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State Chaplain 2021 - 2022

Picture of Rev Kenney St. Hilaire

Rev Kenneth St. Hilaire

October 2021

Dear Brother Knights,

October is not only a month dedicated in a special way to the Rosary; it is also Respect Life Month. The two themes go hand in hand!

Wouldn’t you say that the mysteries of the Rosary all highlight various aspects of the gift of human life? For example, when we reflect on the Annunciation, we see the extraordinary dignity that is ours in being gifted with free will—a reflection of God Himself. God proposed, Mary accepted, and the course of history was changed. See how God chooses to depend on the cooperation of human beings for the unfolding of His plan! This is true not only for the Blessed Virgin Mary, but for all of us.

Meditating on the Visitation, we see how our human dignity is bestowed on us from the moment of conception. John the Baptist, leaping for joy in his mother’s womb, recognizes the presence of the Savior in the womb of Mary. This is a true encounter between persons, even though those persons were unborn at the time!

Looking at the Birth of the Lord, it’s clear that our human dignity is independent of the wealth or poverty that we experience. The King of Kings was born in poverty, but His royalty was undiminished. Even if our bank account or investment portfolio indicates that we are worth less than another person, in the eyes of God our value as human beings is beyond price and will always be so, regardless of our material condition.

The Presentation of the Lord in the Temple shows us that obedience does not decrease our human dignity or worth. Joseph and Mary went to the Temple to present Jesus 40 days after His birth because the law required it. We may tend to think that obedience is degrading or that it somehow makes us less human, but obedience actually affirms our dignity as human beings subject to Almighty God and the created order He has established.

When we consider the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, we might think about what gifts God bestows upon each person. Mary and Joseph find Jesus sitting among the teachers and asking them questions. All the experts were amazed at Jesus’ wisdom. Each human being has a unique set of gifts and talents, all graciously bestowed upon them by God. These gifts are a sign of God’s goodness to us and are one dimension of our human dignity.

These, of course, are only the Joyful Mysteries. I encourage you to reflect on the Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries as well, with an eye to identifying the insights they give us about human dignity.

Beyond these reflections, I simply urge you to pray the Rosary daily. The Rosary is one of our most powerful prayers. We can pray this prayer—especially this month—with the specific intention of upholding and protecting the dignity of every human being, and of combating all the insidious (and ever-increasing in our world) attempts to treat human beings with less dignity than they deserve.

As Knights, we turn with heartfelt devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe during this month of the Rosary and Respect Life Month. We beg her to intercede mightily for our culture, that through the conversion of hearts we may see the new birth of a culture of life—a culture in which every human being is loved and honored.


Vivat Jesus!


Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire, State Chaplain