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State Warden 2020 - 2021

Picture of State Warden

Dr Scott Hulse

August 2020 

When was the last time you spoke with a brother Knight? Does your Council have a phone tree to keep members informed about Council operations and functions, virtual or otherwise? Is your Council conducting officer and social meetings? How are you and your brother Knights going to establish and maintain safety protocols for the time when in-person meetings can safely occur?

I recently participated in a ceremony transferring custody of the Silver Rose from the Washington State Council to the Oregon State Council. The site for celebration of the Mass and Eucharist, attended by twenty brothers and family members, that preceded the exchange was set up to conform with social distancing guidelines. Most participants arrived with their nose and mouth covered and initially stayed at least six feet apart. There was an ample supply of hand sanitizer. However, it soon became apparent that this was the first time we all had been together since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and that we had missed one another. Chairs were rearranged so that family groups could sit together; however, this was also done in some cases so that participants could more easily converse. Some of the face coverings came off, it was hard for some to forego the handshake, hug or kiss greeting or to maintain social distancing and there was the traditional desire to get a group photo of participants at the end of the transfer ceremony. We have all heard, “get closer so you are all in the photo,” and we did. My wife and I are eternally grateful that most of those attending the ceremony had been sheltering at home and were in good health.

Brothers, illness associated with the COVID-19 pandemic is life threatening for some who contract the virus! We have a lifetime to make up for inconveniences attributable to this pandemic; however, this may only be true if we take necessary precautions to minimize spread of the virus and assure that safety protocols are strictly followed.

We are being bombarded with statements by some who want you to believe that the science related to spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is well understood. Medical personnel, epidemiologists, research scientists and others are making progress toward understanding mechanisms that promote spread of the viral infection and are making recommendations for ways to minimize the spread. However, this understanding is currently a moving target. Vaccines that will immunize populations are national priorities around the world. However, until vaccines with proven efficacy are available, we must be vigilant and practice safe social interactions.

I encourage all Councils to begin developing plans for meetings when group gatherings are again reasonable. Encourage members to use common sense during their interactions with others because the life they save may be their own. Please encourage all brothers to strictly adhere to safety protocols when we are again able to gather together indoors or outside. Most important, encourage all brothers to stay in contact and keep informed about Council plans and activities.

Brothers, be safe and stay healthy!

Vivat Jesus


Scott Hulse

State Warden