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Life Programs 2020 - 2021

Picture of Life Director
Ronald D. DeGroot
State Life Director
Phone: (360) 704-8822

Poster and Essay Contest Rules

Building a Culture of Life requires that we stand up for Life from conception to natural death.  A great way to begin is to participate in the annual 40 Days for Life campaigns.  The fall campaign began on Wednesday, September 23rd and runs thru Sunday, October 30, 2021.  This is a great way to witness for Life.  Many Councils are involved in this campaign whether it be organizing a local campaign or covering one day a week or simply joining another group for an hour or two each week.  Another way to support a culture of life is to become involved in the March for Life.  If you pick on “Marches for Life”, a KofC featured program, under the LIFE program you will find the dates for the four most popular marches in the country for 2021 including the national march in Washington D.C., the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco, the Washington State March for Life in Olympia and the Walk for Life in Spokane, Washington..  The marches are all in late January each year.

Another featured program in the LIFE category is “Special Olympics”.  The chairman of this program is Darren Johnson who has set the standard for this Supreme program.  Darren writes:

We support Special Olympics Washington in so many ways I thought I would put some numbers out there for you number guys.  First at the Spring Games on May 31st -June 2nd I presented Special Olympics with a Tootsie Roll check for the top 20% of the funds raised for a grand total of $66,000.00 dollars (this includes a check for $7200.00 from Supreme from our 4584 Special Olympics forms submitted from all of our council and a report from myself for hours volunteered and money donated).  The Knight also prepared 4,200 lunches at the games for a 2-day event. If we multiply that by $10.15 (the average cost of a fast food sandwich ) by 4,200 the total projected cost for the games would have been          $ 42,630.  The cost for Special Olympics volunteers to make the lunches was          $ 5,176. 38  for a Huge Savings of $ 37, 454.00 from this one event. This huge savings is why we stepped up to be their labor force behind the scenes. Most of these sandwich making events are in the mornings so it still leaves you plenty of time to volunteer at the events to support the athletics. Upcoming events are listed below.

Renton games on Oct 20th – 452 lunches being made on Oct 19th at the Renton Council parish school in the multipurpose room at 336 Shattuck Ave Renton.

Fall Games on Nov 22nd- 24th in Richland Wa. – Lunch making details to follow  so watch for my emails in the coming weeks.

The third featured program in the LIFE category is the “Ultrasound Initiative”. This is a program to place an ultrasound machine in a woman’s center in need an ultrasound machine.  Supreme Knight Karl Anderson has said that one ultrasound machine will save the life of 1000 babies in its lifespan.  At the present time finding a center in need is more difficult to accomplish than is the fundraising.  Click on the Ultrasound button under the LIFE program for more information on this program.

The fourth program in the Life category is the “Pro-Life Poster and Essay Contest”.  Click on the button Pro-Life Poster and Essay contest under the LIFE program to find the 2020 – 2021 rules for these contests.  Getting our youth involved in the Life issues is a must.  They are the next generation and we need to encourage them to be pro-life.  We have been getting some great posters and essays but we need more councils to get involved.  I say once again GETTING OUR YOUTH INVOLVED IN THE LIFE ISSUES IS A MUST.

More To Follow soon.

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