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State Deputy 2021 - 2022

Picture of State Deputy

Kim Washburn

My Dear Brothers,

As of this morning, we have 315 new members this fraternal year. Our Net/Net, which is the real member growth in the State less suspensions, transfers out of State and deaths, is +206. Fantastic news for our State.

Now your council needs to do is pull these new emembers (young members) from Officers Online Prospect tab and get them into your council. You MUST have something for them to do though. Your FS has the information, if not, contact your DD/Membership Director or me.

Four Councils have already obtained their growth incentive for the first 100 days. Those four councils will enjoy a pizza party for all council members and family from your State Council. There's still plenty of time to meet this incentive. Division I & II 75% of membership goal in the first 100 days, Division III 60%, Division IV 50% and Division V 40%. 

Top recruiter for the first 100 days will receive a customized MLB bat (not to be used as a bat). The first 100 days ends October 8th. Have no fear, the next 100 days will afford a hard working Knight with a customized NFL football. Don’t like that, the next 100 days is a customized March Madness basketball. The following 65 days of the year will blow your socks off.

We have been following strict Covid protocol in our Regional meetings and it has been working great. Everyone is following the rules, so we will continue with in person Regionals, and providing the live feed as well. 

The reason I am saying this, if your council is inactive with programs, review what you might be able to do while following the mandated protocol. No one likes it, but we MUST keep everyone safe, while continuing the work for our parish and community.

If you do not know what program to do, look at our State focused programs; Pro-life, Coats for Kids, KC Help, Tootsie Roll Program, Cor Christi or other local/Supreme programs. Notice four of the State Focused programs are nondenominational, meaning you can get others to help that might not be in your Catholic community. This is very good visibility for our organization. That’s where I came from, as I am a convert to Catholicism.

Pick up the Columbia Magazine that we all get. Go to the back few pages and see what other councils are doing nationwide for ideas.

We are making great strides in getting our State back on track. Get those new emembers into your council and get them busy. Give them a little responsibility and let their passion’s thrive. The Holy Spirit is an amazing thing. I receive great enjoyment watching the Holy Spirit bloom in someone.

Have degrees scheduled and hold membership drives. Have your laptop there and ready to sign up a new member via online membership. There is no reason to fill out a form 100 for a new member. Do it online and it’s a piece of cake. Five minutes tops and it’s all done. They will still have to meet the scrutiny of the council.

Go to our State website and view one of our Regionals for some valuable information and instruction as to the workings of our council’s and State. Great training and opportunities are contained within.

It's a new world, and it needs our help.



Kim Washburn

Your State Deputy