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State Deputy 2016 - 2017

Picture of Eddie Parazoo

Eddie Parazoo

June 2017

Final Month Of the Fraternal Year

My Brothers All,

To all you brothers who attended the State Convention last month, wasn't that great?  I love attending and meeting so many of you and hearing of your awesome activities and programs!  We do have some truly outstanding Knights and programs in this state! If you didn't get to the convention, please see our state website for additional information on some of the winners and activities that went on.

As we move into this final month of the fraternal year let us make sure we have done everything we can to make our state and your Council better through your leadership.  Let's make sure we complete all those things "you have been meaning to get done."  Please prepare to leave your Council in better shape than it was when you took over.  Better financially, better membership health, better programs, better communication with your membership, better in all ways that you can.  We don't always get the chance to plan for next year - please take as much time as you can to plan for your next leadership's success.  Help them in any way that you can.

For all those Grand Knights and other fraternal leaders that are finishing your term and are not continuing.....please make sure your successor has the tools and support he needs to succeed.  THANK YOU for all you have done.  We appreciate it and I am sure your Council and parish does, too.

For those that are continuing in your role......THANK YOU for continuing in your demanding role.  I know at times it can be daunting.....but with planning and support, you will succeed and make your Council better for it.  Just remember, your Council has placed their confidence in you once again - do all you can to earn that confidence.  Make them proud!

This is the final month that I will be serving as your State Deputy.  It has been an honor, privilege, and an experience of a lifetime!  I thank you for all you do.  Although we are currently shy of many of our state goals.....I make one more plea for you to do what you can to lead your Council to those goals that you have in front of you.  Supreme established those goals to make sure we continue to strive to grow the Order and your Council so we can continue to do God's work here on earth.  The more members we have the more we can do.  And, what's wrong with that?  Wouldn't you like to help more unfortunate people?  Wouldn't you like to support one more youth?  One more family?  One more church?

As always......I do appreciate all you and our Council does for the needy, for our youth, for our communities, for our families, for our church, and for all the causes that are near and dear to your heart!  Without you, we would be less of a fraternity - THANK YOU for all you do.

God Bless.

Vivat Jesus!

Ed Parazoo

State Deputy