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State Treasurer 2018 - 2019

Picture of Patrick Kelley

Kim Washburn

September 2018

Brother Knights,

Once again we are entering Fall and that means we need to Fall back into action in our council, parish, State and community. Hope your Council Action Plan, Programs, Officers installed, chairman in place, 185 & 365 complete, Tootsie Roll Drives set and Church Drives for much needed new member recruitment. Do not forget—our insurance program is a great enticement.

We have so much to offer and there are too many men in our State that have not been asked, or do not understanding the importance of the Knights of Columbus.  Most of the fault that they do not know lies with us.

Your council, no matter how small, is a part of something much bigger. Let’s get busy showing those Catholic men who we are. Invite them to a function as a guest of the GK.

Get them involved in a Tootsie Roll drive and let them see the face of contributors that know our program, have family that have benefitted, Special Olympians with their medals, etc. It will change their lives. Saving Lives, Changing Lives. That is us.

For the next few months, Scott Charleboix will be promoting the Tootsie Roll and Fred Meyer Community Reward Programs. The kick off was at our Summer Meeting in July. We, as Columbus Charities, realized a gain of almost $300 from 29 Knight Families last year through the Fred Meyer Program. All free money that DOES NOT CHANGE ANY OF THE REWARDS YOU NOW ENJOY WITH FRED MEYER. If only 1000 families (they do not need to be Knight Families) would have linked their Fred Meyer card to Columbus Charities, we would have realized a gain of $10,340 last year. That is a lot of money to leave on the table. COSTS NOTHING, GAINS EVERYTHING.

Several signed up after the Summer Meeting. Let us keep up the momentum. Remember, Fred Meyer is our greatest supporter in our Tootsie Roll Program.

Now, onto my Treasurer duties.

Our State Deputy has granted a reprieve on Exemplification fees for the 1st quarter of our new fraternal year on new members. This is the time to bring in new members and save your council the $7 per new member fee.

In the meantime, with no Exemplification fee due for the next month for new members, this is a perfect opportunity to get your Exemplification Fund up to date. (See Exemplification Fund chart attached). This chart is current as of 8/10/2018 on checks I have received from WSS Pat Kelley.

Please get your account up to date and mail your check payable to Washington State Council with exemplification in the memo area, AND COUNCIL NUMBER ON THE CHECK. Send to:

WSS Pat Kelley

4122 S 130th St.

Tukwila, WA 98168-3132

God Bless you all,

Kim Washburn

State Treasurer