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Immediate Past State Deputy 2018 - 2019

Picture of George Czerwonka

Eddie Parazoo

February 2019

My Brothers All,

Welcome to the New Year!!  What a great time to get started off right by focusing on those visible programs that draw attention to your efforts and your causes.  The more visible they are, the more impact they will be.  Being visible will also attract more like-minded men to join our ranks.  Win, Win,Win.....A win for your council to gain more energy and be able to provide more charitable giving.  A win for the new member to be able to share our experience and grow deeper in his spirituality by the many opportunities to provide charity.  A win for your State to provide more opportunities for growth by these vibrant new members.  It could be cyclic! | Think about it.....Each win in turn offers more wins for all involved! 

As we move further into this new calendar year, let us remember and report those activities of the past year.  What better way to replicate successes from the recording them and learning from them.  Change what didn't work.  Applaud what did work.  Submit your write-up to your State Chairman for consideration for an award!  Remember, you can't win if you don't enter!  What a great way to share your council's efforts than to submit an Award application so other councils can benefit and maybe take on that successful program.  Sharing......a large part of giving and of charity in general!

God Bless.


Vivat Jesus!

Ed Parazoo

Immediate Past State Deputy