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State Treasurer 2021 - 2022

Picture of State Treasurer

Tom Williams
May 2022

My Brother Knights,

This will be a shorter article as we are in the final preparations for the 119th Convention. I hope that you and your families had a meaningful and joyful Easter, as we celebrate Christ rising from the dead. Truly, He Is Risen!

The 119th Convention will be held in a virtual format on Saturday, May 13th. Each Council should have submitted its Certificate of Election by now to the State Secretary. Please be sure to read Greg’s article for the details, including the Councils who not be able to attend. I will be glad when we can meet in person again, but we have learned a ton about how to stream and record meetings, which will be a benefit going forward.

A quick follow up on my story from last month - my mom found two obituaries for my ancestor Henry Ditter from 1908 that confirmed he was a member of the Knights of Columbus! So, we now have confirmation that my son Brendan is a sixth generation Knight of Columbus. For those whom sent me comments and for my brothers in Yakima who have offered to help me research the Council records, my warmest thanks. This was a fun project and brought back a lot of good memories for me.

For those whom could not attend the virtual Holy Hour in April, my apologies but we had a technical glitch and the recording was not complete. Fr. Kenny confirmed that he heard the voice say “This meeting will be recorded” at the beginning and “The recording is no longer being recorded” at the ending, so that is a pretty credible witness for me! We will try to avoid this in the future.

Final note, please don’t take your foot off the accelerator as we approach the end of the fraternal year. We have accomplished much but there is so much of God’s work that needs our attention. We need more men, more programs and a return to normalcy for all that. Thank you for your efforts and thank you for your continued efforts to build God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Vivat Jesus!



Thomas C. Williams
State Treasurer
Washington State Council
Knights of Columbus