic Advertising) for each billable member on council roster as of 7/1/18.

·         Each time you recruit a new member, you will be entered into a drawing for an all-expense paid trip for you and your wife to the World Meeting of Families in Dublin next August (Drawing is July 1, 2018).

·         *WSC Membership Incentives are posted on the WSC Website:


WSC Star Recruiter Pin

Grand Knights/District Deputies – for Proposers to receive a Star Recruiter Pin per new member recruited, please send me the following information soon after the Admission Degree:

Proposer’s Name and the number of new members recruited

Mailing Address



Send the information via email to


All new members will receive a WSC Welcome Letter the month following their Admission Degree.


Membership 365

Vivat Jesus!



Gregory S. Mahoney

State Advocate

State Membership Director

Washington State Council

Knights of Columbus


703-969-1888 (C)


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