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Immediate Past State Deputy 2019 - 2020

Picture of IPSD

Bob Baemmert

April 2020

Hi Brothers,

Along with the Coronavirus Pandemic came a global re-evaluation of people's priorities. For most of us, it has been a great reminder of how important our health is.

We have all been reminded how to wash our hands and how to keep ourselves, as best as possible, from becoming the next person with this sickness.

Another thing  that many have discovered is how fragile travel plans can be. How many of you know somebody close to you who have planned a big trip and are now dealing with refunds, and rescheduling and disappointment? |

On the brighter side, if it's not too soon to mention, is that our present situation of "Cancelled Everything" has given all of us a chance to look at what is really important to us. This is what is supposed to happen every Lent, but maybe this year we've gotten some Divine help.

I have to say that I was like a school kid with a snow-day, when the bishops granted dispensation from going to Mass. It wasn't long after that news though, that I was checking about Mass on television. I re-discovered that Mass is still a priority, and my wife and I attended our first televised Mass yesterday.

Another thing I re-discovered, and really the whole point of this article, is how important prayer is. I have re-discovered just how blest we are to live in this country and how much we have to be thankful for. I find that my personal relationship with Jesus is getting stronger through this crisis. Now, more than ever, we need Jesus to Shepherd us through these frightening and uncertain times.  He will lead us if we just ask for His help. PRAY!

God Bless and have a Great Month!



Bob Baemmert

Immediate Past State Deputy

Washington State Council