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State Warden 2018 - 2019

Picture of Tom Williams

Tom Williams

September 2018

My Brothers,

We are approaching fall, that exciting time when the Seahawks start playing and the Mariners start fading in the playoff run . . .   :-(

I hope you have enjoyed your summer and gotten some fun in the sun. I also hope you have been busy doing God’s work, too, running programs and recruiting new members. Summertime is not the time to take your foot off the gas, we need to keep working hard.

The theme that I will be using this year is “Be Audacious.” What does that mean? Webster’s defines audacious as “showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.” A real-world example would be Dr. Gary Gilliland, President of the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center where I work, declaring in 2015 that there would be cures for human cancer within the next 10 years. His pronouncement was met by a mixture of wonder and disbelief, but it galvanized the company. There are countdown clocks all around the company and we are tracking to that goal.

These are troubling times for the Church and the Catholic community, with yet another scandal, this time in Pennsylvania. It would be easy to hang your head, avoid the topic entirely and hide your Catholic identity. I am asking you to be audacious, be bold, be Catholic! Declare openly your love for Mother Church, wear your Knight’s gear, look the naysayers in the eye. Your strong voice are needed now more than ever. Be visible, be active, be strong for our Church and Order.

We have a wealth of new programs and opportunities to interact with new demographics in our communities with online membership and Faith In Action. Avail yourself of the new programs and be audacious Catholics!

Vivat Jesus!



Tom Williams

State Warden, WSC