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State Advocate 2019 - 2020

Picture of Kim Washburn

Greg Mahoney

June 2019

Annual Meeting / Resolutions / Cornerstone Conference 2019 / Safe Environment Program Compliance

Annual Meeting:  I hope all those who attended the convention in Bellevue this year had a great time.  It was fun, and we took care of business in a way that allowed time to also visit with friends and make new ones.  The food was delicious too. The burgers were so good on Friday night, State Secretary Elect Kim Washburn and I went up for seconds.  Thank you for electing me as your next State Treasurer.  It will be an honor to continue to serve the Washington State Council.

Resolutions:  Thank you to the members of the Resolutions Committee for their work again this year: DD Brad Smith, DD Gary Cloninger, GK George Doty, GK Jim Chambers and GK Gordon Rodewald, III.   Of note this year is the passage of a change to Article III, Section 5 of the WSC Bylaws, which clarified the resolutions process on the floor at Annual Meetings.  This change goes to Supreme for final approval, and if approved, the change will go into effect the following year. 

Cornerstone Conference 2019: Mark your calendars to attend the Cornerstone Catholic Conference in Tacoma on October 18-19, 2019, hosted by the Washington State Catholic Conference.  This is the largest gathering of Catholics in Washington State who come together to celebrate and promote the Culture of Life.  Our Washington State Council is a Keynote Sponsor of the conference this year.  We will be introducing one of the keynote speakers at the conference and we will host a major Knights of Columbus display area next to the conference registration area.  I encourage as many Knights and their families as possible to register and attend the conference to support the Bishops of Washington in their ministry of evangelization and promotion of the sanctity of life. Wear your nametags, vests or any Knights apparel and be visible.  See the enclosed flyer for more information and how to register.  More information will follow in the coming months.

Safe Environment Program (SEP) Compliance:  May 1st was the deadline for councils to be in full SEP compliance.  Continue to work on this if your council is not fully compliant (all boxes green).  The following charts show fraternal leaders who are compliant (green box with ‘X’), fraternal leaders who are non-compliant (red box with “O”), fraternal leaders who are not assigned (yellow box with “O”) and fraternal leaders who are pending (yellow box with “P”).   Contact me for details. Grand Knights must follow up and correct deficiencies soonest.  The goal is to get the red and yellow out!



Please follow the guidance outlined in the SEP Information Guide (Revised 2018).

Grand Knights and District Deputies should contact the Knights of Columbus Office of Youth Protection at, or (203) 752-4558, if leaders are having trouble with the online training.  I recommend you encourage as many members as possible in your councils to take the general training.  During Knights of Columbus youth events, you must have at least two members present who have completed the training.  One of the members must also have had a background check completed.  This is the right thing to do, so please put forth the effort to accomplish these training requirements.

Vivat Jesus!


Greg Mahoney

Washington State Council
State Advocate, WSC