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State Advocate 2017 - 2018

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Greg Mahoney

October 2017

Home Corporations-based Councils; Safe Environment Program

Brother Knights,

In September’s bulletin, I reviewed Parish-Based Councils vs. Home Corporations-based Councils.  The Supreme Knight requests each council using a home corporation facility to review the relationship between itself and the corporation.  District Deputies are to lead Grand Knights of councils using corporation facilities to conduct this review; complete and return all necessary documentation once each council has made its decision. The documentation can be found in the Handbook for Councils Using Home Corporation Facilities (United States).  Councils using corporation facilities and their district deputies should have received a letter with the Handbook in the mail from the Supreme Council.  An electronic version of the Handbook, along with individual forms, are also available on the Officers Desk Reference.

The following councils and their district deputies are to complete the review this year:

Council 676, Seattle, DD1

Council 683, Spokane, DD5

Council 763, Everett, DD13

Council 1629, All Saints, DD3

Council 2260, James G. Caldwell, DD24

Council 3307, Richland, DD7

Council 3361, John E. O’Brien, DD19

Council 3645, Fr. Thomas Lane, DD27

Council 4322, St. Frances Cabrini, DD35

Council 4782, St. Joseph, DD11

Council 9238, St. Nicholas, DD29

Council 14268, Pend Oreille, DD33

Council 14853, St. Matthew, DD26  

During your review, the main questions you are to answer are summarized in the slides below.  The two possible outcomes and the corresponding documents to submit to Supreme are also summarized below.  The steps to follow are outlined in the Handbook you received.  I have extra copies of the Handbook if you need one.




To ensure a safe environment for youth and vulnerable adults, the Knights of Columbus mandates through its Safe Environment Program required training and adequate screening of members who are directly involved with youth and vulnerable persons.  The slides below highlight important training requirements for select fraternal leaders and the responsibility of all members to report suspected abuse.

A member who serves at a parish in one of the Knights of Columbus leader roles listed in the slides above or a member who volunteers/works with youth/vulnerable persons outside the Knights’ programs in a diocese/parish must also be compliant with diocesan, parish and other organization’ Youth Protection policies and training requirements.  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the Order’s Safe Environment Program.

Grand Knights and District Deputies are responsible to ensure 100% compliance with this policy.

Vivat Jesus!




Greg Mahoney
Washington State Council
State Advocate, WSC