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State Secretary 2022 - 2023

Picture of State Secretary

Greg Maloney

March 2023

Brother Knights,

Lent has begun.  This holy season prepares us for Christ’s glorious triumph over sin and death at Easter.  As we prepare to celebrate Christ’s Resurrection, let us make a commitment during Lent to grow deeper in relationship with Christ through prayer and participation in the sacrament of reconciliation.  At council meetings, devote more time to Spiritual Reflection.  As Matthew Kelly writes in his book, Holy Moments, “You were made for more.”  We should tune into the source who created us for more and who desires that we live life to the fullest.

As we prepare spiritually during Lent, preparations are also in full swing for the Annual meeting in May.  I mailed the Certificate of Election to each council financial secretary on February 12, 2023.  Promptly return the Certificate of Election form to me with Council seal affixed after council members elect delegates. I have already received three completed Certificates of Election – thank you.  Let me know soonest if your council has not received the certificate of election.  Two other important items for the Annual Meeting are Council Resolutions and the Council Annual Report

A correction to my February article: Submit Council Resolutions to State Advocate Scott Hulse by March 12, 2023, for consideration at the Annual meeting.  Do not send council resolutions directly to the State Secretary.  Consult with State Advocate Scott Hulse on how to write resolutions in the proper format.  The Grand Knight handbook posted on the WSC Website and the Knights of Columbus Officers Online provide instructions on how to write a resolution.  Submit resolutions in Word document format only. I will send councils a copy of resolutions to be considered at the Annual Meeting at least 30 days prior for council review.

Council Annual Reports are to be written in Word document format and submitted to District Deputies by April 1, 2023.  Council Reports should be concise and not exceed one page.  Council Reports will be rolled up in the District Reports.  District Deputy, State Director and State Chairman Annual Reports are to be written in Word document format and submitted to me by April 10, 2023.  All reports will be included in the Convention proceedings that will be published a few weeks following the Annual Meeting.

April 29, 2023, save the date, for the Seattle Catholic Men’s Conference hosted by St. Michael Parish in Olympia.  Registration details are in the flyer included in this bulletin.  Hope to see many Knights there.

Council billings update as of February 26, 2023:

Liability Insurance (August 2022): 90.00% paid of total premium due.
LAMB 1882 Goal (August 2022):   7.36% paid of total goal.
Pennies for Heaven Goal (January 2023): 42.77% paid of total goal.
Per Capita (January 2023): 60.26% paid of total Per Capita due.

I can’t think of many good reasons for a council that has not paid its Liability Insurance premium yet. We should have had 100% of the premium paid no later than September.  It is very important for councils to have Liability Insurance coverage to avoid financial and legal risks if someone is injured during a council event.  State Liability Insurance Chairman George Czerwonka, Jr., PSD, wrote in more detail in the February Bulletin about the importance of Liability Insurance coverage.  Read his article and submit payment if this premium is still outstanding in your council.

"He prays best who does not know that he is praying."

St. Anthony of Padua


Vivat Jesus! 



Gregory S. Mahoney
State Secretary
Washington State Knights of Columbus