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Hispanic Membership West 2018 - 2019
Picture of Church Chairman
Daniel C. Pradera
State Hispanic Membership West
Phone: (425) 344-9944

September 2018

             Formation, Development & Retention Plan; Order-Wide Church Drives in October; Member Mission Results; Incentives

 Brother Knights,

 In the August bulletin, I emphasized that all of us are responsible for growing the Order.  Membership growth is important to realize our vision for the Church and our communities:


Better Parishes

Better Men, Husbands and Fathers

Stronger Families

Better World

 What happens after the Admission Degree?  Three key actions must occur: Form, Develop and Retain.  As with membership growth, membership retention is every member’s responsibility.  Fraternal leaders are responsible for implementing plans for the continued formation, development and retention of members – particularly important for new 1st Degree Knights. Oftentimes, new members find themselves expected to figure out by themselves what the Knights of Columbus is all about.  That should not be the case.  Fraternal leaders in every council must have a retention plan to continue to form, develop and retain members to help them grow in their faith and to realize the potential impact they can make in life through membership in the Knights of Columbus. 

Council Retention plans start on day one of membership.  Implement a Mentor Program where active and knowledgeable members counsel and guide new 1st Degree members during their first year of membership.  Mentors educate new members about the Order and their council and encourage new members to participate in the life of the council.  Mentors are also responsible for assisting the Grand Knight in his responsibility to ensure proper formation of members by taking them to receive their Formation (2nd) and Knighthood (3rd) Degrees.  Contact me for a copy of a Mentorship Program brief.

Retention involves staying connected with members throughout the fraternal year by the Council’s Retention Committee.  Communication is critical to understand what is going on in the lives of council members and how well the council is fulfilling the expectations of its members.  The Deputy Grand Knight, the Council Trustees and any other members appointed by the Grand Knight comprise the Retention Committee.  The retention committee should meet monthly to assess how communication and the health of the council are progressing. 

Plan your Church Drives for the month of October (or when it best fits in the parish calendar).  All councils and districts are to participate.  Fraternal Leaders can order Church drive kits through the Supplies Online tab after logging into Officers Online.  Ensure you receive approval from your pastor before conducting a church drive.  Refer to the Membership Recruitment and Retention Manual, #10237 4-16, for details,  Details on planning, preparations and ordering supplies can be found here:

The Church Recruitment Drive Kit provides a council with the forms and brochures needed to recruit new members. A council only needs one kit to hold a Church Drive at their parish. Please allow sufficient time between ordering the kit and your council's Recruitment Drive - recommend 2-3 weeks. Rush orders will incur additional shipping expenses.

Each kit includes the following items:
#100, Membership Documents
#921A, Prospect Cards
#2773, Member Benefit Flyers
#10067, Suggested Pulpit Announcement
#10099, 24 Hours Can Change Your Life
#10100, Why You Should Become a Knight
#10233, 10 Keys to Membership Recruiting Success
#10237, Membership Recruitment and Retention Manual

Please review the Membership Action Items for the month of September and the last two months, and ensure your plans are consistent with the State Action Plan.  The State Membership Action Plan can be found at the following link: Use the plan as the foundation for the council plan.  It will make your planning easier and it will create synergy (Unity) throughout the Washington State Council. 

Also, review Membership Mission Memo #1, which can be found at the following link:  This document highlights membership focus items and important information.

Please review the Member Mission results through August 17, 2018, in this bulletin.  We need to bring in close to 69 new members per month across the state to meet our jurisdiction’s intake goal of 825 for the fraternal year.  If half of the jurisdiction’s councils recruit one new member each month, we will easily meet our membership goal.

Congratulations to the Division Leaders in Membership growth as of August 17, 2018:

Division I – Council 15538, Seattle, 25% of membership goal

Division I – Council 16690, Seattle, 25% of membership goal

Division II – Council 2126, Mt. Vernon, 40% of membership goal

Division II – Council 8455, Sequim, 40% of membership goal

Division II – Council 11357, Langley, 40% of membership goal

Division II – Council 15730, Vancouver, 40% of membership goal

Division III – Council 1545, Wenatchee, 42.86% of membership goal

Division IV – Council 8201, Spokane, 10% of membership goal

Division V – Council 3307, Richland, 9.09% of membership goal


WSC Membership Incentives 2018-2019 are included in this bulletin and posted on WSC Website: .

Supreme incentives for the first quarter:

· Every Knight who recruits five men between July 1 and Sept. 30, 2018, will automatically win a $50 KnightsGear gift card!

Any jurisdiction that attains 25% of their intake goal by September 30, 2018, will receive a cash award payable to the State Council that can be used for continued membership growth and engagement in the jurisdiction.


WSC Star Recruiter Pin (pictured below)

Grand Knights/District Deputies – for Proposers to receive a Star Recruiter Pin per new member recruited, please send me the following information soon after the Admission Degree:

Proposer’s Name and the number of new members recruited

Mailing Address



Send the information via email to


All new members will receive a WSC Welcome Letter the month following their Admission Degree.


Worthy Grand Knights and Worthy District Deputies,


To recognize individual knights, councils and districts for efforts in membership growth, the following incentives apply this year:

                                                              Washington State Council



                          WSC Star Recruiter Pin per new member (image above) – Grand Knight/District Deputy sends Proposer’s Name, Mailing Address, Phone and Email to the State Membership Director via email to receive pin –

Supreme Very Important Proposer (VIP) Club

Top Three Recruiter Awards (Family Bible & KC Watch; Family Bible and KC Enameled Cufflinks; Family Bible and KC Pewter Belt Buckle

New Member

Shining Armor Award (1st Year only)

Silver Knight Award (all members; no time constraint)

 Division winners, for net gain and percentage of goal, council will receive a framed print of Fr. McGivney or KC official

Overall Council winner – KC Jacket and KC Watch to GK and MD

Special Incentives in 1QTR – refer to WSC Membership Action Plan monthly detail JUL/AUG/SEP


Supreme Council


VIP points to recruiters per new member and to councils reaching Star Level

Others to be published .


When new monthly and/or quarterly incentives are offered, I will communicate those to you soonest.


The effectiveness of our mission as an Order depends in large part on our ability to grow.  We cannot  evangelize and step "Into the Breach" very well if we do not grow.  Please read Bishop Olmsted's Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic men entitled "Into the Breach."  The urgency to grow in our membership will become clearer.



Achieve 50% of goal in 1QTR – KC Jacket to GK, MD

Achieve 100% of goal in 2QTR – Building the Domestic Church Kiosk

Achieve 200% of goal – US and KC Flag sets

Achieve 300% of goal – US, KC and Papal Flag sets

State Exemplification fee waived for all new members (not counting transfers) in 1QTR Fraternal Year 2018-2019

New Council

Pastor, GK, and FS receive KC Jacket

Council Charter

Set of new council officer jewels


Highest percentage gain per quarter – KC Portfolio/Office item to DD

Star District – KC Jacket and Portfolio/Office item to DD

All Star District – KC Watch and All Expense Paid State Convention

New Council – New Council Plaque

Divisions        DIV. I                <50    Members

                              DIV. II              50-99    Members

      DIV. III            100-149   Members

           DIV. IV            150-249   Members

      DIV. V         250+   Members






Gregory S. Mahoney

State Advocate

State Membership Director

Washington State Council

Knights of Columbus


703-969-1888 (C)

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