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Picture of Community Chairman
Kenneth G. DeVos, FC, FS
State Youth
Phone: (206) 248-2543

 Soccer Challenge

 Provide an athletic outlet for youths.

Provide an athletic outlet for youth ages 9 to 14 in your community. Designed for players to demonstrate their skills in the penalty kick. Councils can sponsor a competition by ordering a soccer Challenge Kit, or volunteer to host and/or support the district, regional and state/province championships.

The soccer Challenge is a great way for councils to engage in their communities with an athletic event for youth that encourages the values of sportsmanship and healthy competition. Children demonstrate the most important skill in soccer — shooting accuracy on the penalty kick — and compete to reach the international level of competition. The program is a great way to introduce the order to your community and recruit faithful family men of service.

Brother Knights,

2021 Soccer Challenge information

May this message find you well, your councils, families and friends

This has turned out to be a different year then those of the past. I regret that I haven't stayed on top of the soccer challenge this year. With the pandemic and state rules regarding gather together, this event has slipped by me as well as it has many of you.

For those that have the space and time may hold a competition but the state's rules on gathering will be enforced on a county by county basis. A state competition will be held, but it will be by composite as we did last year.

Councils can still hold a Soccer Challenge, but please default to the state's guidelines.

1 - All Knights members, participants and volunteers will wear masks
2 - Social distancing is a must
3 - Reframe from touching the Soccer balls, wear gloves if you are retrieving back to the participants
4 - Soccer balls will be wiped down between participants
5 - Have a clean and used pen cup. Clean pens after they have been used

For scoring, see the official guide for details.
Council participants will kick 15 shots
Council winners will then kick an additional 25 kicks. Both scores will be used to create a composite to be used to name a state winner.

Scan and email or mail the scoresheets to me no later than November 1st.

Your action:
If you are holding a council competition please let me.

If you have any questions please contact me.


Ken DeVos
State Youth Director

PS I am looking for my replacement. If you have a contact let me know.

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