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State Secretary 2018 - 2019

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Patrick Kelley
April  2019

My Dear Brothers,

It is spring and all is well—at any rate, nearly ¾ of all Councils have already paid their Per Capita assessments and many of them also donated to the Pennies For Heaven Fund based on their Goal statements. Thank You again for this support and timely action!

I do however feel the need to repeat at least a paragraph from last month’s article as follows as many Councils don’t seem to be paying attention to detail in regard to checks for Pennies For Heaven

While explicitly stated on the “Goal Statement,” as well as in every notice of these changes sent to all DDs, GKs, & FSs, the checks now MUST be made out to “Pennies For Heaven” in order to be deposited into that bank account of the same name.  A few Councils are still either combining the PFH figure with their Per Capita and sending a check made out to Washington State Council, or just ignoring all notices and sending a check for the PFH donations alone in the name of  Washington State Council.

Please, Please, please, ask all Treasurers to stop this practice and adopt the correct method!

A slightly new wrinkle here is that a few Council Treasurer’s are making checks out to: “Washington State Council/Pennies For Heaven” and “Pennies For Heaven/ K of C State” and other such combinations of the two separate Corporations. I’m not sure at this writing if all those will clear the bank or get rejected.

It appears that not only the Treasurer is not paying attention but the Grand Knight, who is also signing these, is himself not instructing the Treasurer to re-write the check to the correct payee. We really need your help here.

I know that this is a change for everyone, and I, too, have struggled with getting this system running but if we all at least try to follow the instructions sent, it will get better.

Thank you again for all your support for our Seminarians.


Pat Kelley
State Secretary