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State Deputy 2020 - 2021

Picture of State Deputy

Patrick Kelley

My Brothers                                                                                                                                        

First, let me say that I hope you and your loved ones are prioritizing your health and resiliency.

It is September already and things are still very cautious at this time due to the virus and now the wildfires. Since most of us are in the “high risk” group I urge all to stay safe and do only what you feel is reasonable and still protect your health and that of your family. This too shall pass. Speaking of Caution, our PSD George Czerwonka, a veteran of the Insurance industry for over 40 years has kindly consented to serve as our Insurance Chairman on Liability issues. Each month George will present, in the bulletin, an article describing best practices towards protecting your councils, watch for it. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with Training, videos and Webinars? Me too, but let me pass on this thought. Right now, since we do not have the advantage of in person work and we need to do more than just sit by and wait for things to get better, we have all resorted to digital presentations. The Supreme council has presented and continues to present many forms of Trainings and meetings online. At one point just before the virus attacked, I had appointed a Fraternal Trainer to work with our FS Trainer and the Supreme Regional Growth Director in this area only to see the Supreme Council come out with so many items that are very well done and informative.

In light of all the opportunities to view information direct from Supreme I am asking our State personnel to limit the amount of computer time we require of our members. Hopefully, this will give a bit of relief to so many.


Here’s a word from our Supreme Rep Chuck Davlin:

There are Councils and members all over the Order who are working to overcome and work within and around the restrictions of both Church and State to provide value to their Parishes and Communities.  Councils and members who are making a difference in their Parishes and Communities. 

There are also Councils and members who seem to be content to shut the doors of their councils waiting for “normal”.  These members and Councils seem to believe that if we shut down completely for 6 or 8 or 12 months, everyone will flock back once “normal” returns and we can go back to how “we have always done it”.  We know this is NOT the case; if we are not present during the crisis, if we are not leading the way to mitigate the effects of the crisis, if we are not providing avenues of service and faith during the crisis, no one will join us once the crisis is over because they will not see value in us. We as leaders, we as members, we as men, we as KNIGHTS have to be out front in our Parishes and Communities and FOR our Families in a highly visible, highly effective and very involved manner to show men WHY they should join us now and into the future and HOW they can make a difference both NOW and into that future.

We CAN’T let our Order become another victim of the virus and the only way we can prevent it is to BE KNIGHTS; active, out-front, leading-the-way, brave and true KNIGHTS! Fraternally,

Chuck Davlin

Assistant Regional Growth Director – West


Thanks and stay safe,






Pat Kelley/State Deputy