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State Advocate 2021 - 2022

Picture of State Advocate

Dr. Scott Hulse

July 2021

My Brother Knights,

I am not a lawyer. I will attempt to get answers to any questions about rules, regulations, policies, etc. from the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Services and, when necessary, from attorneys, who represent the Knights of Columbus. Please contact me by email (, by telephone ((360) 243-0745) or with a written letter with your questions.

You should all be aware that the Council Grand Knight, Program Director, Community Director and Family Director are required to complete the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program training. Most of our Washington State Councils are in compliance with this requirement; however, there are a few Councils that still need to have those in positions requiring this training complete the training. Please review the following list. Grand Knights must make sure that this requirement is complied with. 

All Knights are encouraged to complete the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program training, which is accessible through the training portal at Make sure you have a valid email address when you want to take the training because this will be part of your login credentials.

It is time for all of us to refocus on our mission as members of the Knights of Columbus and remember our guiding principles of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. Some of us have allowed the COVID-19 pandemic to become an excuse for sitting back, isolating ourselves and doing little to make sure we “Leave No Neighbor Behind.”  Let’s get back to work and make sure all our neighbors are taken care of!

Vivat Jesus!


Dr Scott Hulse

State Advocate

Washington State Council