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Membership Programs 2020 - 2021
Picture of Church Chairman
Thomas C. Williams
State Membership Director
Phone: (206) 617-0600

June 2020

My Brothers,

We have news from Supreme about how they have adjusted  the membership quota for the Columbian Award to reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. You may read the details at the following link:

In summary, membership quotas have been adjusted to 60% of the published requirement. This means that we have many more Councils whom have qualified for the Fr. McGivney Award for membership. Please see the Membership graphic later in the bulletin - Councils whom are either green or blue have already achieved their membership goals. You can calculate this by multiplying your quota by .6, with normal rounding rules in effect - this means rounding down if the fraction is less than .5, and rounding up if the fraction is .5 or greater.

The Insurance quota has also been adjusted to 50% of the previous quota. Simply multiple your insurance quota by .5 and apply normal rounding rules. There is an additional change - if your Council hosted or attended a fraternal benefits night, you have already qualified! Our General Agent Keith Whiteaker and his team did a great job on short notice to host virtual fraternal benefit nights for various Districts. What a great example of how our fraternal benefit folks support Councils!

There are also changes in the number of programs required for the Columbian Award - there are no required programs, the number of programs has been reduced and you can achieve double credit on Featured Programs and Leave No Neighbor Behind. Truly, this is most accessible the Columbian Award has been in all my years as a Knight, Councils should really try to achieve it this year!

A question for you - how are you recruiting new members in the current environment of social distancing and no public meetings? I am curious as to some of the innovative ways Councils are being successful despite the restrictions. Please send me your success stories to and I will share them in upcoming bulletins.

Stay strong, my brothers, and know that we will get through this time. Always remember who you are and what you stand for. Hard times reveal the character of the people caught up in them, and I believe that Knights have more than enough character and grit to make it through these hard times.

Vivat Jesus!


Thomas C. Williams

State Membership Director

Washington State Council


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