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State Secretary 2020 - 2021

Picture of State Secretary

Kim Washburn
August 2020


This message will be short. Most of you know I have been diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer and have many challenges ahead. It’s a little frustrating right now, but prayers please. Look for more details in the next Second Edition. Things EVERY man should know and be concerned about. We are being misled.

I know you guys are concerned, and I am VERY grateful of that, but my time is limited and explaining all of this hundreds of times, is just not possible. I will try to keep everyone informed over Steve Snell’s Second Edition.

Our PayneWest liability insurance premiums have went up significantly from $1.20 to $1.35 per member. We had 246 endorsements from council events on file and over 170 of them were not valid any longer. Each endorsement that is not updated remains on the books resulting in exposure that doesn’t exist. This all affects premiums. I doubt our premiums will go down next year (no insurance does), but it sure is worth the effort. 

PSD George Czerwonka brings 40 plus years to the table in the insurance business and is our new insurance liaison chairman. He will now be the insurance contact for our State. Any requests you send to me will be forwarded to him.

All in all, our Washington State Jurisdiction has the best liability rates of any KofC jurisdiction. I know of some that are over $3.00/member.

Insurance invoices will be going out this week or next, but for sure before the 31st of July. Remember, this invoice is for liability insurance. Not per capita (unless it wasn’t paid in January which 3 councils still owe) nor Pennies for Heaven. Per Capita and Pennies for Heaven are invoiced in January.

These three councils still have not paid their per capita from January.

4367 Moses Lake

8079 Des Moines

17257 Yakima

The Next Six Months Letter will be sent with the Insurance invoices. It will also be posted on our website, along with 2019-2020 proceedings, financials and awards.

Thank you for all of your prayers and the one thing I can tell you is get your PSA track record started NOW.


Kim Washburn

State Secretary