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State Advocate 2019 - 2020

Picture of State Advocate

Tom Williams

October 2019

My brother Knights,

We are in the midst of the regional meetings so this will be a short note. Many thanks to all of you whom have come out to the regional meetings, I have appreciated your questions and the energy you bring. Even though the schedule is not easy, I would not change since I enjoy getting to see friends and make new ones around the state!

A quick follow up on Safe Environment training - if your Council changes one of the positions that requires Safe Environment training, be aware that if the new man does not have the required training it will change your Council from compliant to non-compliant. This question came up at a regional meeting, and it is good warning to be aware of how any change many affect your Council. We are making good progress on getting Councils to be compliant and I want you to be aware of the possible impact of a leadership change.

Please remember that I am here to help you with any questions about home corporations or any legal/procedural issues in your Council - do not hesitate to reach out! I do work during the day so if I am unable to take your call during the I will certainly call you back in the evening.

Vivat Jesus!



Thomas C. Williams

State Advocate