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Picture of Bob Bammert
Patrick Kelley, State Deputy 2020 - 2021
"Unapologetically Catholic”

My Brothers                                                                                                                                        

First, let me say that I hope you and your loved ones are prioritizing your health and resiliency.

It is September already and things are still very cautious at this time due to the virus and now the wildfires. Since most of us are in the “high risk” group I urge all to stay safe and do only what you feel is reasonable and still protect your health and that of your family. This too shall pass. Speaking of Caution, our PSD George Czerwonka, a veteran of the Insurance industry for over 40 years has kindly consented to serve as our Insurance Chairman on Liability issues. Each month George will present, in the bulletin, an article describing best practices towards protecting your councils, watch for it. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with Training, videos and Webinars? Me too, but let me pass on this thought. Right now, since we do not have the advantage of in person work and we need to do more than just sit by and wait for things to get better, we have all resorted to digital presentations. The Supreme council has presented and continues to present many forms of Trainings and meetings online. At one point just before the virus attacked, I had appointed a Fraternal Trainer to work with our FS Trainer and the Supreme Regional Growth Director in this area only to see the Supreme Council come out with so many items that are very well done and informative. Read more...


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 link  to The Supreme Knight's Seminarian Letter

Special Olympics Notice

All GKs and FSs Please Read

Date Event
11/01/2020 All Saints' Day
11/02/2020 All Souls' Day
11/03/2020 Election Day
11/11/2020 Veterans Day
11/15/2020 Form 990 DUE
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Messages From Your State Officers
Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire,
State Chaplain

October 2020

Ahhhhhh, election season… Wait, did I say “ahhhhh”? I meant “uuuugghh!” I suppose there are a lot of people who rejoice with inexpressible glee during presidential election years: political science majors, ad salesmen, and anyone who enjoys watching a good fight. I have never enjoyed the experience. I find myself battling worry and anxiety over the election, getting frustrated as tension and hostility heighten, and becoming weary from the constant barrage of political conversation and advertising. I suspect I am not alone in this. In any case--whether we enjoy or dread it--the time is drawing near for the American people to cast their votes. Read more...

Kim Washburn,
State Secretary

October 2020


When you read this Bulletin report, I will have an updated PSA which will tell where I go from here after prostate cancer removal. Steve Snell’s 2nd Edition will have the results of that PSA October 15th for you to read if interested.

Here is an update on our collections and donation status.

Pennies for Heaven, we are blessed to have receive $53,851.37 from our councils last fraternal year, and continuing throughout the end of 2020. That’s 92.32% of our State goal, but during these time, I think that is excellent. GREAT JOB GUYS!!! Read More...

Greg Mahoney,
State Treasurer

October 2020

Brother Knights,

October is here and the beautiful Fall colors are a wonderful sight to see.  Fall and Spring are my two favorite seasons.  I like them so much because of the steady and complex transition that occurs every year on a grand scale.  So much change occurring by the minute over the course of weeks and months, and what is utterly magnificent is the order by which all that change abides.  Perhaps these two seasons are another manifestation to me of Who is in charge. 

The reassurance that God is in charge provides me a sense of calm despite the endless negative barrage the secular world chooses to focus its attention: Read more...

Tom Williams,
State Advocate

October 2020

Hi Brothers,

A quick note as we head into fall in this crazy year - I hope you and your families are continuing to do well.

I would like to share one of the questions I have been asked this past month and where the information can be found in the Officers Desk Reference documentation. This is a great resource for Grand Knights to search for guidance and advice for their questions, and you are always encouraged to reach out to me, too.


I have received many questions on fund-raising as Councils are unable to hold events in person and raise money. Read More...

Dr. Scott Hulse,
State Warden

October 2020 

So what is next? How many times have we asked ourselves this question during the past nine months? Since July, twelve Councils of our one hundred and sixty-one Knights of Columbus Councils in Washington State have been providing Monthly Service Reports describing their Council’s activities. What are the remaining Councils doing?

I believe that even though our ability to meet together in person is restricted there are more than twelve Councils that are actively supporting our Faith in Action programs in many different ways. We need to hear from those Councils so that we can learn from them. While this may be a new experience for our younger members and their families, many of our members have witnessed similar difficult situations in the past.  Read more...

Bob Baemmert,
Immediate Past State Deputy

October 2020

Hi Brothers,

November 3, 2020 is rapidly coming and that is our country’s Election Day.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard much about the upcoming election. Right? Our country has been sailing right along without a whole lot of controversy, division, or discord. Right? Yup, our country is just the picture of brotherly love. Every day I marvel at the stunning demonstrations of how we respect each other and our differing political views.

As a person who spent ten years serving our country in the United States Navy, Read more...