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Immediate Past State Deputy 2020 - 2021

Picture of IPSD

Bob Baemmert

June 2020

Hi Brothers,

One of the most pressing issues that a State Deputy has got to deal with is the State Convention. It takes a mountain of preparation- many times three months of invitations and lining up guest speakers, grading Award applications, preparing the banquet, getting flowers, inventing a strategy to handle the contentious Resolutions, dealing with registration and rooms, writing and practicing your script, making sure everyone has a good time...etc. The event itself goes on for the better part of three days. | By the time it is over, everyone involved is ready for a good stiff drink.

So as your Immediate Past State Deputy, and after just getting finished with the 2020 Virtual Convention, I couldn't help but feel how practical it was to dispense with most of that and just handle the business and say good-bye after a rather intense, but efficient, hour and a half.

There were some challenges for the delegates. Not everyone was able to get onto the meeting and that was a shame. But for those that did, they managed to hear a couple of inspiring speeches by our State Chaplain, Fr. Kenny St. Hilaire,  the Supreme Knight and our Supreme representative- the Deputy Supreme Knight, Pat Kelly, who had many good things to say about our State programs and our recent efforts. Helping is what we are all about and that point was made numerous times during their speeches and how obvious it is, right now in light of the many people suffering through this pandemic.

Having a virtual State Convention was something that all of the State officers were challenged by,  because it was new! But leadership is all about adapting to new situations and our State officers, headed by our State Deputy, Pat Kelley, all did a great job of displaying their leadership abilities. Well done, brothers!!! I was proud of all of you and all of those who participated!

In case you are wondering, we haven't gotten rid of the Awards! We will do that at the Summer Leadership Meeting, so don't miss that one. Hopefully that one will be in person. I do miss saying hi to everyone and the fraternal time we can spend together!

God Bless and have a Great Month!

PS- Keep finding ways to help one another!!!


Bob Baemmert

Immediate Past State Deputy

Washington State Council