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State Secretary 2022 - 2023

Picture of State Secretary

Greg Maloney

December 2022

Brother Knights,

A Joyous Advent to you all as we await, prepare and pray in celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ on Christmas Day.  May the celebration and abundant lights warm our hearts and direct our thoughts to the great mystery that unfolded on the first Christmas Day two thousand years ago.  That burning bright mystery continues to be at work and is just as astounding today as it was two millennia ago. 

WSD Kim and I recently saw up close how this great mystery is unfolding in Seattle as we visited 3W Medical for Women, a non-profit medical clinic providing free-of-charge or low-cost reproductive health services to women in the Seattle area.  3W stands for Wellness for Washington Women.  Helen Nguyen, Co-Founder and CEO, invited SD Kim and me to tour the clinic and discuss 3W’s vision to provide evidence-based healthcare services rooted in respect for the inherent dignity and worth of every human person – including the unborn.  Helen and her team are doing God’s work in an amazing way.

You’ve probably heard described that today’s people of faith often find themselves on the frontlines in the cosmic struggle of Good versus Evil as it pertains to spiritual warfare.  Indeed, we are. The good people who run 3W Medical are as front-line as you can be in this epic struggle.  In fact, if I may use a familiar term from my military past that better describes their situation, the good people at 3W Medical are courageously working behind enemy lines – right in the midst of one of Legion’s cultural strongholds – a culture that unfortunately promotes the self over others.  To be sure, working in Satan’s back yard can present some unique challenges.

But 3W Medical is exactly where it needs to be – in the heart of the beast.  It is evident the Holy Spirit is guiding the works of 3W Medical.  As described in 3W Medical’s Annual Report 2021, their facilities have expanded, their services have reached 50% more at-risk women than in any previous year and their donor base has more than doubled.  Many thanks to Seattle Council 676 for its unfailing help to 3W in the past and for its continued support today.  We must help 3W in this struggle.  The State Council and other local councils can help in concrete ways, by promoting the vision of 3W Medical at parishes and by offering our treasure and our talent directly.  We can do more by helping start 3W clinics in other areas and by supporting other pregnancy care service centers that promote the gift of life.  It is our time to step into the breach!

I look forward to the Winter District Deputy meeting in Federal Way. This will be a time to assess and reflect on how we are accomplishing our mission as Knights of Columbus.

Council billing status as of November 25, 2022:


Liability Insurance (August 2022):                        74.30% paid of total Premium

LAMB 1882 Program Goal (August 2022):             4.28% paid of total Goal

Pennies for Heaven Goal (January 2022):               90.81% paid of total Goal (last Fraternal Year)

Per Capita (January 2022):                                      97.71% paid of total Per Capita (last Fraternal Year)

Per Capita and Liability Insurance billings are due upon receipt. These two billings do not require a council vote. Any insurance payments not received will be included on the council’s State Per Capita billing in January 2023.

Look for the new Next Six Months Letter, outlining important administrative and future meeting information, to be published in the January WSC Bulletin, posted on the WSC Website, and sent to all District Deputies. Before you do that next month, spend at least 6 minutes every day during Advent in prayer using the Little Blue Book or The Magnificat Advent Companion that many parishes provide during the Advent season.  You can certainly pray more than 6 minutes a day and I encourage you to do more.  But the most important thing is to pray every day.

Best wishes to you and your families for a Joy-filled and a Blessed Merry Christmas!


“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”    

- St. Catherine of Siena




Vivat Jesus! 



Gregory S. Mahoney
State Secretary
Washington State Knights of Columbus