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Life Programs 2020 - 2021

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Ronald D. DeGroot
State Life Director
Phone: (360) 704-8822

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2021 Washington State March for Life Information



There will be a 2021 Washington State March for Life.  Below is information from the March for Life Facebook post.


Please join us here, online, on Friday, January 22, 2021. This will be the culmination of a WEEK FOR LIFE on our Facebook page.


Hello Pro-Life Washington! Happy New Year!

After an incredibly complicated process, much discernment, and deep prayer, we are grateful to announce that this year we will have our first (and hopefully only) virtual March for Life in Washington! 

We know that this isn't ideal. Through conversations within our board and the community about the pros and cons of this, we see this is the option most consistent with our mission, goals, and values. We have seen many wonderful non-profits have tremendous success in being creative in the face of our current challenges. Instead of seeing this as a negative, we choose to see the positives in this opportunity for 2021. 


We have taken a lot of factors into consideration and were waiting on clarity for how the legislative session would unfold. This year's legislative session will be virtual so we will be meeting legislators exactly where they are-- which is the point of the March for Life. Without lawmakers there, the Capitol Campus is closed for business, so gathering there does not meet our essential goals. But we can still share our message!


The reason we gather in January, during a weekday, at the capitol, is because this part of the movement is focused on letting our lawmakers hear that message: Every life is infinitely valuable! There are many other parts of the pro-life movement focused on other aspects of the cause. We hope to highlight other ways to be pro-life every day of the year as part of the Week for Life. We know so many of you are all doing great work in your communities already, so this is a chance to strengthen those efforts!


Our mission has always been clear. We mark the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and bring Washingtonians to the State Capitol to let their legislators know that they are pro-life. Since legislators will be doing their work from their home districts (right in your neighborhoods!) we encourage you to reach out to them electronically or to meet with them in their district offices, if they are available to meet in person. We'll provide information in the coming days on how to be most impactful!


We also know that many of our Marchers travel by bus to our event. As charter bus travel has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, that has also been a factor in our decision. Transportation is an essential aspect of an event like ours.


This year's March for Life will allow every Washingtonian to join in the cause-- from wherever they are! We will be sure to provide talking points for important topics in this legislative session and action items for everyone. 


We believe that human beings are a blessing and they are our greatest resource. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are not promises for just some-- they must be accessible to all! We have gathered ceaselessly to share this message, every year since 1979. We look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces in person again in 2022. For now, we will be grateful to have your presence with us virtually this month!


There will be a lot more information coming your way. Be sure to tell your friends and keep checking bacK!


Please follow the Facebook page for Washington State March for Life for updates!!

More information to follow!


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