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State Deputy 2020 - 2021

Picture of State Deputy

Patrick Kelley

My Brother Knights, 

Goodness, it is the new Fraternal year already. The Summer Meeting, much like the Convention, had to be restricted to size since all things are virtual at this point. The DDs were the first to view the Summer Meeting videos but the links will be on the Website soon for all to see. Please take the time to view each one. There are four and each is about 90 minutes so view at your leisure.


In the suspected absence of Regional Training meetings, Videos will be the next step to keep all members informed.

The State Council is working on creating training Videos for not only FSs and other financial officers as you might expect but also for the rest of Council Officers. This is a bit new but we hope this will provide a starting point for new Officers to look when trying to figure out their duties as well as information for seasoned officers.

I have appointed two training chairmen to accomplish this effort. Kevin Fraley will continue to train FSs, Treasurers, and Trustees, with a bit of financial information for Grand Knights.

Our new Fraternal Council Officer Trainer, Anthony Farrell (FDD) will be working with Grand Knights, DGKs, Chancellor’s Wardens, Guards, Advocates, and Recorders.

Membership guidance for Membership Program Directors will continue to be provided by the State Membership Director and General Program’s trainings will also continue to be provided by our State Programs Director.

During this uncertain time we are all doing the best we can and I truly appreciate everyone’s efforts. The lack of in-person contact and meetings certainly changes the way we’ve done things for years but will not stop our efforts. Our Church and the less fortunate still need us, in fact, and need us more than ever.

Please continue to adhere to the advice of civil authority and stay safe.



Pat Kelley/State Deputy