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State Chairmen 2019 - 2020
Chairmanship Name Council Email
All Forms Kevin Fraley 12591 email picture
Bulletin Editor Steven Duncan 10664 picture of email
Ceremonials Director Marcel Bergeron 10653 email picture
Communications Director/WSC Webmaster Tim Philomeno 7528 picture of email
Community Director Dang Nguyen 3645 email picture
Council Administration and Finance Chairman Kevin Fraley 12591 picture of email
District Deputy Director Gregory Mahoney 7907 email picture
Executive Director Edward Rogers 11780 picture of email
Faith Director Thomas Pursley 1643 email picture
Family Director Edward Hebert 1379 picture of email
Fr. McGivney Guild Chairman Edward Hebert 1379 email picture
Hispanic Membership East Federico Lopez 894 picture of email
Historian Joseph St Hilaire 829 email picture
KCIC Christmas Card Edward Miller 13560 picture of email
Life Director Ronald DeGroot 1643 email picture
Member Retention Chairman Darren Parsons 11780 picture of email
Membership Director Thomas Williams 14689 email picture
New Council Development Abundeo Reponte 13238 picture of email
Program Director Scott Hulse 7356 email picture
RSVP/PFH/Vocations Chairman Timothy Coyle 12583 picture of email
Special Olympics Chairman Darren Johnson 17152 email picture
Tootsie Roll Scott Allen Charleboix 8872 picture of email
Youth/Sports Chairman Kenneth DeVos 5495 email picture