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State Deputy 2020 - 2021

Picture of State Deputy

Patrick Kelley

My Dear Brother Knights,

We are now several months into the COVID-19 Health crisis and life has changed for nearly all of us in one way or another, we are continuing to move forward in spite of the difficulties of daily life right now. So many things are closed and especially close to us are our churches. Mass is on TV or the Internet. Even our Convention this year was held as a phone conference with software assistance.

While this conference method was required by the Supreme Council we all know things were certainly not like our in-person Conventions of the past. Only Delegates were invited to join the State Officers and a small number of non-voting screeners and Supreme Staff as support. We were privileged to have our Deputy Supreme Knight, Patrick Kelly, join us and bring us his message of encouragement.

Unfortunately, a number of delegates did not manage to get connected so missed out and as a result did not get to hear the proceedings. Undoubtedly, this is a result of technical issues we do not control. I am truly sorry as I had high hopes that all credentialed delegates would be there. While several did not get in to the call the voting did not change.

Elections for State Officers and Supreme Convention Delegates and alternates were accomplished along with the approval of the usual reports for Washington State Council, Columbus Charities, and Pennies for Heaven Corporations as well. The Resolutions were adopted in accordance with the recommendations of the Resolutions committee. Resolutions 1-9 were passed, #10 was withdrawn, #11, 13 & 14 were adopted as No Action and #12 was rejected. Of note, was the lack of objections to any of the last 4 and in that case of course without any objection were also adopted as recommended by the Committee. While I hear that some complained about the process, none pushed *3 on their phones to comment, either. This process mimics very closely the process that occurs at a Supreme Convention for the Resolutions portion, but in deference to our members, I created a specific pause which was given after each of the last 4 Resolutions to allow extra time for that specific purpose. None chose to avail themselves of that opportunity.

All things considered, it actually went well under the circumstances but hopefully we won’t have to do this again. There is much more value to a convention than just reports, elections and voting on issues. The gathering of friends and brothers, the fellowship, the sharing of meals with others and their families often seems the highlight of a Convention and was sorely missed.

With best wishes for a speedy end to this lockdown and suffering due to this virus, I ask that all continue to follow the legal requests of our governor and our state health experts. Stay healthy so we can meet again in the near future. Please note that the path of the Summer Meeting, normally held in July, is at risk but I do not have any specifics at this writing.  Stay tuned!