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State Secretary 2021 - 2022

Picture of State Secretary

Greg Maloney

May 2022

My Brother Knights,

The virtual convention is just days away and my article is going to focus on Billing status and the return of Certificates of Election.

Your council can participate and vote on State Council business presented at the convention only if your council has paid Per Capita and has submitted the Certificate of Election. 

Here is an update on council billings as of April 30, 2022:

Liability Insurance (August 2021): 94.19% collected of total due

Pennies for Heaven Goal (January 2022): 83.96% collected of total goal

Per Capita (January 2022): 92% collected of total due

Eight councils are in danger of not being able to participate in the annual meeting due to unpaid Per Capita.  I will need either the Grand Knight or the Financial Secretary to give me a call or send me an email with the check information and confirmation that the check is in the mail.  The following councils have not submitted a Certificate of Election either.










If the other billings listed above are not paid, it will not preclude the council from participating in the convention.  However, not paying your liability insurance bill places your council at unnecessary financial risk if anything should go wrong at an event.  Don’t take that risk.

Pennies for Heaven should be 100% participation.  Even if it’s not possible to meet the council goal, I encourage councils to send in any amount the council can afford.

Certificates of Election are at 54.49% returned.  We can do much better!  The convention is virtual, and it should be easy for all councils in good standing to participate.  Each council should consider it an obligation to be represented at the Annual Meeting.  If you did not return the certificate yet and do not have it, download it from WSC Website by clicking on 119th Washington State Virtual Convention, complete it with required signatures, affix the council seal, scan and send it to me via email and then mail the original to me.  Only elected delegates can speak, nominate and vote during the convention.

I need Certificates from the following Councils:


I have not received many nominations for Delegates to the Supreme Convention.  I will extend the deadline beyond May 1, 2022, but don’t wait much longer.  This is a great opportunity for members to see all that the Order has accomplished over the fraternal year.  Go to the WSC Website landing page and click on 119th Washington State Virtual Convention, to find the nomination guidance.



Gregory S. Mahoney
State Secretary
Washington State Knights of Columbus