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Membership Programs 2018 - 2019
Picture of Church Chairman
Gregory S. Mahoney
State Membership Director
Phone: (425) 441-8113

February 2019

E-Prospect Card and Online Membership / March Order-wide Church Drives and Kits

Member Mission Results / Incentives

Brother Knights,

As reported last month, Online Membership launches another exciting initiative.  Councils can develop Council Landing pages through the Online Membership platform. Supreme will build a custom Prospect Landing Page for your council that you can use on a phone, a tablet or a computer.  This prospecting system gives councils the means to implement E-Prospect Cards, which can be used at all Faith in Action program events and at Membership recruitment events. Once you enter a prospect’s email address through this system, the prospect will receive a personalized email from your council and Supreme will enroll them in an email marketing campaign that will help them learn more about the Knights and what we do over time.  This will keep prospects informed and help facilitate the next step of Becoming a Knight when the time is right.

To request a Prospecting Landing Page from Supreme go to this link:  The screen shot below is what you will be directed to:


Continue to promote Online Membership as a key component in your recruitment efforts this year.  As I continue to emphasize, it doesn’t change who we are, it simply provides a digital tool for us to reach men where they are in today’s world.  Men who prefer using digital technology to learn, to evaluate and to help them decide on a course of action.Once you submit, the page request form automatically sends your Membership Team an email with all the information they need to create the program.  In 2-4 days, the council receives a custom URL, available on any device, and the Lead Generation Program is ready to use.

Worthy Chairman Renato Sacramento will be the point man for the WSC E-Prospect efforts.  More detailed information will be posted on the WSC Website and links will be forwarded to you via email in the coming weeks outlining steps

In December, 8 new members joined Online in the WA Jurisdiction – same as November.  For this fraternal year, 58 members have joined Online, and 28 (48.2%) have converted to local councils.  Since inception of the program last May in our jurisdiction, 69 members have joined Online and 34 (49.2%) of them have converted to a local council.

Pulpit Orator (if allowed by Pastor) to give a quick overview of the Knights and direct attention to Knights in the vestibules after Mass – Pastor may be willing to do this at the end of Mass (1 per Mass)

Guy in Charge - Grand Knight/Membership Director to coordinate and oversee the drive

Please review the Member Mission results through January 15, 2019, in this bulletin.  Due to our membership intake in the first six months, we need to bring in close to 90 new members per month across the state to catch up meet our jurisdiction’s intake goal of 825 for the fraternal year.  If half of the jurisdiction’s councils recruit two new members each month, we will easily meet our membership goal.  Let’s step it up in the second half of the fraternal year!

Congratulations to the Division Leaders in Membership growth as of January 15, 2019:

Division I – Council 8266, Spokane Valley, 50% of membership goal

Division I – Council 9605, Mountlake Terrace, 50 % of membership goal

Division I – Council 15338, Seattle, 50% of membership goal

Division I – Council 16184, Nine Mile Falls, 50% of membership goal

Division II – Council 8102, Redmond, 180% of membership goal

Division III – Council 12583, Spokane, 200% of membership goal

Division IV – Council 11217, Shoreline, 63.64% of membership goal

Division V – Council 3307, Richland, 31.82% of membership goal

WSC Membership Incentives 2018-2019 are posted on WSC Website:

WSC Star Recruiter Pin (pictured below)

Grand Knights/District Deputies – for Proposers to receive a Star Recruiter Pin per new member recruited, please send me the following information soon after the Admission Degree:

Proposer’s Name and the number of new members recruited

Mailing Address



Send the information via email to

New members will receive a WSC Welcome Letter the month following their Admission Degree.

Remember, we are all responsible for membership growth.

And through God’s Grace we will:

Strengthen our Faith; Build Better and Stronger Parishes; Become Better Husbands, Fathers and Brothers; Build Stronger Families and Communities


Vivat Jesus!



Gregory S. Mahoney

State Advocate

State Membership Director

Washington State Council

Knights of Columbus


703-969-1888 (C)

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