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Immediate Past State Deputy 2019 - 2020

Picture of IPSD

Bob Baemmert

August 2019

Hi Brothers,  

I'll be you guys wonder what a guy does the with all of his time when he is done being the State Deputy for the Washington State Jurisdiction. Well, I have been done for 16 days and so far I went golfing, went fishing, and stained my deck. Just in case you were interested.| Pictures follow:



As a reminder, I will be the guy who sends out GET WELL CARDS and BERREAVEMENT CARDS. There really isn't a whole lot to it. All you need to do is when you report an illness, give me a name and an address to send it to and off it will go! When you report a death, make sure that I have the name and address of the next of kin and I will send out that card as well. As a matter of courtesy to those that are grieving, it is very important to let me know as soon as possible. Nothing is worse than a LATE SYMPATHY CARD.  It's hard enough to live through the passing of a loved one once, without having to be reminded of it a month later. If I feel it's been too long (later than three weeks) I won't send the card.


It sure was great to see you at the Summer Leadership meeting this last month. I had a very special interest in the meeting this year, because I am going to be our Council's Financial Secretary next year. It should be a great job and one I think I can handle with enough coaching!


Great news on the Seattle Seahawks Jacket I had up for auction!!!  Our own Past State Deputy, and, from what I can tell, the only Seattle Seahawks fan left in the State, bid and won the jacket for $100.00!!!  Nobody else bid on it.  The money was donated to our State Caritas Fund.




Bob Baemmert

Immediate Past State Deputy