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Picture of State Deputy
Kim Washburn, State Deputy 2021 - 2022
"Through Him All Things Were Made”


(As of May 19, 2022)

3rd 100 Days Incentive NBA Basketball Customized
 Top Recruiter-Michael Schwab
Top District Deputy-Michael Taylor


May & June Membership Incentive-Proposer of each new member will be automatically included in one of ten drawings for prizes.
Councils that are New Member inactive this fraternal year, will get two entrees to the drawing per one new member.
Prizes will range from $5 to $200. This money comes from the Supreme Incentives we have received this year, and not from our Washington State Council funds.

My Dear Brothers,

Well, we can leave the current picture of me, as your State Deputy, on the cover of the Washington State website. I am so pleased all the State Officers were elected to a second term. We are all deeply saddened that we had to go virtual, again. If I’m above the grass, we will be IN PERSON in 2023.

Every officer, along with Dang Nguyen, Ken DeVos, Executive Director and PSD Eddie Parazoo, and 4th Degree member Matt Olwell provided all the behind-the-scenes support and Supreme Regional Growth Director Chuck Davlin did a fantastic job with our virtual Convention. Your state team practiced a full run through four times before the actual Convention. For some reason, buffering was taking place for videos that didn’t show up the previous four times. Still uncertain as to why, but other than that, it went very well. A three month prep for a two hour Convention is unbelievably difficult. Read more...

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Messages From Your State Officers
Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire,
State Chaplain

June 2022

Dear Brother Knights,

(This month I share my comments from the 2022 Washington State Convention in May.)

Joyful Easter greetings to you and to all those in your councils and in your households!

I try always to begin by giving thanks. Being thankful opens our hearts to receive an ever greater outpouring of God’s graces and blessings. I want to thank you personally and all those who work with you in promoting our core principles of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism – and not only promoting them, but embodying them – putting them into practice – making them more than just ideas.

The good that is concretely accomplished by the Knights in our jurisdiction is tremendous – beyond tremendous, Read more...

Greg Mahoney,
State Secretary

June 2022

My Brother Knights,

I have heard from several sources that the virtual convention in May was a success.  That must mean we are becoming efficient with conducting business and proficient at hosting virtual meetings.  Being efficient in conducting business is always good but virtual meetings, regardless of how proficient we are in hosting them, are just not the same as in person.  So, I hope we end virtual conventions on a high note and never return to them after this year.  I look forward to our next convention in Olympia when we celebrate in person.

Thank you to all who helped orchestrate the Annual meeting in May and to all who attended the Annual meeting: elected State Delegates, the State Officers, Executive Director Ed Parazoo, Program Director Dang Nguyen, Bulletin Editor Ken DeVos, Read More...

Tom Williams,
State Treasurer

June 2022

My brothers,

I want to thank you for trusting me for another term as your State Treasurer, I plan on fulfilling that trust in the coming fraternal year. The virtual Convention, while necessary in these pandemic times, was but a shadow of the normal Convention experience, and I look forward to being able to share the experience in person next year in Olympia.  Many thanks to all whom attended and participated in our annual meeting.
Congratulations to all the other state officers who were elected for another term. These are some of the finest men I am privileged to know and work with closely, and I consider it an honor to have my name associated with them.

As we trudge through this cold, wet May (at least on the wet side of the mountains) my thoughts turn to summer, Read more...
Dr. Scott Hulse,
State Advocate

June 2022

My Brother Knights,

Thank you for your support for the changes to the Washington State Council Bylaws. This is a work in progress and will continue at least through the 2022 – 2023 fraternal year as we work to remove items that mirror requirements in the Supreme Council’s Charter, Constitution and Laws of the Knights of Columbus. There is no need to include statements in the Washington State Bylaws that mirror the Charter, Constitution and Laws of the Knights of Columbus because the State Councils are subordinate to the Supreme Council.

Please let any of the State Officers know if you believe there are portions of the Washington State Council Bylaws Read More...

David Olwell,
State Warden

June 2022

My Brother Knights,

First, let me say thanks for the trust and confidence you have placed in me by electing me as warden for 22-23.  I will do my best.

Working the virtual state convention was a true learning experience.  I had no idea how much work goes into it, even when it is virtual.  I really appreciate the help the other state officers gave me as I continue to learn the ropes.

Your state officers are doing so much for the Order in the state.  The volume of email they handle is incredible, and I have been astonished by the range of issues that they deal with.  It is a hard-working and fun group. Read more...

Patrick Kelley,
Immediate Past State Deputy

June 2022

My Brother Knights,

Congratulations Everyone. Washington has reached and even surpassed their Supreme assigned membership goal. This only happens when everyone is pulling together towards a common goal.

The great value of this is the strengthening of the Councils that received new members. The Degree Reports from the DDs are nearly at goal as well and that tells us that a significant number of those joining have also taken their Degrees. Whether online, by DVD, or in-person, they have learned the message of Father McGivney and that after all is why we are all here.

Importantly, it is up every Council to keep an eye on the lists from Supreme of online members Read more...