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State Secretary 2017 - 2018

Picture of Bob Baemmert

Patrick Kelley

October 2017

My Brother Knights:  A few more notes from your State Secretary.

On Death Notices:

Please send all to ME, your State Secretary. You need not send to the other State Officers, Editor, Ex Director, Warden or necrology Chairman unless you feel it necessary as I do the same on a regular basis on your behalf. I maintain an ongoing necrology list that will be compared to that of the Chairman, John Williams and then used at the Annual Necrology Mass.


When you send in a notice, be sure you send it to SUPREME and the State Secretary and include:

- Member Name (Include nicknames if you wish),

- Council number,

- Member Number and

- the name and address of the next of Kin.

Please remember that a card of condolence will be sent on behalf of the State Deputy,. Our State Chaplain will add the name to his monthly mass list, the name will be published in the State Bulletin and added to the annual list for the necrology Mass at the Convention.

A Bit More on Checks:

Always have your Council # on your Checks and VERY IMPORTANT:

On all checks, especially those regarding programs like Tootsie Rolls, Coats for Lids, etc., NEVER make checks payable to the CHAIRMAN only to either Washington State Council or Columbus Charities whichever is appropriate depending on what you are working on.

Making checks for charitable funds to individuals, especially those in charge of said programs, can create a very negative appearance long after the fact, especially for the Chairman. Please stop this practice!



Pat Kelley

State Secretary