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State Deputy 2021 - 2022

Picture of State Deputy

Kim Washburn


(As of April 19, 2022)




My Dear Brothers,

State Treasurer Tom Williams and I attended the State Virtual Holy Hour in Colville with Father Kenny presiding. It turned out better than we had hoped. One council had 14 attend during their regular prayer group meeting. What a great idea!

We received a lot of good comments and a couple of great ideas for next time. The next Holy Hour will be July 9th at our DD/FS Summer Organizational Meeting, in person. We will carry the Holy Hour live for those that would like to attend virtually.

I spent six hours carpooling with Tom to Colville (saves State funds) and it was the best time. To all of you brother Knights, spend some fraternal time together, especially one on one to really get to know them. You will be forever grateful in getting to know them further.

When I was growing up, nobody knew any different than to car pool. You didn’t have a choice with only one car, or none at all. Now most families have a car for every member. That creates solitude that we do not need. Cell phones have already created enough of that.

As of today, we have brought in 626 new brother Knights this year, 112.87% of annual goal set by Supreme. We continue to rocket above our Pinnacle achievement in membership growth. Now there’s more work to complete the full Pinnacle requirement. It’s just too close to not see this through.

When you hold an exemplification, GET a FORM 450 FILED. This form can be submitted by the GK or DD. It no longer has to be just the DD. We need 60 more forms submitted. If you did not submit a form from past exemplifications, you can do so now retroactively. That’s completely acceptable.

Star Councils are on the horizon, but to get to that point, a council must complete requirements. I explained those requirements in previous articles after we met Circle of Honor membership. If you have further questions, please ask your DD, Kevin Fraley, State Program Director Dang or any officer for help.

SP-7’s are a must, regardless if you meet all Star Council requirements. Even if you do not meet the Columbia Award criteria, submit the form anyway. Our State gets credit for this. We have guidelines to meet, too, as a State Jurisdiction. Please try to have this form submitted to Supreme by June 15th in case there is anything that needs to be fixed. Yes, the form deadline is June 30th, but the earlier the better. Some council’s turned in the form as early as the first of March. Good for them!!!

Council’s membership active, we need 50 more councils to be active. We have over 229 online members still out there for the taking. Maybe you have contacted them and they prefer to remain an online member. At least you made the attempt.

Whether they are in your council area or not, you can still bring them into your council. That will still add to the Charity you do in your council, if nothing more than dues. Dues keep your council foundation intact for further good works. Please bring in at least one new member.

Vivat Jesus!




Kim Washburn

Your State Deputy