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State Secretary 2017 - 2018

Picture of Bob Baemmert

Patrick Kelley

February 2018

My Brothers,

February is here, and several things have already happened, or should have:

1.) Your Fraternal Survey should have been done and filed with Supreme by Jan 31st 

      2.) The Council Per Capita billings with up to date Exemplification funds figures has already been sent and these should be paid before the end of February as there is no Council action allowed on these bills… (no discussion, voting, etc.)

3.) The Certificate of Elections form and letter have been sent to all GKs and FSs so please be sure to get that election taken care of before the end of the February and get those forms back to me ASAP. This is a big workload for the State Secretary to be sure that your Delegates are seated at the Convention.

4.) Your Council Audit is due the 15th of this month so you should have already set your date to do this if not done already.

A few friendly reminders:

DEATH notices go to the STATE SECRETARY, not the Membership Chairman

Council numbers MUST be put on all communications, especially checks—EVERY TIME, PLEASE!

Thanks again for your help!

   Vivat Jesus!


Pat Kelley

State Secretary