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Community Programs 2016 - 2017

Picture of Community Chairman
J Vince Mansanarez, FS
State Community Chariman
Phone: (253) 973-2842

February Message:

From a homily by St. John Chrysostom on Marriage and Family Life

“How is marriage a mystery? The two have become one. This is not an empty symbol. They have not become the image of anything on earth, but of God Himself. ... They come to be made into one body. See the mystery of love! If the two do not become one, they cannot increase; they can increase only by decreasing! How great is the strength of unity!”

The above is the meditation from Building the Domestic Church for the month of February. We Brother Knights need to involve our wives in the Order. This will allow them to see the results of the time we spend away from home doing the charity work with our Councils. The community programs are a great place to not only get our wives involved, but the entire family can participate in the many different programs we sponsor. This is an especially wonderful way to get our teenage sons to see what the Knights of Columbus is doing in their community.

An example of a great community project is something that Tacoma Council #809, along with a Council from Seattle, did in November for the wife of Brother Karl Ilacqua’s wife, Monica. They held a benefit dinner for her and raised $18,500.00 in one evening. This the true meaning of the Knights of Columbus, helping a brother who is in need or for that matter, helping anyone in need. I know there are so many more of these works of charity throughout all the Councils in the state of Washington. Keep up the great work each of our councils are doing.

Vivat Jesus,


December 1, 2016

December Monthly Newsletter

The BUILDING THE DOMESTIC CHURCH Family Fully Alive December reading is focused on Joy. The part of this month’s lesson that truly means something to me, especially this time of year is: Our lord especially appreciates those who find joy in the happiness of others. If we fail to learn how to rejoice in the well-being of others and focus primarily on our own needs, we condemn ourselves to a joyless existence, for, as Jesus said, “it is more blessed to give than to receive” (acts 20:35).

Christmas is a time for us as Catholic Gentleman to give to those who need the most help.  If your Council does not have a Christmas Baskets Program for the needy in your parish, get in touch with your local Catholic Community Services to find out who is in need near you.  Put out collection bins for the parish to donate items.  On the Sunday prior to Christmas, invite the entire Parish community to help assemble and deliver the Christmas baskets. 

By having this activity open to the whole parish community, it will show how the Knights of Columbus are involved near them. This activity is a great family event, allowing everyone to get the overwhelming feeling of “Joy”.


Vivat Jesus,



November 12, 2016

My Brother Knights,

Our Supreme Knight has called for us as Knights of Columbus to be a force of unity in these trying days after the election. Grand Knights can use their Community Director to plan a Council activity that brings the Knights and the parish community together.

Make the event something that will take everyone's mind off the recent turmoil going on in the country. Host a breakfast, spaghetti dinner or a game night. 

Vivat Jesus,

Vince Mansanarez


November 2016


From Pope Francis’ message to participants in the 47th Social Week of Italian Catholics

“All this which the Christian community lives out in the light of faith, hope and charity, should never be kept to oneself but must become, every day, the leaven in the dough of the whole of society for its greater common good.”

Pope Francis’ message is especially important this time of the year. The Service Programs for Community; are Habitat for Humanity, American Wheelchair Mission, and Gary Sinise Foundation. These are very important programs to the Knights of Columbus; Charity is the First Degree of our Order. All three of the featured programs are at the core of charity.

Knights of Columbus working locally can shape our community and at the same time help to show what we are all about. With Veteran’s Day coming this month, it is a good time to help those who have sacrificed and given so much of themselves. Talk with the members of your Council at the next General Meeting about supporting the Gary Sinise Foundation and any of the other programs on the Community web page.


Vivat Jesus,

Vince Mansanarez

State Community Chairman


October 21, 2016

Knights of Columbus Council #7528 held a Taco Bar fundraiser for Seminarians last month. This fundraiser can be used by your Council to participate in the featured programs for Community. This is a great way to get your parish involved in the activity. The wives of the members can also help out with table decorations.

Vivat Jesus,

Vince Mansanarez


October 1, 2016

October reading for Building the Domestic Church; Family Fully Alive.

Mary and Joseph taught Jesus primarily by their example: In his parents he came to know the full beauty of faith, of love for God and for his Law, as well as the demands of justice, which is totally fulfilled in love. ...

As a Knight of Columbus are you following the examples of Mary and Joseph? Our children are like sponges, soaking up everything they see and hear. We are their role models; it is vital for us to create the right foundation for them. Attend mass regularly, say grace at meals, pray the rosary as often as possible. Treat others with the same respect and dignity you want your family treated with.


Grand Knights - have you done the planning for this fraternal year? Do you need any help with any of the programs that Supreme has setup as featured programs? All of the State Program Chairman are here to help any of the Grand Knights who need help or guidance.


This month we have Halloween coming at the end of the month. This is good opportunity for your Council to have something safe for the children of your parish or parish school. If your council is unable to coordinate anything in your parish, check with the school principal to see if they need any donations towards their Halloween party. This is another great recruiting opportunity to let the parish see how involved the Knights are in our children’s lives.


Vivat Jesus,


Vince Mansanarez


September 4, 2016

My Brother Knights of Columbus,


Our Supreme Knight Carl Anderson has asked all Knights of Columbus to step up and help those who have been devastated by the dreadful rain storms hitting southern Louisiana. This is what our first Degree is all about: Charity. What better way to show how our state responds to those in dire need? We can do this in different ways, either individually or as a council. The key is to do something to help out those who are the neediest.

As Mother Teresa said “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” These words could not be more appropriate for such a worthy cause as this.

Let us take time to search our hearts to find within ourselves what we as Knights of Columbus stand for. How we respond to this gut-wrenching event will define us as men of God.

Below is the article that was posted on the Supreme website.


Vivat Jesus,

Vince Mansanarez

State Community Chairman


August 2016

Brothers, with the start of school, a great community activity would be to gather school supplies to be donated to your parish school or local public school. This can be a way to get the entire parish involved by joining in this worthwhile activity.

With September meetings coming up, remember to include the Southern Louisiana flood victims inmind. Our Supreme Knight Carl Anderson has asked all Knights of Columbus councils to give support to this extremely devastating disaster.


Vivat Jesus,

Vince Mansanarez

Community Chairman



Other Information

Habitat for Humanity
  • Devoted to building simple, decent, and affordable housing. Homes built using volunteer labor. A featured program of the Knights of Columbus.
  • Michone Preston, Director, email
American Wheelchair Mission
  • A partner of Global Wheelchair Mission. Global Wheelchair Mission distributes wheelchairs bought in bulk all around the world. A featured program of the Knights of Columbus.
  • Dan Moberg, Director,
Gary Sinise Foundation
  • Providing specially adapted smart homes, home modifications, mobility devices, and adapted vehicles to the most severely wounded heroes & their families. R.I.S.E. Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment
  • website
Catholic Community Services Northwest Harvest
  • Providing nutritious food to hungry people statewide in a manner that respects their dignity.
  • website
United Way of Washington Volunteer Centers of Washington
  • A state association for volunteer centers in counties around Washington, allowing anyone to find volunteer opportunities in their local area.
  • website