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Life Programs 2018 - 2019

Picture of Life Director
Ronald D. DeGroot
State Life Director
Phone: (360) 704-8822


I recently met with Brother Gene Butterly the Culture of Life Chairman for Columbia Basin Council #3153 in Ephrata, WA.  Gene shared his experience  with a Get Out The Vote campaign in Grant County. Genefound that the large majority of voters don't know the views of the candidates on Pro-Life issues.  Further he found that when informed of the politicians views on abortion a large majority will vote Pro Life.  

To that end Gene he will be leading similar campaign this next campaign season.  This campaign will consist of passing out flyers at all churches  in the county that identify the views of each candidate on abortion.  The flyers will be left under the windshield of each car in the parking lot or as the cars and church goers leave the church grounds. 

   Gene has asked that I get the word out throughout the State of Washington. The three times he did this the results were astounding for the pro-life vote, and if done state wide, would make Washington State pro-life.  He would like Knights to help get a similar campaign going in their county.  Now is the time to get prepared!  You may contact Brother Gene at: or call him at (509) 754-5606.

The following is a sample of what he will be using for this campaign.



The abortionist has killed 60,000,000 unborn babies since abortion became legal in 1973. The babies' blood is on their hands.

Our elected politicians have passed laws that permit abortion.  The unborn babies' blood is on their hands.                                                         Newspapers and TV praise the right to kill the unborn by calling it a woman's choice. The babies' blood is on their hands.

When you vote for a politician who favors abortion, the unborn babies' blood is on your hands.


We can stop the slaughter of the unborn babies by voting for pro life politicians.  We must truly listen to the command of God;      Lev 19:16; "nor shall you stand by idly when your neighbor's life is at stake. I am the LORD".                                                                                                Please vote for the pro life politicians endorsed by Human Life of Washington so we can end abortion.                        

  Pro life candidates                                                                Candidates who endorse abortion

      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  

      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                        

The position of the candidates can be verified by checking with Human Life of Washington



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