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State Deputy 2019 - 2020

Picture of State Deputy

Patrick Kelley

My Brothers,

Thank you to all that were able to attend the Summer Leadership meeting last weekend. What a great success. Great trainers like Chuck Davlin from Supreme for the DDs, Kevin Fraley and the other FS trainers and our own Membership and General programs Directors did a wonderful job. It is important that we understand our duties and responsibilities as well as acknowledging our own personal accountability and obligations that we agreed to when we accepted the positions we now hold. BUT, most of all, it is more important for us to remember that while we do all that we can do, and what we are expected to do, GOD will always control the outcomes.

As long as we do our part, He will do the rest for us. It is true that if we do nothing, we will receive nothing. The parable of the Talents teaches us that. It is just as true that when we do our best and turn the rest over to Him, we can trust the promises of the Bible and know He will always allow what is best for each of us in the long run. Often times, when I reach the limits of my abilities, and can think of nothing else that I can do to achieve my goals; I stop praying for results and ask only that He show me His will for my life.

It was His will that His Holy Priest, Fr. McGivney, created his own legacy, this order that we all enjoy. So, too, is it His will that we help those less fortunate than ourselves, the bible teaches us that but we cannot perform those actions that serve his will if we don’t have enough men to do so.

Jesus taught us the lesson of asking others to join us when he sent his Apostles to all corners of the world to spread his message and we are therefore obligated to follow his lead and ask every Catholic man we know or meet to join our Order and help us in doing his will.

I ask each member to go forth and ask every Catholic man you meet to join us and to be truly “Unapologetically Catholic,” every minute of every day. Wear your Faith proudly.

Vivat Jesus…