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State Warden 2018 - 2019

Picture of Tom Williams

Tom Williams

February 2019

My Brothers,

I hope your 2019 is off to a good start, the love and compassion of the Knights for our fellow man is needed even more in these turbulent and uncertain times. Keep up your hard work as we build God’s Kingdom here on earth with our words and deeds.

The MSR program is continuing to run well after our late start. Thank you to all the Councils who are submitting their MSRs and for those Councils who have not, please remember that you can submit you previous MSRs with no penalty and qualify for the one-time 100-point bonus authorized by the State Deputy for Councils who submit all ten months of MSRs.

As you work toward Star Council, don’t forget about the Safe Environment training - you can access this via the Supreme website. State Advocate Greg Mahoney has written extensively on this subject and you should have all the information needed to understand the requirements for your Council. Do not overlook this most important training!

The State Convention is fast approaching – is your Council ready? You should be planning on selecting your delegates, writing up award submissions for the state awards, and getting ready to celebrate everything that we have accomplished in the past year. We would love to see each Council represented to as we share the bonds of brotherhood and fraternalism.

Finally, take some time to look around you and notice the changes of the season. My great-great grandfather farmed in the Palouse his whole life, and according to family lore he always said that he could tell that days were getting longer by the middle of January. Take a moment to ponder on the changes going on around us as the cold, dark time begins to come to an end and we see new life starting to blossom.


Tom Williams

State Warden, WSC