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State Deputy 2021 - 2022

Picture of State Deputy

Kim Washburn

My Dear Brothers,

Our incoming State Deputy has been kind enough to allow me one last chance to say a formal “Thank You” to all of you.

During this last two years we have all had and met challenges no one ever saw coming. Each of you District Deputies, State Chairmen, and Council Officers stood tall at all times. This gives me a source of great pride to say these are my friends. I know of no other bunch of guys that have done so much for so little under the worst of circumstances and yet never one complaint.

When the chips were down each of you willingly lived up to exactly what Fr. McGivney expected us to do and that was to help the less fortunate. To recall our old First Degree “Deputy Grand knight” Admonishment, “This is the charity that gladdens the heart of the giver…”

In so many ways even when I had no idea what to do next one or more of you stepped up and worked to solve an issue. You gave when there was nothing to give. You worked out in the cold and rain to gather food and other essential items to help others. And you did it with a smile on your face and warmth in your hearts. You got nothing back for your efforts save that smile that you gave in the first place. How could anyone not be grateful to call such a wonderful group of men their friends?

I am privileged and honored to have been allowed to serve as your State Deputy and humbled even more when I think of the extraordinary men we call State Officers that I had the pleasure to work with, nearly every day. Those that served as my staff for the last two years, did so in such an exemplary manner, at all times. No matter how tough it got, no matter how late the hour, they were there working on issues or concerns that had arisen and somehow continued moving the State forward in any way possible. Very often, to my amazement. And not only they but the hundreds of Council Officers and members that, despite the danger we all faced with the Pandemic,  went forth and performed what they could at every opportunity to help our Church and those that depend on us.

If I am proud of anything it is the way all of you worked so well together to solve everything that came along. You have my sincerest appreciation and respect.

In closing let me just say that my life has been forever changed by the last ten years on the State Council. As I serve my last two years as a Consultant to the new State Deputy, and watch him and his staff take on the challenges of the future, I will do so with just a bit of envy mixed with pride.

Thank you gentlemen for all you have given me.    

Pat Kelley IPSD