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State Secretary 2020 - 2021

Picture of State Secretary

Kim Washburn
May 2021

God help us as we enter into another Virtual Convention. This Convention will be for delegates, PSDs, State Officers, District Deputies, four Directorships, Fr. Kenny, Ken DeVos and Dang Nguyen (technical equipment) only. Unfortunately, that will be it. Those that are included above, please visit our KofC WA website for further updates as we get closer to the Convention.

We still have 13 councils that have not paid their Per Capita. This is mandatory!!! 

Not to be threatening, but when a council does not pay their Per Capita, it puts us one step closer for the need to increase the already low $9 per billable member.

Those that pay their bills can thank them. Just those 13 councils leave us with a deficit of $8,460. That represents 940 members not paying their bills. Just for this ONE deficit, if we spread the $8,460 over the councils that do pay their bills, it would be an increase of $.73 for each billable member in Per Capita.

I didn’t want to embarrass the councils that have not paid, but I will in my last Bulletin article as State Secretary in June. Unfortunately, the ones not paying are probably not reading this Bulletin.

Pay your Per Capita and I won’t call you out.

Pennies for Heaven stands at a 65% collected, which is pretty good considering the pandemic. Of course, this is not an assessment like Per Capita, but Vocations still need the support.  

We still have two councils that have not paid their insurance premium from JULY 2020. Guys, you don’t want to leave your council uninsured in liability. It only takes one lawsuit and the council could be done if not insured. The facility you hold events in might not cover your activities either, so the burden is with the council to provide insurance.

My cancer update in the 2nd Edition is current as of April 13th. Things have changed since then, but I won’t bore you. Read Steve’s next edition May 15th for that update. Read why you need to get your PSA checked at least annually!! 



Kim Washburn

State Secretary