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Picture of Bob Bammert
Bob Baemmert, State Deputy 2018 - 2019

Worthy Brother Knights,


     This month I journeyed over to Olympia, between snow storms, to be a part of Catholic Advocacy Day at the Capital, organized by the Washington State Catholic Conference. I met Western Master Larry Shaw in Olympia and we spent the day together.

      Four bills regulating abortion were presented, but with the composition of the legislators, it is unlikely that these will be granted  a hearing. Another bill that has our interest is the ban on the Death Penalty - it has been ruled unconstitutional by Supreme Court and needs to be removed from the books. (Master Larry asked me if I thought it was odd  that no bills that would protect the lives of those totally innocent unborn are of interest to the majority of these legislators, but the removal of the death penalty to protect the lives of those that have committed the worst crimes against society got a hearing and support????? I didn't know what to say!) Anyway, the removal of the death penalty is a victory for Catholics. Other bills that Catholics support are the ones to provide or expand aid (affordable housing, metal health services)  to those brothers and sisters in poverty in our society. Read more...

Announcing the 2019 KofC WSC Convention in Bellevue, WA

This year's State Convention will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Bellevue, WA on May 17-19, 2019.

Registration information will follow to all the first part of March.

You can register for directly at the Hilton Hotel HERE

Tentative Agenda

Submission Requirements for the State Awards

New WSC Retention Form
Brothers, Below is a link to download the new Washington State Council Retention Form and Instructions prepared at the direction of State Membership Director Greg Mahoney and State Deputy Bob Baemmert. Please save this for your reference.

Fraternal Blessings and Best Wishes, Kevin Fraley Administration and Finance Chairman Washington State Council Knights of Columbus
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Messages From Your State Officers
Fr. Kenneth St. Hilaire,
State Chaplain

March 2019

Most Catholics—and even a good number of non-Catholics in the world—are familiar with our long-held tradition of giving things up for Lent. Even the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich came into existence because Catholics did not eat meat on Fridays (actually, not only during Lent, but all throughout the year)!  As Ash Wednesday draws near, we begin pondering what we’ll give up for Lent. Some in recent years have focused on doing good deeds instead of giving something up. However, I would argue that this long tradition of fasting and self-denial should not be kicked to the curb. Read more...

Patrick Kelley,
State Secretary

March 2019

My Brothers,

Thank You for the wonderful incoming support of the new Pennies For Heaven goal notification system.

To explain a few things that are generating questions across the state I would like to inform all Councils of the following. In my haste to get this new workload “off-the-ground” and in the mail to all, a few things were not caught in the modified programs at the outset. Please bear in mind that the fastest way to accomplish this effort was to modify the existing Per Capita Billing system program. That turned out to be a bigger job than anticipated so I apologize for any shortcuts that we took and later confused some folks. Read More...

Kim Washburn,
State Treasurer

March 2019

Brother Knights,

Atonement/Lent begins March 6. Participate and experience Lent wisely.

Our Exemplification graph attached (all checks received as of February 15) shows we are no better off in getting accounts current than we were last month. That does not mean you have not been paying your Exemplification fees, we are just remaining behind with new members coming in. Please get up to date.

There have been a few inquiries as to why the graph does not show current when a check was sent at the first of the month. Between the mail service, Pat’s work and the nearest US Bank 40 minutes away  Read more...

Greg Mahoney,
State Advocate

March 2019

Brother Knights,

Resolutions: A reminder to all councils that Resolutions must be submitted to the WSC State Secretary by March 15, 2019, to be reviewed and considered at the Annual Meeting.  Instructions on how to write a resolution are found in the Grand Knight’s Handbook (Part II Section 3, pp II-16 to II-19), which is posted on the WSC Website at the following link:  Plan well to allow time for council review and vote before submission to the State Secretary. 

Form 990 Tax Filing:  As I reported in the February bulletin, Councils must do three things to comply with IRS filing requirements:

1) obtain an EIN from the IRS (new councils this year); 

2) register its EIN with the Home Office Legal Department (new councils this year); and, Read More...

Tom Williams,
State Warden

March 2019

My Brothers,

The WSC 2019 Convention is fast approaching, are you ready? The state website has links for the Convention Agenda and Hotel reservations. Be sure to get all your paperwork in on time so that you can enjoy our yearly celebration of the accomplishments of the Knights!

Councils should be preparing this state award applications for submittal to the appropriate chairmen – please see the General Programs article in the February bulletin for details. Submissions should be in MS Word format and sent directly to the state chairmen. Remember, a late submission is one that can’t be accepted but there is no penalty for early submission! Read more...

Eddie Parazoo,
Immediate Past State Deputy

March 2019

My Brothers All,

March into the fight!  March is typically a time to get refocused on projects after a long winter.  March is typically a time when we hold our first Membership Drive of the calendar year.  Have you planned yours out?  Have you committed to offering what we have and what we do to those other parishioners?  Why not?  Providing the opportunity to join our ranks is good for all involved.  Good for the Order.  Good for your council.  Good for your many charities.  Good for your parish.  Let's do more good this spring – go out and get those new members.  Fight the good fight. Read more...