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State Treasurer 2017 - 2018

Picture of Patrick Kelley

Kim Washburn

August 2017

Brothers all,

Since the slackers are back from the Supreme Convention, maybe we can get some work done around here. Seriously, I have been to the Supreme Convention and it is an eye opener. Something they will never forget.

WSS Pat Kelley has been a very patient man working with me in addition to his learning the State Secretary position (in my opinion, the hardest job in the State). My laptop sees things a little different than others, or maybe it’s me.

For those of you that know, Barbara and I moved to Leavenworth before, during and after the Summer Meeting. That added to the stress of learning a new position, but everything is easing up a bit.

Since all the records have not been transferred to me yet, there will not be an Exemplification Fund update. Rest assured, your information is still being tracked. I will have an update in the September report. Can’t believe the Tootsie Roll season is upon us.

Thanks for all you do and I will see some of you at the Ceremonials Meeting August 12th.

Kim Washburn
State Secretary