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State Deputy 2019 - 2020

Picture of State Deputy

Patrick Kelley

My Dear Brother Knights,

This month I would like to talk on a bit of a different subject than just membership. While membership is one of our most important subjects, as the Order depends on new members to continue, we also have something else that is just as important.

I am speaking about our individual and collective respect for and support of our Priests. I realize that none of us would intentionally insult or disrespect any of our Priests however, there have been a few incidents over the last few years that certainly border on a less than respectful attitude towards their mission and their responsibility. We are asked in our Knighthood Degree to revere our Priests whether in public or the privacy of our homes and to support them in their mission and vocation, yet once in a while people let their personal opinions get in the way of that. 

As a Holy Priest, and often a Pastor of a Parish as well, they are in a position to make decisions that not are all happy with and once in a while some even become openly vocal with their opinions of what they think Father should or should not do at a given Parish or Liturgy. Opposing opinions regarding liturgies usually stem from a lack of information or understanding on the part of the laity but in the end,  it is our Priests that we must respect and follow– willingly–in all matters of Faith and that includes liturgies.

So too, must we understand that as a Pastor they are responsible to their Bishop for the success or failure of the Parish that they are assigned. That includes not only their pastoral duties but also the function of the parish as an organization as well as the facilities and business of a Parish. Please remember that all of our Priests are scholars when it comes to theology, but few are trained extensively in administrative practices, so it up to us to support their decisions. Yes, it is wonderful that so many of us  are willing to offer information and advice, but in the end,  he must make the final decision and we must support him and his decisions.

I am asking that we all live up to our responsibilities as Knights and support our Priests in all matters, regardless of our personal opinions. If you feel so strongly about an issue and your position runs counter to that of your Priest/Pastor I would ask that if you cannot remain silent on that matter that you consider changing Parishes while he remains in charge of that particular Parish.

Thank You for your patience and consideration on this matter.