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State Advocate 2020 - 2021

Picture of State Advocate

Tom Williams

August 2020

My brothers,

How goes the battle?

I want to cover some administrative topics this month, one of which is to help you understand the relationship between the forms you submit and the Safe Environment Program compliance.

Two of the most important forms you submit at this time of year are the “Officers Chosen for Term Report” Form 185 and “Service Program Personnel Report”  form 365. These forms are used to identify the men filling the positions that require Safe Environment training - if your Council has not submitted the forms then Supreme does not know the men filling the positions and whether or they are SEP-compliant. As of 7/26, 14 Councils have not submitted Form 185 and a whopping 68 Councils have not submitted Form 365. Gentlemen, this is not acceptable! Financial Secretaries, please take care of this important business as quickly as possible so that Supreme can identify the SEP status for your Council positions.

The second part of my advice was generated from a call from District Deputy 15 and Council 15730 Grand Knight Philip Marceau. In Officers Online in the Protection of Membership and Financial Information section, there are reminders to be careful when publishing member information or Council financial information, especially in electronic format. I know that many Councils publish their meeting minutes online or send them via email to members - you should consider carefully what is going out and if it is required.

“During business meetings, officers may disclose information, to the extent that it is relevant and necessary, in the course of delivering a report. Officers should use care when including membership information and financial information in published meeting minutes, including such information only when necessary.”

Please use your discretion publishing Council minutes, bulletins, etc., electronically. I am sure that you have heard of the massive fraud that was committed on the Washington State Unemployment fund using stolen information, so this is a very real threat these days. I would strongly encourage to read the guidance and examine your processes so that you are protecting confidential information. Thank you, Worthy District Deputy Phil, for the great question! If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me and perhaps you will find yourself in a future bulletin article.

Vivat Jesus!



Thomas C. Williams

State Advocate

Washington State Council