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State Warden 2021 - 2022

Picture of State Warden

Lawrence Devlin

November 2021

My Brother Knights,

First, I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who took time out of your valuable weekends to attend the Regional Meetings. I am grateful to all our dedicated leadership across the State and your passion for really making a difference through the work you do on behalf of the Order. It’s a real eye-opener to hear about your busy schedules and innovative approaches to accomplishing the various programs that you are involved in. If you couldn’t attend, please reach out to your District Deputies or Council leadership for a recap. Most of the presentations are available on the State website if you’d like to review them.

November is a particularly special month in that we traditionally take time out to focus on remembering and praying for our fallen Brother Knights, their spouses, and their widows during Memorial Masses said in their honor. We all have heartfelt memories of our mentors and friends we have learned from, worked with, and prayed with over the years and this month is an opportunity to really take stake in those memories. I know that widows of fallen Knights are deeply appreciative when we honor the memory of their spouses with an Honor Guard or roll call at a Memorial Mass. So, please I call upon you to work with your pastors to keep this tradition intact.

Then, there is Veteran’s Day. It goes without saying that the Knights of Columbus is and has always been a faithful supporter of all Veterans of the armed services.  If you have not yet planned an event or two on behalf Veterans, I hope you will offer to join in and support the VFW or American Legion. I know of Councils and Assemblies who are placing flags on the gravesites of Veterans and others who are participating in various Veteran’s Day celebrations in their communities. I will be doing both. Please join me!

Thanksgiving is a special holiday for expressing our gratitude for the many blessings in our lives. Even during the troubling times we’ve experienced during the pandemic, we have a lot to reflect on and be thankful for.  I am thankful for the Knights of Columbus and opportunities it has afforded me to make a difference in my community which, in turn, inspires me to reach out to every Catholic man I meet and encourage him to join us.

So, Veterans, I thank you for your service and commitment to preserving the freedoms that we enjoy in our Country. My Brother Knights, I thank you for your service to our communities, our parishes, and to one another.

Larry Devlin
State Warden 
Washington State Council