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State Deputy 2017 - 2018

Picture of Bob Baemmert

Bob Baemmert

So the first big meeting of the year, the Summer Leadership Meeting,  was held in Spokane and I have to say you really made me look good. Great attendance, a great opening speech by Hal Westby, PSD, and some really fine effort on your part for hanging in there and learning all that you could. Next year, the District Deputies need a bigger room with better air conditioning - I promise. But speaking of  that, every District Deputy that I appointed made the training meeting and I am very pleased about that and hopefully we will work together better this year because of it.

I still would love to fill those District Deputy positions for District 10 and District 30 so if you know of a man who has leadership ability and he is willing to take on the job, have him give me a call.

Seems like everybody enjoyed the pizza and beer party on Friday night, and the banquet on Saturday was really a great time to kick back and share some OHANA.

This year we are going to do something different in regards to training. Instead of having Regional Meetings that require travel during the dead of winter (and playoffs), we are going to have six small meetings around the State in September and  six small meetings in March. They will be half-day meetings either on Saturday or Sunday and will start at 8:00AM and go until about 12:00PM. After those four hours we will have a light lunch and then we will let you go. The FS's will train as well. My training expert, Larry Shaw, is trying to put those together for us now and he needs help from  the DD's and the Grand Knights to find a location and willing volunteers to do a lunch that the State will pay for.

Finally, I want everyone to have fun this year, do what you like to do in the Knights, make new friends, make your Maker proud of you and for God's sake; LETS GO! LETS GROW!

God Bless you!


Bob Baemmert

Washington State Deputy