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Picture of Bob Bammert
Bob Baemmert, State Deputy 2018 - 2019

                                        Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to the new Fraternal Year Brothers, it has been a while since our last bulletin and for once I have lots of things to say.

If you were able to come to the Summer Leadership Meeting this year you would know how many changes that are taking place in the Order-many that will affect you in your day-to-day Knights of Columbus lives: The introduction of On-Line membership, the change of our Program Umbrella from "Surge with Service" to the new "Faith In Action" format, increased training requirements for the Safe Environment Program, changes in the forms, and changes in the timing and the focus of Regional Meetings. All of these changes represent opportunities for us to Grow. To grow in numbers and to grow in our Faith. I ask each one of you to embrace these changes cheerfully and to give it your all-We want your best effort this year. Read more...

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Messages From Your State Officers
Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire,
State Chaplain

August 2018

The scorching heat of the summer is upon us - at least, here on the eastern side of the mountains - and the growing season is in full swing. Let’s continue to reflect on some ways that gardening provides apt analogies for the spiritual life.

When I was a little boy, one of my brothers and I had a couple of rabbits to take care of, and another brother took care of the chickens. Read more...

Patrick Kelley,
State Secretary

August 2018

There is no State Secretary story this month, Pat with return to regale you with stories of the

Supreme Convention in Baltimore!

Kim Washburn,
State Treasurer

August 2018

Brother Knights,

The Summer Meeting will be upon us when you read this message. This is a most important meeting, might be the most important of all as it is training for all of us, including the State Officers. All in preparation for the new fraternal year 2018-2019. 

In that Summer Meeting we will be talking, and looking into, the Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program more in depth. Read more...

Greg Mahoney,
State Advocate

August 2018

Officers’ Desk Reference (ODR); Reporting Misconduct; Safe Environment Program

Brother Knights,

We begin a new fraternal year.  Congratulations to all elected council officers.  To help you carry out your responsibilities as an officer, a great resource to use is the Officers’ Desk Reference (ODR) that is located on the password-protected section of  I highly recommend using the ODR.  Some of the topics you will find include: Read More...

Tom Williams,
State Warden

August 2018


This will be a quick message this months, lots going on.

Many thanks to all whom attended the Summer Leadership Meetings in Spokane, that was a fun time filled with lots of new information. The opening speech by PSD Hal Westby was inspired, and should be taken to heart. Read more...

Eddie Parazoo,
Immediate Past State Deputy

August 2018

My Brothers All,

As we head into August, I am attending the Supreme Convention in Baltimore, Maryland as a delegate on your behalf.  If you haven't had an opportunity to attend one of these, please consider attending one soon!  What a great experience and opportunity to represent your state on the national stage.  Read more...