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State Officers 2019 - 2020
Picture of State Chaplain
State Chaplain
Fr Kenneth St Hilaire
   Picture of State Secretary, Bob Baemmert
State Deputy
Patrick Kelley
 Picture of State Treasurer, Patrick Kelley
State Secretary
Kim Washburn
 Picture of State Advocate, Kim Washburn
State Treasurer
Greg Mahoney
 Picture of State Warden, Greg Mahoney
State Advocate
Tom Williams
 Picture of State Warden, Scott Hulse
State Warden
Dr Scott Hulse
 Picture of State Deputy, Ed Parazoo
Immediate Past State Deputy
Bob Baemmert
Picture of Supreme Council Membership, Ray Lopez
Supreme Membership Program Consultant
Ray Lopez
Picture of Western Washington General Agent, Jerrod Roth, FIC
Western Washington General Agent
Jerrod Roth, FIC
Picture of Eastern Washington General Agent, Kevin Tuuri
Eastern Washington General Agent
Kevin Tuuri
Picture of Southwestern Washington General Agent, Gabe Kennedy
Southwestern Washington General Agent
Gabe Kennedy