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State Deputy 2017 - 2018

Picture of Bob Baemmert

Bob Baemmert

Hello Brothers,

April has come and the State Officer team has finished its eleven visits around the State. I wish to extend a great big THANK YOU to Larry Shaw and the District Deputies, to make these meetings happen. The host District Deputies did a fantastic job and I really appreciate all of you who came to spend some time with us. I received a lot of positive feedback and I was thankful for that. If you want the State Officer Team to come visit your Council next year, just let me know and I will try to set that up with your District Deputy. You can do that by dropping me an e-mail at: State  We will likely be able to see twelve more Councils next year and please let me know if Sunday is OK for your meeting.

May brings the State Convention and all of you will be coming to my part of the world for that event. In fact, my Council has been working hard to make this the best State Convention ever! JUST FOR ME! I LOVE MY COUNCIL! If you haven't registered yet it is time to do that.

I also want to mention how important it is for Councils right now to give it all they got to make their goal of Star Council Award or Columbian Award. Both of these awards are impressive. If you are in a position to make the Star Award, schedule that church drive that will put you over the hump. If  Star Award won't be possible for your Council, then the Columbian Award shows everyone in the Order that your Council has put their faith into action by participating in all of the service areas: Youth, Church, Community, Council, and Culture of Life. Keep busy and keep involved!

Lastly, make sure that you find the time this month to thank Jesus for suffering and dying  for your sins. Because of this ultimate sacrifice, he has opened the doors of  heaven for us. For this we are forever grateful.

God Bless and have a Great Month.


Bob Baemmert

State Deputy - Washington State