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State Secretary 2019 - 2020

Picture of State Secretary

Kim Washburn
April 2020


What a Lenten season this has been. In a time of alms giving, our faith has been challenged. My thought about the closing of our churches is how much I miss it when it’s gone. I think what I will take from the COVID 19 scare is how thankful I am to live in a country where I can celebrate my faith without fear, whether in a sanctuary or in my home.

Not being able to attend mass reminds me of other places in the world, and in the beginning of Christianity, where they were not able to worship publicly. We read about it, and our KofC has aided and assisted countries where this takes place, but it never hit home until now.

I have a lot of beliefs and concerns that I will not share with you, since they are my opinion(s). There are enough of those in the world right now, so I will leave that up to those that care to share.

Moving on, as of this writing (March 15th), 83.66% of the councils have paid their Per Capita. Second billings went out three days ago and I’m already hearing of those that just forgot and the checks in the mail.

Pennies for Heaven collections are doing quite well given the time of year. We are at 61% of councils that have donated. With the market difficulties, we will need every precious penny to fund our seminarians.

Last year, we were able to donate $112,000 to seminarians and religious of which $51,000+ came from council donations. The rest was from investment earnings. This year we are sitting at $31,524, but there is still time until we close the year out 7/31/20 and elect grants. Obviously, our earnings from investments will be down significantly, so we need your help.

I still miss John Walker, God rest his soul and strength to Tess and the family.



Kim Washburn

State Secretary