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State Advocate 2018 - 2019

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Greg Mahoney

September 2018

Council/Corporation relationship; Safe Environment Program

Brother Knights,

For councils using Home Corporation facilities, at the 132nd Supreme Convention in 2014, the Supreme Council unanimously adopted a resolution establishing a policy requiring councils using Home Corporation facilities to enter into written agreements governing 1) a councils use of Home Corporation facilities (the Terms of Use Agreement) and 2) how matters will be settled between the council and the Home Corporation in the event that the Home Corporation chooses to wind up its affairs (the Charitable Distribution Agreement).

Agreements, resolutions and guidance can be referenced in the Handbook for Councils Using Home Corporation Facilities.  The Handbook includes a Council Checklist for Assessment of Council/Corporation Relationship to help councils carry out the Supreme Knights request for an assessment of the council/corporation relationship in light of the mission of the Knights of Columbus.  Councils using Home Corporation facilities are to assess whether to remain in that relationship or to become a parish-based council.  The Handbook can be found in the Officers Desk Reference online at after logging into your account.

The Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program has been updated to align with the new Faith In Action service program model implemented this year.  The FIRST requirement of our safe environment program is for our members to be aware of, and compliant with, arch/diocesan safe environment requirements applicable to members volunteer activities on parish property.  Fraternal leaders must cooperate with parishes/dioceses to ensure members are compliant with arch/diocesan policies. The SECOND requirement of our safe environment program is that Grand Knights and Faithful Navigators are responsible to sure youth leaders and directors complete background check authorization and complete all training within 30 days of receiving email confirmation of appointment to a youth leader or director position. 

IMPORTANT: Any Columbian Squires Circles not fully compliant by September 30, 2018, will be permanently dissolved.

As always, I am here to help you.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these topics, please contact me.

Vivat Jesus!


Greg Mahoney

Washington State Council
State Advocate, WSC