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Picture of Ed Parazoo
Eddie Parazoo, State Deputy 2016 - 2017
“Year of Mercy”

June 2017

Final Month Of the Fraternal Year

My Brothers All,

To all you brothers who attended the State Convention last month, wasn't that great?  I love attending and meeting so many of you and hearing of your awesome activities and programs!  We do have some truly outstanding Knights and programs in this state! If you didn't get to the convention, please see our state website for additional information on some of the winners and activities that went on. Read more...


Announcing, Summer Leadership Meeting of the Washington State Council
Knights of Columbus
July 13, 14, 15 2017
Spokane, WA

Summer Meeting Information!
Click here for Reservations

Worthy Brother Knights:

Great news!
The Order’s Ultrasound Initiative is expanding to include mobile ultrasound units. Go to the State Culture of Life Chairman's webpage for more information...

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Messages From Your State Officers
Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire,
State Chaplain

June 2017

Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire sends his regrets that he is unable to publish an article this month

as he moves parishes.


Bob Baemmert,
State Secretary

June 2017


It was SOOOO GREAT TO SEE EVERYONE AT THE STATE CONVENTION!! The State Officers really work hard to put on that meeting every year, and it truly is ALL WORTH IT, if everyone gets along and everyone has fun. I think everyone did. We saw some amazing things that our State has accomplished this year and everyone is excited when the winners of the awards are announced. The only sad part is that not everyone wins one of those awards, even if it is deserved. I just want to say if your Council or you did not win an award this year and you were hoping to, don't feel bad. Read More...

Patrick Kelley,
State Treasurer

June 2017

Worthy Brothers All,

As my last official report as your State Treasurer and Forms Chairmen may I say we have done fairly well this past Fraternal Year…BUT… please look below at the 150 Councils that need to submit their SP-7 form. True, it is not DUE until June 30 BUT this is really time to get moving on this… today. Read more...

Kim Washburn,
State Advocate

June 2017

There is no State Advocate Report for June

Greg Mahoney,
State Warden

June 2017

Brother Knights,

Thank you for electing me as your next State Advocate.  I look forward to serving you as best I can by providing you the facts on the Order’s Charter, Constitution and Laws.  It is also my role to seek legal assistance from Supreme if necessary to assist you in carrying out Council business.  It has been a tremendous pleasure serving as State Warden for the last two years and I extend a huge welcome to State Warden-Elect Tom Williams as he begins his term of office. Read more...

George H. Czerwonka, Jr.,
Immediate Past State Deputy

March 2017

 Who is Your Scorekeeper


The great Vince Lombardi, former Green Bay Packers coach, has been quoted many times saying, "Winning is not everything, it’s the only thing!"  Read more...