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Thomas A. Pursley
State Rosary Program
Phone: (360) 456-7264

 Rosary Program

 Build faithful families and
 communities by praying the Rosary.

This program encourages devotion to mary, the patroness of our order, and emphasizes the importance of prayer in community and as a family. The Rosary Program encourages councils to schedule regular Rosary prayer services on any day of the week, at any time of the year, with the guidance of their pastor. Councils should personally invite each family of the parish and offer attending families a copy of the Knights of Columbus Catholic information service’s A Scriptural Rosary for the Family (#319). encourage families to read this booklet and learn how their faith can be strengthened through a devotion to our lady, while praying the Rosary at home together regularly. Kits with Rosary rings, Rosary prayer guides, and leader books are available for councils to order by visiting supplies online through the officers online Portal.

As a fraternal organization of Catholic men, the Knights of Columbus

has strong ties to the Church. From local councils to Supreme,

the organization has the volunteer power, communications abilities

and organization to help strengthen the Church while offering members

and our families opportunities to grow in the faith. Through the

sponsoring of Church-related activities we continue to show

we are the strong right arm of the Church. (Adapted from

Quick links to Supreme web pages on Church programs are available by clicking on Council Hosted Rosaries above, then clicking on Supreme Resources.

Build a Rosary ~ Build the Church

 Build the 5th Sunday Rosary ~

Build the Domestic Church ~

While Strengthening Parishes      


The 5th Sunday on January  presents an important opportunity as a stand-alone prayer event, an opportunity for a plenary indulgence, and as a stepping stone to building the 5th Sunday Rosary into a major diocesan and jurisdiction prayer event. The 5th Sunday Rosary is a Supreme SIGNATURE Program that meets the objective of the Building the Domestic Church while Strengthening the Parish. Praying together with the families of Knights, other parishioners, and other parishes supports fraternity, formation, and community.

Councils may consider all or some of the actions listed below to use the 5th Sunday Rosary in January as a stepping stone to Building the 5th Sunday Rosary into a major diocesan event.

1.     Prepare to discuss with your pastor the options of a community rosary with Holy Hour

a.     Praying the rosary in the church as a group before the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle

b.     Praying the rosary during Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament followed by Benediction and Reposition

c.     Praying a Global Living[1] and/or Scriptural[2] Rosary during Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

2.     If Exposition is involved, secure the cooperation of a priest or deacon to lead.

3.     Collaborate with other Councils and/or Districts to see who might host a District or Regional gathering.

4.     Reserve the space.

5.     Promote it as soon as possible using the State web site, parish bulletins, the 5th Sunday Rosary poster, Knights bulletins, parish bulletins, emails to Council membership and parish ministries, visits to parish schools, and press release (sample available at

6.     When completed, report it on the 5th Sunday Rosary Report Form and MSR

Let me know if you have any questions or need any help in organizing your parish, district or area 5th Sunday Rosary for life and for our country!


Vivat Jesus!

Tom Pursley, State Faith Director

[1] Volunteers, including children, stand around the worship space as Rosary beads, taking turns leading the Our Father, Holy Mary and Glory be prayers for each mystery of the Rosary. For a 5th Sunday, use Glorious Mysteries.

[2] A leader will read a brief scripture verse before each Hail Mary

Brother Knights,

“Building the Domestic Church is one concrete way that the Knights of Columbus, in solidarity with Pope Francis, can offer ‘holy and loving families’ for the Church’s mission of evangelization in our time” (Family Fully Alive). We can look at Church programs in the context of and as a means to “Building the Domestic Church while strengthening the Parish.”

The way our councils organize member and non-member families in support of vocations, the local parish and the universal church can be a beacon to the broader community, demonstrating familial love and service to all.

You may have noticed that Church programs have been divided among three Chairmen. Chairman Tim Coyle focuses on vocations-related projects such as the Supreme Featured RSVP and Pennies for Heaven. Chairman Darrell Wehr guides the Keep Christ in Christmas activities. I am here to help you with the other Church related activities.

They include but are not limited to the Marian Prayer Program, Clergy Appreciation dinners, Altar server appreciation, parish grounds cleanup, Faith formation programs, Corporate Communions, Holy Hours/Eucharistic Adoration, Bible discussions, Rosary making and distribution, Council-wide commitment to volunteer as lectors, ushers and other liturgical ministers, and sponsorship of parish retreats.

Please let me know if you would like more information on any of these or if you would like to share about the success of a Church Program project that your council conducted.

Last word – some activities may count toward obtaining a partial or plenary indulgence for ourselves or a suffering soul. I’ll address that more next month when we prepare for unique November opportunities to gain indulgences. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to call or write.


Vivat Jesus

Tom Pursley

State Faith Director

Additional Resources

Rosary Program - Supreme Resouce