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State Warden 2021 - 2022

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David Olwell

May 2022

My Brother Knights,

The entire month of May is set aside by the Church to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary!  The entire month!

When I was a grade schooler at Blessed Sacrament in Seattle, I remember all the parochial schools in the region bussing students to Saint Edward’s seminary to participate in the May Day Crowning.  It was a powerful moment of Catholic solidarity and also of love for our Mother.  Celebrating the month of Mary  seems to have fallen slightly out of favor, but we Knights can help bring it back!

For example, at Saint Martin’s University, we are having a May Crowning organized by our college council 16361 following the student Mass on 1 May!

Statewide, we can still honor Mary this month!  The National Catholic Reporter  suggests:

It’s common for parishes have a daily recitation of the Rosary during May, and many erect a special May altar with a statue or picture of Mary as a reminder of Mary’s month. Additionally, it’s a long-standing tradition to crown the statue of Mary during May – a custom known as May Crowning. Often, the crown is made of beautiful blossoms representing Mary’s beauty and virtue. It’s also a reminder to the faithful to strive to imitate our Blessed Mother’s virtue in our own lives. May Crowning, in some areas, is a huge celebration and is usually done outside of Mass, although Mass may be celebrated before or after the actual crowning.

But May altars and crownings aren’t just “church” things. We can and should be doing the same in our homes. When we echo the customs and traditions of the Church in our homes – our domestic churches – we participate more fully in the life of the Church.

Let’s all make an effort to show our devotion to Mary this month, and I hope to learn of the many wonderful celebrations organized by our Councils and Knights. 


Vivat Jesus!

Dave Olwell
State Warden