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State Deputy 2018 - 2019

Picture of Bob Baemmert

Bob Baemmert

Welcome Brothers,


January is the time when the Knights of Columbus around the State honor the birth of the Christ-child by engaging in Culture of Life Activities.  We  meet  in the Capital and in downtown Spokane and have visible demonstrations that show our support for Life. That is a powerful display, and I am most proud of you for participating.


Another fantastic program is our Ultra-Sound Program.  What an amazing thing it is to save a human life! We as a State, under the guidance and efforts of Ron DeGroot (left), have placed five new Ultrasound machines in the past 18 months. The most current one was in Sammamish at the Pregnancy Resource Center where Malora Forrey is the Chief Executive Officer (below, middle). I went to the facility and shared a wonderful celebration with her, her staff, the board of directors and some key contributors to this project(below, right). One of our Knights, Frank Tolomei, (below, left) has made a habit out of funding the past couple of machines by paying the entire portion that the Councils would otherwise have to fund-raise for- HOW IS THAT FOR GENEROSITY? Abortion is now the number one cause of death in this country and it is through efforts like these, that we are providing a cure.


We can do so much good in the world as an Order and ever more if we continue to grow. I encourage each and every Council to keep its sights on seeking out and signing up more members - I see us as modern-day apostles and every man that we recruit,  brings another set of new ideas and talents that we can harness for the Greater Glory of God. This is the time to start planning for our March Church Drives. Use the tools that are being provided like the electronic custom landing page, e-membership, and concise pulpit talks and your Council will surely be successful.


Have a Blessed and Prosperous Month in the Lord!




Bob Baemmert

State Deputy - Washington State