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State Deputy 2019 - 2020

Picture of State Deputy

Patrick Kelley

My Dear Brothers,

The winter District Deputy Training meeting went very well indeed. Just over 90% of all DDs attended, Thank you all.

Much new information was given out to the DDs and the surprise of the year; a new, single, combined 1st, 2nd, & 3Rd Degree was viewed. This new format was presented to the State Deputies and the State Ceremonial Directors at the Orlando meeting a couple of weeks ago. Quite a difference from what we are used to seeing.

I have asked our State Ceremonial Director, Marcel, to forward the link for the Degree so each can view it for themselves and a feedback form link that I hope all will be kind enough to complete and send back to Supreme. We do NOT have any answers yet on any of the new Degree potential issues so please hold your questions until I let you know what is next from Supreme.

While we all want our home Councils to do well, often it is a good idea to assess how they are doing at the moment in order to predict the future and head off possible problems before they can happen.

One way to do this is to think about the “Health” of the Council and ask yourself the following questions:

· Is the Council in Good Standing? (Bills paid on time?)

· All required forms completed and submitted on time?

· All required Councils positions Safe Environment training compliant?

· Are programs planned and performed on time?

· Has the Council met its Membership Goals? (Usually about 7% of present membership count)

· Has the Council met with their Insurance Representative? Insurance goals met?

Just answering these few simple questions will give you a very good idea of where your Council stands and what needs attention soon.

ALL DDs and GKs should attend the Delta Church Drive training offered by Supreme Representative Chuck Davlin. At present, only 25% have.

Wishing you a very Blessed and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Vivat Jesus!