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State Secretary 2018 - 2019

Picture of Bob Baemmert

Patrick Kelley

December 2018

Hello My Brothers,                                                                                                  

Hope all are well and getting ready for the most blessed season that approaches, Christmas. This is an excellent time to take stock of all that we have received and how we can serve others… a great time for reflection.

Your current Council standings are:

Per Capita 99.46% paid Due Jan 30th
Insurance 85.23% paid Due August 1st
PFH Goals 79.84% paid Voluntary 

While this looks fairly good from one viewpoint, it has fallen way short of goals from another. Please bring these items up at your next meeting and ask the FS if yours is paid. If not, please insist that they be paid immediately. The Council Per Capita and Council Insurance are not negotiable and are required to be paid…upon receipt. Failure to do so can lead to a Council Suspension and no one wants that.

As to Pennies For Heaven, while this is voluntary and the $3.65 per day per member goal is nearly 80% paid…it costs a lot more that this to support a seminarian through his studies to Ordination and each Diocese counts on us to support this effort. Please make an additional effort to exceed your Council’s goal by holding another fundraiser to increase this most necessary support for our Priests.

District Deputies: your Annual Winter Training meeting in Bellevue is Nov 30th to Dec 2nd and is nearly here. Be sure you notified the State Warden with your registration information. See you there.


Pat Kelley

State Secretary