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State Treasurer 2017 - 2018

Picture of Patrick Kelley

Kim Washburn

April 2018

Brother Knights,

I hope you all will have a blessed Easter Season continuing until Pentecost.

I had the pleasure of sponsoring a convert who joined the Catholic Church March 31st. He was baptized in the Lutheran Church at age one by his grandparents and is now 30 years old. He has had little instruction into the religious faith, but the Holy Spirit has brought him full circle. It was such a blessing to see his grandparents’ dream come to fruition, even though it was in the Catholic Church. I feel it is their actions, when he was one year old, that lead him to seek a religious life. It is amazing how much he knows about the Catholic Church and its obvious this was not a spur of the moment decision.

Ironically, the person that was mainly responsible in bringing me into the Catholic Church 35 years ago would have been 118 years old that night (March 31st).

Yes, I am confident he will be a Knight before the next fraternal year.

Now on to business.

As you see in my Exemplification Fund report, some Councils need to catch up on their bill. Remember $7/new member is required from each Council. If your Council is listed here with an amount next to it, you owe this to the Exemplification Account in support of our full Knighthood Degree State Exemplification efforts.

If you have a reactivation or readmission, please send that name and membership number to me for adjustment to your account. Your Council does not owe the $7 for this new member.

Please get your account up to date and mail your check payable to Washington State Council with exemplification in the memo area:

WSS Pat Kelley

4122 S 130th St.

Tukwila, WA 98168-3132

Pat has an extreme workload and still works for a living. If the Councils could take care of their financial obligations, it would make his job much easier in revisiting things repeatedly. Now that I am getting closer to the job of State Secretary, I see clearly his workload. Please help.

God Bless you all

Kim Washburn
State Treasurer