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Ultrasound Initiative 2018 - 2019
Picture of Culture of Life Chairman
Ronald D. DeGroot
State Life Director
Phone: (360) 704-8822

The Washington State Ultrasound Initiative 

  This program is a Supreme program that helps councils to fund ultrasound machines for women's healthcare clinics. 

Our goal is to provide to a qualified Pregnancy Center an ultrasound machine to give each mother " a window into the womb" to witness the miracle of life growing within her body.


There are special requirements for a center to receive an ultrasound machine.  They are:

1.  The center must be properly licensed under local and state laws.

2.  The center must be overseen by a medical doctor.

3.  The center must have licensed and experienced personnel to operate the ultrasound machine.

4.  The center must have adequate insurance.


Once a center is found to meet these special requirements the council must get approval on form #4886 from your diocesan pro-life director.  When the council receives this approval they can proceed with fundraising.

Once one or more councils  raise half of the funds needed to purchase a machine, excluding taxes and shipping Supreme will fund the other half.  Supreme does not participate in the taxes or shipping expenses.


Ultrasound Initiative Resources


  • Website:  KofC.Org/Program/Culture of Life/Ultrasound Initiative

  • Guidelines (Form #4885)


  • Knights of Colunbus Fraternal Training Portal

  • Surge Handbook

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Ron DeGroot

    Culture of Life Chairman



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