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Picture of State Deputy
Kim Washburn, State Deputy 2021 - 2022
"Through Him All Things Were Made”

My Dear Brothers,

Our incoming State Deputy has been kind enough to allow me one last chance to say a formal “Thank You” to all of you.

During this last two years we have all had and met challenges no one ever saw coming. Each of you District Deputies, State Chairmen, and Council Officers stood tall at all times. This gives me a source of great pride to say these are my friends. I know of no other bunch of guys that have done so much for so little under the worst of circumstances and yet never one complaint.

When the chips were down each of you willingly lived up to exactly what Fr. McGivney expected us to do and that was to help the less fortunate. To recall our old First Degree “Deputy Grand knight” Admonishment, “This is the charity that gladdens the heart of the giver…”

In so many ways even when I had no idea what to do next one or more of you stepped up and worked to solve an issue. You gave when there was nothing to give. You worked out in the cold and rain to gather food and other essential items to help others. And you did it with a smile on your face and warmth in your hearts. You got nothing back for your efforts save that smile that you gave in the first place. How could anyone not be grateful to call such a wonderful group of men their friends? Read more...

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Messages From Your State Officers
Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire,
State Chaplain

July 2021

Dear Brother Knights,

As I write this, I am on an airplane, flying home from a visit to New Haven, Connecticut, where I traveled for the June 12 wedding of one of my cousins. He works for Supreme and actually met his now-wife on the job.

Living and working in New Haven, my cousin is a parishioner at St. Mary’s, where our Order was born and where our founder, Blessed Michael J. McGivney, is laid to rest. His tomb is just off to the left as you enter the magnificent church, the beauty of which makes your jaw drop to the floor. From the vaulted ceiling to the decorated floor, every aspect is a work of art perfectly designed and placed. 

The sarcophagus itself is crafted in a black stone - perhaps a granite of some Read more...

Greg Mahoney,
State Secretary

July 2021

My Brother Knights,

I am looking forward to the new fraternal year!  Congratulations to all newly elected officers and appointed chairmen, directors and district deputies.  Let us make this year an awakening as we begin with the Summer Leadership meeting in Wenatchee.  Thanks be to God the meeting will be in person.  We are working on a virtual option as well for those who cannot attend in person.  May God give us strength and unity of purpose.

I am working on the Convention Proceedings.  The document will be posted on the WSC Website for you to review at your leisure.  I encourage you to scan through and get a picture of what councils were doing last year.  You will be impressed at the level of engagement councils had in their communities even under health restrictions. Read More...

Tom Williams,
State Treasurer

July 2021

My Brother Knights,

Welcome to the new fraternal year! As with all new beginnings, we start with hope and positivity about the coming year. There is a lot to be hopeful for as we start to move out of the COVID pandemic, and more and more members have been vaccinated. I am hopeful that we are past the worst of the pandemic and I am looking forward to the Summer Leadership Meeting in Wenatchee, the first in person state meeting in more than a year!

The new year is also a time for resolutions for the coming year. Boy, I think we as Catholic men and Knights of Columbus have some opportunities here! How about a pledge to work with your Council to plan the resumption of activities as the rules will allow? How about assisting our parish priests as more and more parishioners return to Mass in person? Read more...

Dr. Scott Hulse,
State Advocate

July 2021

My Brother Knights,

I am not a lawyer. I will attempt to get answers to any questions about rules, regulations, policies, etc. from the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Services and, when necessary, from attorneys, who represent the Knights of Columbus. Please contact me by email (, by telephone ((360) 243-0745) or with a written letter with your questions.

You should all be aware that the Council Grand Knight, Program Director, Community Director and Family Director are required to complete the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program training. Most of our Washington State Councils are in compliance with this requirement; however, there are a few Councils that still need to have those in positions requiring this training complete the training. Read More...

Lawrence Devlin,
State Warden

July 2021

My Brother Knights, 

This being my first bulletin message as State Warden, I must say that I am deeply honored to have been elected as your State Warden and I am thankful for your trust in allowing me to serve you and the Washington State Council in this capacity.  This, like many roles and positions I have held over the years, seems a little like drinking from a firehose as I strive to learn the new responsibilities of State Warden. I most appreciate your patience as I come up to speed. 

Our upcoming Summer Leadership Meeting is our first major event of this new fraternal year as we all recover from the uncharted territory we’ve just experienced by the pandemic.  I must say, I am in awe Read more...

Patrick Kelley,
Immediate Past State Deputy

July 2021

IPSD Pat Kelley's message can be found in the State Deputy section, but will resume here in the August edition. Read more...