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Picture of Bob Bammert
Bob Baemmert, State Deputy 2018 - 2019

Worthy Brothers,

This year the Pennies for Heaven Board of Directors voted to support a Catholic Order of Nuns called the Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Church. Their Order is located in Spokane, Washington and they serve the community there.  They are busy doing Christ's work here on earth but do not have a convent and are in the process of fund-raising $300,000 to build one. We donated $10,000 toward the cause and as you can see above, our State Chaplain was well received when he presented them with our generous gift. Thank you to all of you who so faithfully provide the pennies and prayers needed to keep our Pennies for Heaven Program going strong- providing help to our Catholic Religious in their vocations. I have two more checks to deliver in the next month. One to  the Spokane Diocese and Bishop Daly and one to the Archdiocese of Seattle, I'll keep you posted and will include more photos.

So, Thanksgiving is upon us as I write this message and Christmas is right around the corner. I, for one, have much to be thankful for. I have my brother Knights especially to be thankful for- especially recently. There have been so many changes that have taken place in the last two years- uniform changes, the new Faith in Action Program, On-Line Membership, and the new requirements for the Safe Environment Program. These changes are not easy on any of us, but most of  you have remained true to the Order and have taken these changes in stride. I thank you for your fraternity and your patience through all of these changes. Read more...

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Messages From Your State Officers
Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire,
State Chaplain

December 2018


 It’s a command we often give to a dog  - and, if the dog is like some dogs I’ve seen, the command has to be delivered with a certain degree of authority if the dog is expected to obey. Otherwise, the animal may simply raise its eyebrows and then look the other way.

In this context, it may seem strange to point out that “Come!” is the constant refrain of the Church during the season of Advent. We plead insistently with Jesus to come into our midst. Of course, we don’t command the Lord in the same way we command an animal, but it is interesting to note a couple of similarities in the way we deliver this imperative. Read more...

Patrick Kelley,
State Secretary

December 2018

Hello My Brothers,                                                                                                  

Hope all are well and getting ready for the most blessed season that approaches, Christmas. This is an excellent time to take stock of all that we have received and how we can serve others… a great time for reflection.

Your current Council standings are:

Per Capita 99.46% paid Due Jan 30th
Insurance 85.23% paid Due August 1st
PFH Goals 79.84% paid Voluntary 

While this looks fairly good from one viewpoint, it has fallen way short of goals from another. Please bring these items up at your next meeting and ask the FS if yours is paid. Read More...

Kim Washburn,
State Treasurer

December 2018

Brother Knights,

Christmas….The busiest time of the year and sometimes the most misdirected expenditure of time. If you have not seen “The Nativity”, please buy it on Amazon or E-bay. The movie is based on the Holy Families’ journey to the birth of Christ. I mentioned this last year and I hope that some of you were able to obtain/view this movie. I watch it a couple of times a year as it brings me back to what matters in life.

October was the first month of Exemplification Fund fees due after our incentive from last quarter. The Exemplification Fund chart attached is current as of 11/14/2018 and reflects new member fees due and credit on checks I have received from WSS Pat Kelley to date. Read more...

Greg Mahoney,
State Advocate

December 2018

Brother Knights,

We are half way through the Fraternal Year and much work has been accomplished.  I enjoyed the fellowship of our regional meetings and hope the enthusiasm generated will drive momentum for the remainder of the year.  Keep track of where you stand in all of your administrative responsibilities.  Two big ones are highlighted here.

SEP: The Supreme Councils Office of Youth Protection mailed to every State Deputy, State Advocate, District Deputy and Grand Knight a copy of the Safe Environment Program (SEP) Information Guide (Revised 2018).  All District Deputies and Grand Knights are to present and make widely available to members the SEP Information Guide (Revised 2018), which can also be found on the Orders website at the following link: Read More...

Tom Williams,
State Warden

December 2018

My Brothers,

I have good news – the MSR program is back up and running! This took a huge effort to redesign after the Faith In Action changes and then program the changes into the state website. My thanks to Webmaster Tim Philomena for all his hard work and guidance as we reimplemented this important program.

In acknowledgement of the late start, the State Deputy has authorized me to add an incentive this year – if a Council submits all ten MSR forms (July 2018 – April 2019) I will give them a 100 point bonus, or 10% of the total points required to make the 1000 Point Club. Please make the effort to go back and fill out your back MSRs and submit them to gain this valuable bonus! Read more...

Eddie Parazoo,
Immediate Past State Deputy

December 2018

My Brothers All,

Keep Christ In Christmas!  Jesus is the reason for the season!  With all the preparations for Christmas, I sincerely hope you take time send or hand out religious Christmas cards.  We must take every opportunity to provide reminders to others in our sphere of influence the reason for the season.  Knights of Columbus helps us with that by making Christmas cards available.  Please consider getting some of these and sending them out when you do your cards.  Keep Christ in Christmas.

We have always heard "it is better to give than receive" ---- well, let's make this one of these times of the year that we practice that. Read more...