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Picture of Ultrasound Program Chairman
Ronald D. DeGroot
State Life Director
Phone: (360) 704-8822

 Ultrasound Program

 Save lives by helping each abortion-minded
 woman who visits a pro-life pregnancy care
 center to choose life by viewing her unborn
 child on an ultrasound machine.

This initiative is funded by state and local councils and matching grants from the supreme Council’s Culture of life Fund. The Knights of Columbus works together to purchase ultrasound machines for qualifying pregnancy centers. after the state and/or local council raises 50% of the cost, the supreme Council will provide the other 50% to complete funding for purchase of an ultrasound. or, if the council raises 100% of the cost of a vehicle outfitted to serve as a mobile medical unit for a pregnancy center, the supreme Council will provide 100% of the funds for an ultrasound machine to be used in that vehicle. a featured program, ultrasound Program counts for two credits toward the Columbian award.

The Washington State Ultrasound Initiative 

  This program is a Supreme program that helps councils to fund ultrasound machines for women's healthcare clinics. 

Our goal is to provide to a qualified Pregnancy Center an ultrasound machine to give each mother " a window into the womb" to witness the miracle of life growing within her body.


There are special requirements for a center to receive an ultrasound machine.  They are:

1.  The center must be properly licensed under local and state laws.

2.  The center must be overseen by a medical doctor.

3.  The center must have licensed and experienced personnel to operate the ultrasound machine.

4.  The center must have adequate insurance.


Once a center is found to meet these special requirements the council must get approval on form #4886 from your diocesan pro-life director.  When the council receives this approval they can proceed with fundraising.

Once one or more councils  raise half of the funds needed to purchase a machine, excluding taxes and shipping Supreme will fund the other half.  Supreme does not participate in the taxes or shipping expenses.


Ultrasound Initiative Resources


  • Website:  KofC.Org/Program/Culture of Life/Ultrasound Initiative

  • Guidelines (Form #4885)


  • Knights of Colunbus Fraternal Training Portal

  • Surge Handbook

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Ron DeGroot

    Culture of Life Chairman



Additional Resources

Ultrasound Initiative - Supreme Resource