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State Advocate 2020 - 2021

Picture of State Advocate

Tom Williams

October 2020

Hi Brothers,

A quick note as we head into fall in this crazy year - I hope you and your families are continuing to do well.

I would like to share one of the questions I have been asked this past month and where the information can be found in the Officers Desk Reference documentation. This is a great resource for Grand Knights to search for guidance and advice for their questions, and you are always encouraged to reach out to me, too.


I have received many questions on fund-raising as Councils are unable to hold events in person and raise money. Many Councils are looking toward using an online application such as GoFundMe to raise money for a specific event. There is a section in the Officers Desk Reference that deals specifically with Crowdfunding and the requirements that I encourage you to read the section in full (the link is below).

The gist of the article is that using a crowdfunding platform to raise money for a specific activity is permitted, in conjunction with an actual event. For example, you may want to raise money for Tootsie Rolls or Coats for Kids, and tie the event to coat distribution event.

You should look at this a tool for a specific need, for a limited duration rather than being open-ended. A council should not use a crowdfunding platform to raise money for Council administrative costs. Specific requirements are below on how a Council should conduct a crowdfunding drive:

1. Identify itself by its council name, number, and geographic location, in accordance with the guidelines for Ordinary Fraternal Use of the name and emblem of the Knights of Columbus;

2. Conform its fundraising appeal with the mission, identity, and procedures of the Knights of Columbus;

3. Identify clearly the beneficiary of the fundraising appeal;

4. Promote its fundraising appeal only within the state jurisdiction where the council is located, as soliciting contributions in other jurisdictions is generally prohibited;

5. Handle funds with the highest standards of ethics and accountability, following the relevant laws of the Order. Proceeds from a charity fundraising event or crowdfunding appeal may not be used to pay for ordinary council expenses. The proceeds must be disbursed as follows:

· Payment of the expenses associated with the event;

· Donation to the designated charitable organization.

6. Obtain event insurance to cover all potential liabilities associated with a fundraising event;

7. Avoid any sort of binding or long-lasting contract, partnership, or agreement with the crowdfunding company.

Please read and understand the full article online, and let me know your questions.


Vivat Jesus!



Thomas C. Williams

State Advocate

Washington State Council