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State Deputy 2017 - 2018

Picture of Bob Baemmert

Bob Baemmert


This morning Valerie and I went walking and we saw a crocus plant that was blooming and I couldn't help but be excited for the Spring and the new season that is coming. I'm hoping that this Spring brings a new "vigor" to our members and their  families. How often I have prayed for our success and that the attitude of our membership would move toward joy and gratitude. You know: Content to do God's work. Proud of what you are doing and happy to do it. Feeling happy to be a member and believing that you are making a difference. Finding peace in doing this work and developing the sense that you are wanted and needed in our Order. Those are the wishes and prayers I have for our State and each and every member this Spring.

One of the changes that I made when I became your State Deputy was to eliminate the Regional Meetings. These meetings were held in January, when travel was difficult. They were large meetings and generally the communication was only in one direction– from State Officer to the masses, discussing what needed to get done, all with very little interaction. I always thought that this information is better handled by your District Deputy in his meetings with you. The timing of these meetings wasn't the greatest because, by January, people are starting to look toward the end of the year. And everyone who is a football fan is wishing they were home watching the games instead of going to the Regional Meeting. There is a limit to how much we should have to give up, right?

To try to improve this, my State officers and I got together and we discussed having short half-day visits that were more focused on fraternity and spending time with you to discuss whatever you wanted to talk to us about. We planned to do twelve this year to be held on the weekends of September and in March.

We call them Supplemental Training Meetings or Fraternal Meetings and there doesn't need to be a big crowd. We have left the size of the meetings up to the host District Deputy and while we haven't always gotten formal requests for us to talk on specific issues, if we get that input before the meeting, it helps us prepare. The feedback has been positive from those that have attended and so that is encouraging . I have an outstanding team of State Officers that I love being a part of and that I love showing off, so hopefully we can come and visit you in the future.

The mission remains the same for all of us. We do God's work. We make friends and have fun doing it. And we do our part to grow the Order.

Have a great month!


Bob Baemmert

State Deputy - Washington State