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Knights of Columbus Insurance
Southwestern Washington

The Knights of Columbus Since 1882 - Protecting Families for Generations

The Insurance General and Field Agents are being reviewed by Supreme and this page will be updated when their review is completed.

Picture of Gabe Kennedy Southwest Washington General Agent's Office
General Agent Gabe Kennedy
8625 SW Cascade Ave Suite #506
Beaverton OR 97008
Office: (503) 644-1952
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"Here at Knights of Columbus Insurance, Kennedy Agency, we are excited about our new journey with Social Media and the Digital world.

Not only is Social Media great for communicating across miles and miles, but it can be an amazing business tool if used creatively and strategically. No business can deny the power of a well executed social media platform. And one of the best parts about it? It’s free! With Social Media, we can explore and try new things, always gaining experience without losing money.  Yes we use Social Media to promote our outstanding Knights of Columbus Field Agents, to spread Father McGivney’s message, and to inform families about their fraternal insurance benefits, but we also are striving to create something different. We also use Social Media to post about local Knights of Columbus events, volunteer opportunities, world news, Catholic News, messages from Pope Francis, motivation to be good stewards of the environment, requests for prayers, etc.  

It’s about creating community, regardless of distance. It’s about making sure that community is safe and protected. It’s about inspiring this community to live a faith filled life.
We are excited to share our story with you. Please visit our website at
 and find us on Facebook, Knights of Columbus Insurance – Oregon. "

Vivi Bory
GA Assistant & Office Manager
Knights of Columbus Insurance
PH  503.644.1952 ext.104