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State Treasurer 2021 - 2022

Picture of State Treasurer

Tom Williams

October 2021

My Brother Knights,

Welcome to fall! Hard to believe we are already in the month of October, where does the time go? As summer ends and nature prepares for the cold, dark winter, we still see positive things. As I write this, the Mariner’s are making some rare late season noise and playing meaningful baseball in September. The Seahawks, well, I think I need to go to confession again after the last two losses . . .

We see some beautiful sights of the leaves turning brilliant colors, we have pumpkins and apples to eat. We are also reminded of the cycle of life as the plants of summer die off and we prepare for the hard, cold, dark time. We know as people and as Catholics that life will renew itself again, making the warmth and new plant growth made fonder in our hearts by its absence.

We have now had four regional meetings, and I think they have all been a success. You can look for the recordings we made of these meetings on the WSC website at the following URL: Please be gentle with your criticism as this is new for us, but if you are willing to help us make them better (Thank you, Brian Blank, Grand Knight of Council 4385 St. Louise for your input and guidance!) then please reach out. You can see the schedule for the upcoming Regionals in both the State Advocate’s message in this bulletin or on the website at the above URL. Be sure to attend if you can, this is your chance for a small audience with your state officers where you can learn the latest news and ask questions. I hope to see many of you in the remaining six Regionals!

Finally, a quick reminder to send your checks to the State Secretary and to make the checks out to the appropriate corporation, not to Greg Mahoney. And please make sure you make the checks out to the correct corporation (Washington State Council, Columbus Charities or Pennies For Heaven) as transferring funds for incorrect checks is a hassle for Greg and myself.

I hope you have a great fall and the next time we chat we can talk about the Mariners performance in the playoffs (ending the longest playoff drought in professional sports) and how the Seahawks are in first place. However, being a Seattle sports fan for so many years, I am not holding my breath.

Stay strong, brothers!

Vivat Jesus!



Thomas C. Williams
State Treasurer
Washington State Council
Knights of Columbus