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State Secretary 2020 - 2021

Picture of State Secretary

Kim Washburn
January 2021

Brothers…Farewell to 2020!!! Don’t let the door hit you in the rear end leaving!

First off, I want to thank Council 676 for letting Columbus Charities ride the coattails of their $50,000 donation to Special Olympics. That allows us to continue our Silver Level donor status and annual Community Partner Sponsorship Award presenter for Special Olympics Washington.

The Knights enjoy visible exposure in our State from Special Olympics involvement. This allows us huge visibility in our state, under normal circumstances. Without Council 676, I don’t think this would have been possible despite some very generous donations received from the few Tootsie Roll Drives and GoFundMe.

A BIG SMOOCH for 676!!

Just learned this week that something I have been promoting for years was a myth. With the involvement of the Tootsie Roll Program, therefore Special Olympics, I was lead to believe that submitting a “0” on the 4584 Special Olympics form counted as involvement. While I found this to be strange, I was assured by neighboring State Deputies, numerous individuals, including two Supreme representatives, that this was the case over the years. I had hammered this at every Summer Meeting and Regional, you probably remember.

After some research from our Asst. Regional Growth Dir. Chuck Davlin, he found that this used to be the policy back in 2005. Originally it was to get councils involved in Special Olympics. He, and other jurisdiction officers, believed as I did that this was still the case.

Now, how do we fix this??? To continue Supreme supported donations to Special Olympics Washington, there must be some involvement by councils, monetarily, volunteer hours or otherwise. This is rather short notice, but if you would send $5 or more to Columbus Charities on behalf of your council, or personally with your council number in the memo area, that will qualify your council as being INVOLVED in Special Olympics. Reason, Columbus Charities has huge involvement with Special Olympics mainly attributed to the Tootsie Roll Program. Most, if not all the funds you send will go to Special Olympics.

If you already have council involvement in Special Olympics, no need to send me $5. That’s just a suggestion to those councils that cannot participate.

Your FS needs to be notified of the money sent to me payable to Columbus Charities, or just a council donation. Then he will submit the Special Olympics form 4584 before January 31st, 2021 allowing us Supreme Washington Jurisdiction credit.

Last year Washington State Special Olympics received $4,200 representing the number of submissions received from councils in our state (apparently without a 0). The year before it was $7,000+, so you see it is significant. It goes directly to Special Olympics Washington, but that makes no difference. Special Olympics recognize it as being from us here in Washington.

If you have donated to the recently set up GoFundMe for Columbus Charities, notify your FS and those funds count toward your council donation to Special Olympics. Here’s the link  Anyone can donate and be credited to your council. If any of your family participates, that counts as involvement too.

I am now down to 12 councils that have NOT paid their insurance premiums due in July. I have now collected 92.57% of what is due from councils. If you are one of the councils that have not paid, please do so. The District Deputies and our Rewards/Support/Forms Chairman, Kevin Fraley has notified all councils. I know Covid is a problem, but your liability continues with the least bit of involvement. Our WSC pays the insurance premium for you, so we need reimbursed through your premium.

I am gearing up for per capita and Pennies for Heaven billing. Invoices will be sent around the 15th of January. Please be ready to pay, as I will be gearing up for the Convention and moving on to another position. Payment doesn’t require a vote from your council. Please make checks payable to Washington State Council for per capita and likewise Pennies for Heaven.

We have had so many deaths the last few weeks. All death notices come through me, so I see them. I only know of two that were officially Covid related, but since cause of death is not reported to me, it is likely there are more. I have lost close friends, Knights and otherwise, that have passed from Covid. Pray to God this vaccine works, and kudos to those responsible in the implementation of Warp Speed and its success.

The list would be way too long to mention, but my God we have lost a lot of very good men and family members. May they rest in peace.

Now on to me, I by passed my last PSA because of a severe infection in the genitals hoping this might be the culprit affecting the results since my prostatectomy. I feared it was cancer, but an ultrasound proved that wasn’t the case. I can tell you after 10 days of antibiotics, it is only slightly better. Not sure if I am going to need further treatment, or just ride it out. At this point, I don’t think riding it out is an option due to its severity.

I plan to have another PSA next week (December 23rd). Hopefully the infection was responsible for the continued increase in PSA numbers. The urologist doesn’t think it will, but what does he know??

Sorry this has been a long message, but it is all pertinent.

Get your PSA checked at least annually!! 



Kim Washburn

State Secretary