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State Deputy 2022 - 2023

Picture of State Deputy

Kim Washburn

Brothers All,

By the time you read this, we will be knee deep in our annual District Deputy Midyear Meeting. This is the halfway point of the year in training and planning.

Mother Teresa said faith and good works put oil in the lamp. KofC pulls men out of their self into Charity, Unity and Fraternalism. Fall in love with God like God did for us. Evangelize/Catechesis, like Reese’s Pieces, they go together. We belong to one another with a common solidarity. Innocent lives are to be protected. All put oil in the lamp.

Faith and Charity is at the heart of our organization and being the strong right arm of the church is not only worthy, but very visible to our parishes. They know who we are and what we stand for if we are visible. Character, faith, charity is in our DNA.

Father McGivney was not a Supreme Knight. He left that to others and those that would follow. Faith was in the beginning and will be eternal.

So far, we have some excellent programs that are successfully completed, or will be in the future. Visible programs are the only path to success and in growing our Order.

As you know, recruitment is essential. We have recruited 64 men since I last reported. We were behind the curve three out of four months, averaging 34/month, before November. We needed an average of 52, so you see we are still behind the curve, but improving.

As it stands today, we have 201 new members or 35.26% of our goal. We need a strong December to reach 50%, but we can do it. If we reach 50% by December 31st, Supreme will lower our Circle of Honor goal by 5%. That is a big deal and I know we can do it with your dedicated help. Help Washington State make Circle of Honor for a second year in a row.

Church drives work. I can always tell when councils are holding church drives by the increase in membership reported on Tuesday. I’m not telling you anything new, but church drives are essential for our Councils/State to thrive.

Mike Rutland, Membership Director, is putting together a Fraternal Benefits Night video to make it easier for councils to hold a Fraternal Benefits Night in their parish/council. Since I have been speaking of Circle of Honor, our State goal set by Supreme is 74 Fraternal Benefit’s Night. But again, it isn’t so much the Circle of Honor, but educating parishioners/Catholics/members what great benefits we have as Knights. That was Fr. McGivney’s vision and what started the KofC.

3W will be a focus of ours next year, along with the other State programs. Stay tuned if you don’t know what 3W is.

LAMB 1882 is over $11,000 now and growing (not counting the match). Please find it in your heart to contribute to LAMB 1882 where every dollar is matched. $18.82 (which will become $37.64 by the end of the fraternal year) per member is our goal, but any contribution puts more oil in the lamp. Hold fundraisers knowing we are in the beginning stages of creating a force to be reckoned with; a financial machine that will bridge the gap between our Councils and Supreme. If you have any questions about the program, ask. If your District Deputies do not know, or give you an answer that makes sense, you always have me. This is an annual program.

I wish you a very blessed Advent Season, Christmas and prosperous New Year. We have a lot to look forward to next year, despite what you hear in the news. Turning off the news might be a good New Year’s resolution. That might keep oil in the lamp.




Most of our councils do very good work. It only takes one person for a program. Be a leader in good faith and passion, the rest will follow. Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t ignore the Holy Spirit. I believe the Holy Spirit presents opportunities to us many times in our lives. The worst thing you can do is ignore it.


Vivat Jesus!




Kim Washburn

Your State Deputy