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Immediate Past State Deputy 2019 - 2020

Picture of IPSD

Bob Baemmert

October 2019

Hi Brothers,

Last Saturday night, after our first Regional meeting in Olympia, the State Secretary, Kim Washburn, and I went to visit the Mothers at Holy Theophany Monastery. This Monastery was founded in the year 2000 and is the only Greek-Catholic Monastery for women in the Western United States. It is also the sole Monastery for women in all of North America that follows the authentic Byzantine Monastic Tradition common to Melkite and Romanian Greek-Catholic Churches. Mother Anastasia explained to us that the Catholic Church is actually comprised of twenty-two equal Churches, | with the Roman Catholic Church being the largest. Most of the non-Roman Churches are referred to as Eastern Catholic Churches and these nuns belong to this group. Our mission was to simply present them with a $10,000 check on behalf of the Knights of Columbus to further their mission and to assist them in their vocation development. Interestingly, one of our very own District Deputies, Mike Colosi (DD04), has been "adopted" by the Mothers of the Monastery as their fix-it man. Mike has built a spectacular out-door altar and patio for them, and he takes on any other projects that the Mothers need help with. When we were there, Mike was helping them with a nasty water leak that damaged walls and flooring. So, contact Mike if you have the wherewithal to help these "Angels on Earth." Donations are always accepted!


 DD04 Mike Colosi, Mother Irene, Mother Johanna (AKA "Mother Money-Bags"), Novice Claire and Mother Anastasia-Hegumenissa (AKA "Boss")                                                                                             

What an enriching experience this evening was for me. These dedicated women of God were absolutely the most charming women I have ever met. Joyful, Witty, Dedicated and Humble are the words to best describe the Mothers of this Monastery. Pioneers for their church, these women have totally accepted, without reservation, God's Providence for them, regardless of the struggles they face. Fund-raising is tough for this Contemplative Order. Most of their time is dedicated to prayer for all of us. They have tried raising honey-bees, creating mosaic art, and they have a small gift shop and they offer retreats. But their efforts only goes so far. They are always open to ideas of creative new ways to fund their mission.

I was deeply honored to represent all of the Washington Knights of Columbus whose generosity to our Pennies for Heaven Program has made this deserving support possible. Thank you Brothers!!       

Bob Baemmert

Immediate Past State Deputy